“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2012.”
Che: He ran ahead and then patiently waited. The beach beckoned.
Poet: On the front steps of the 1950s cottage, like a 1950s baby
If you have started your own 52 project please leave a comment with a link…I’d love to see what you’re capturing
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  • kelly

    these are lovely jodi! the light is so beautiful and your two little ones are such treasures. i can't believe how the weeks fly by and i see your 52 post pop up in my reading list.

    poet's grubby knees make me smile. an adorable project xx

  • claire

    So beautiful Jodi! Your little babies are growing up 🙂 Xx

  • Belinda

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. X

  • pip lincolne

    So delicious! Aww. x

  • jenny miller


  • Bek

    Lovely! Can relate very much to both images! Everytime I see you 52 post I think how much I would enjoy joining in- even if it just an iPhone pic (actually my iPhone is a better camera than the others I own. Ha!)

  • Lori ann

    oh so beautiful, these are to treasure.

  • Anita

    Oh how sweet! Definitely love these photos!

  • Katrina (capturing moments)

    What a lovely 32nd week. Poet looks so tall!

    • Jodi

      Long legs Katrina….she'll appreciate them when she's older. But I can see the little girl in this photo too – it's the first time I've seen it x

  • Lindsey Joy

    I really love this idea, especially as the next year we are set to move twice, I love the idea of a consistant mummy project, not to mention my daughter will be going through lots of changes(she's two months)

  • Nikki Fisher

    Both portraits as always are beautiful Jodi. I do particularly love the one of Poet this week. The whole scene looks so timeless and the scrubs of dirt on her tights make it even cuter! x

    • Jodi

      Poet always has dirty knees. It says a lot about the kind of child she is…or maybe it's just a reflection of just how dirty my floorboards are x

  • one claire day

    Absolutely gorgeous capture of Che – all that lush greenery near the beach – crazy beautiful!

  • Noe

    Such cute photos, 🙂

  • Mother Down Under

    Gorgeous as always!
    I love Poet's dirty knees…Baby C used to get the exact same dirt pattern when he did a little peg leg crawl thing before he started walking…on one side the knee and foot would be filthy while the other side would be relatively clean.

    I keep meaning to join in on the 52 weeks project!
    Perhaps this week will be the week!

  • Victoria

    Beautiful photos as always, Poet looks so grown up sitting on the front step.


  • blowing raspberries

    Gosh, how your children have grown! It's amazing isn't it?

  • Amber

    I always loves these weekly shots! The light in that first picture is beautiful.

    I, on the other hand, signed up to do a crazy photo-a-day project for 2012! http://happinessiseva.com/tagged/366/page/2

    I'm too stubborn to quit, but I'm looking forward to the day when I can give my camera (a myself) a rest!

    • Jodi

      I knew from the outset that a photo a day was going to be too time consuming. Most days I do take a few photos of the children but I wouldn't want that daily pressure. I highly recommend the once-a-week portrait. Perhaps for 2013? x

  • Dee

    her dirty tights just make my day. such a precious capture… xo

  • ::The Beetle Shack::


    another week, another cheeky smile recored.


  • Imogen Eve


  • Col | Hello Olive

    Gorgeous pic of Che! The light is stunning. x

  • melynda

    lovely. poet is so cool, calm and collected. love it.

    melynda xo

  • sascedar

    that picture of Che is just gorgeous. So thoughtful and soft, what a beautiful setting. my portraits this week: http://happinessstuffandnonsense.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/portrait-project-752.html

  • Natalie

    gorgeous pictures as always. I love the muddy stockings….Abbie was just the same x

    Joining in (and shooting on manual!) – http://thelittlegnomeshome.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/3252.html

  • little wild moose

    Both of these photos are amazing Jodi. Che is looking very grown-up! And Poet is so gorgeous in her yellow top and dirty tights. x

  • Cherie @ raising master Max

    Miss Poet, you are truly divine.

    Both your children are.


  • Christie

    Yep, have just started-better late than never.

    Loving your 52 photos.

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