“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2012.”
Che: “Look mum, the light!” – the night before this glorious sun-drenched morning I lay next to him in bed and he said: “Mum, I have so much love in my heart right now.”
Poet: I call her Raggedy Anne. 
I’ve been spending more time thinking about the book that I’ll make with these once-a-week portraits. Whilst these photos are a beautiful documentation of the way Che and Poet have grown through the year there’s also so much more to the story. So, on each page of that final bound book there will be other photos from our days – the food we ate, the places we visited, the corners of our home. Feeling completely inspired by Ronnie’s project life.
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  • sascedar

    so beautiful jodi. i think that pic of che is so very evocative. project life is massive…but beautiful :)sarah

    • Jodi

      It's definitely a huge project….but I take all those 'what's happening around us' photos anyway so essentially I've been doing it for years! X

  • Rhiannon

    Stunning photos, and Poets hair just makes me smile! So fine. Their albums will be so beautiful.
    (There is a giveaway on my blog – my first! – pop over and enter if you like – you may be the first haha! xxx)

  • mel @ loved handmade

    I love your weekly portrait shots, I must do this next year. I love that my blog is a way of documenting the random everyday, my husband loves to sit and read through previous posts. A book would be wonderful.

  • Coryann

    The photo of Che is just captivating and Poet truly resembles a Raggedy Anne ; )

  • Steph

    Such a magnificent way to document the day to day. We are so quick to pull out the camera for "special occasions" but the things I remember most as a child were the everyday; hot milo waiting when I came home from school in the rain, playing Yahtzee by firelight when the power went out, weeding the vegie garden with my brother, being allowed to iron the pilowcases…I too take all sorts of everyday pictures so I think I should tackle this wonderful project. Che is ever a thinker…how wonderful! And I can see that same thoughtfulness in your baby girl's eyes too. Smiles and sunshine on this beautiful Sunday morning 🙂 x

  • Imogen Eve

    I so love your book idea.

    I take so many photos but never print them out. I worry sometimes about the saturation of photos now that so many people have digital cameras, so many photos taken that no-one could ever look at them all, not even all the ones including them. I think that the book idea is the best way to get some off my hard-drive and organised. A way to ensure that they may be treasured despite their overabundance. I will definitely be taking part in the 52 project next year.

  • Jane @ Shady Baker

    Your children are beautiful Jodi! Your book sounds perfect 🙂

  • Pink Ronnie

    Jodi, I am already picturing what your book will look like and it is going to be beautiful! I've been doing something similar every year since we had Pete – as a sort of 'family memoir'/coffee table yearbook.

    I also think the types of photos you take will be perfect for Project Life, especially as you'll be able to weave your poetic words throughout the album as well. I'm excited! All you'll need are the page protectors and a binder, and away you go!

    Thanks for linking up – brought such a smile to my face this morning as I lay in bed not wanting to get up… 🙂

    Ronnie xo

    p.s. What heartwarming words from your Che…

  • A little bit Country

    The book idea is wonderful. I imagine that Che and Poet will sit down with their children and look through its beautiful pages and think how lucky they are to have had such a cherished upbringing. Elaina xo

  • Mother Down Under

    Lovely photos…as always.

    I did a book for Toddler C last year…and I will do one this year too…I try not to only pick the photos that I like but photos that really represent all that we experienced over the course of the year.

    I am already looking forward to my 2013 book which will hopefully be filled with the photos I take of Toddler C when I join you in this weekly portrait project!

  • bron @ baby space

    such a great idea. love that look of Poet's.

    • Jodi

      Poet's look is adoration for Play School 😉 x

  • cityhippyfarmgirl

    Che is right, such beautiful light.

  • oscarlucinda

    These portraits (and your other pics) will make a lovely keepsake…Isn't Ronnie's Project Life wonderful? I've been buzzing with inspiration ever since I saw her blog a few weeks ago – and can't get it out of my mind. Memory keeping is so important to me.

    Oh – and I've joined the 52 project (with a different count though!). Amazing that I managed to snap a photo that isn't the back of her head…..this could be a great challenge! Might have to resort to Play School tactics every now and then 😉 x

  • thewindhover

    Oh Jodi, I know I hardly ever leave comments… but let me tell you, how much I enjoy seeing your portraits of your dear children each week. A book would be a perfect way to remember and cherish them, I felt inspired this past week to print a whole bunch of my favourite photos of Reuben and begin filling his baby journal (which do date is just full of loose scrap notes, post-its, and photo-booth shots) xx

  • stephiophoto

    Hi there. i'm a photographer from Canada and i love your blog … and wanted to tell you i was inspired to write a blog post last week about taking better photos. mostly because i love seeing your once a week photo project. thanks for re-inspiring me to look beyond photography as just a job and see beauty in the everyday.

  • Viki

    Jodi, thank you for linking us up with Ronnie's blog. I've never read it before, but love what she does. How inspiring, just like yours! I'm also doing the 52 project (thank you for the inspiration) so you've got me thinking about how I'll document mine at the end of the year. I like your idea about adding all those details shots in too, because one photo per child is never quite enough is it? I look forward to seeing your finished project. V 🙂

  • Kylie

    Lovely photos and what a lovely idea of documenting the little special things for your family. I have joined in your fun this week.

  • Emily

    Gee, 41/52 … how this year has flown!

  • jody

    Oh sweet Che, so expressive and wise. Beautiful Jodi. xx

  • Tash

    Such beautiful moments captured here. I love the idea of a book that also includes the simple joys in your everyday life. xx

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