“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2012.”
Che: He declared it a wonderful day because (in order of wonderfullness):
1. We got to visit Popa
2. He got to go on an extra long bike ride
3. He got to eat a cinnamon donut
Poet:….is hatching a plan. A mischievous one by the looks of it. 
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  • Nell

    I love your captions as much as the photos Jodi. Che is the sweetest and you better watch out with Poet. That plan certainly looks like a interesting one! x

  • Bekah Joy

    Jodi- your blog is so beautiful. Just love it.

  • Emma Steendam

    Poet is a mini-you Jodi, so adorable 🙂
    Lou from sunny + scout has got a similar bed for her Scout. I'm hoping she takes my advice and paints it a minty green or turquoise!

  • Dilan Dilir

    ooooooo sooo cuuute ♥ they are so so beautiful 🙂 you just want to hug them!

  • Kate

    Adorable littles as always! I sure would be happy too, what a great day! xx

  • Tamara

    All around sweetness…love Poets hair in this shot! xx

  • one claire day

    oh wow, Poet looking so grown up this week… there's a definite change in her! (and we're jealous of those locks)

    Loving the warmth in Che's Portrait… and cute cardi!

  • Reply

    I hope you got to feed the ducks (Not the donut though, I wouldn't share that with anyone!)

  • today i

    Hi Jodi, i just wanted to ask where that gorgeous cardigan is from?. Thanks Monika.

    • Jodi

      Hi Monika, it's actually a vintage one, $2 from the local church op-shop. Sorry!

  • Laura

    Love Che's cardi and stack hat too. And now, I really feel like a cinnamon donut. Hmmmm.

    x laura

  • Madeleine

    Oh Poet…mwa ha ha ha haaah!
    What you wouldn't give to get inside their little minds sometimes.
    I love this series that you're doing Jodi. Just like I love everything else you share with us here. Beautiful xx

  • Coryann

    Poet has mop top hair! It's absolutely darling, I can't wait till my little one has more locks : ]

  • Rach Jackson

    I can not believe how big your kids are getting!!!

    So gorgeous!

    Rach x

  • lesley

    poet is getting so big! such a sweetheart.

  • Reply


  • Sian

    beautiful photos as ever : ) loving the funky bike helmet!

  • Margaret

    Hi Jodi, Just found your blog this morning, beautiful photography,sometimes you can almost hear the "wheels" turning, as they hatch their schemes and plans,it can be very interesting to ask "what are your plans for today ?"

    I too found my new OLD table on the weekend, I much prefer something solid with a history.

    A simple living blog that might interest you is called "Down to Earth"

  • Veronica

    i love Poet's hair and Che is quite the character. captured beautifully. xo

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