“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2012.”
Che: “Worst. Day. Ever.” – he declared from his under-the-table cubby house where he snacked on toast with plum jam. (?)
Poet: gnaw, gnaw, gnaw….when she realises that new top teeth can grind bottom teeth. 
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  • Belinda

    I can spend hours scrolling through your beautiful blog. x

  • Reply

    So sweet. I hope his day got better x

  • Christina Lowry

    Cute cute cute! (Despite being the worst day ever.) 🙂

  • Sally @ Us+House=Home

    With those beautiful big eyes, Poet is all you, Jodi. x

  • Reply

    The sound of grinding teeth gives me shivers. Finn does this too. Never seen Poet look so much like Daniel!

    • Jodi

      Oh I know….it makes me shudder. Che grinds his teeth in his sleep and if he continues to do it when his adult teeth come through he'll have to wear a plate (so the dentist informed me recently!). Daniel loves the fact that you think Poet looks like him here. It's not a very common observation 😉

  • Tamara

    Gorgeousness as always. xx

  • Shelley

    Both so adorable!

  • Sarah Humphreys

    So much like Daniel, I agree! Gorgeous. Worst. Day Ever – classic!

  • Daniela B.

    Yes, Poet here really looks like Daniel 🙂
    Beautiful children, your family makes me look forward to have children too and form a family with my husband.

  • Christy

    Owen just got out of that grinding the new teeth stage. I think he and poet are close in age. They could have been very cute chubby cheeked playmates but we live in California. 🙂

  • Mrs Knight

    beautiful underneath grumbly bad day & the sound of grinding teeth ouch! beauti tots!!

  • jenny miller

    Oh, poor Che!You can tell by his expression it was not a good day. Here's to happier days. And sweet Poet. But horrors, the teeth grinding! Thankfully my boys have grown out of that stage. It used to make my hairs stand on end!

  • Farrah

    Oh Poet is a beaut! melt melt melt.

  • Brydie

    poor poppet. The worst day ever is a lot to bare

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