“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2012.”
Che: He hasn’t stopped talking about school since Friday. He is happy, excited and a little bit weary.
Poet: Is wearing my new BOXY beads…15 months old and already borrowing her muma’s jewellery. Hmph. 
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  • Kate

    Poet looks so much like a little lady here. Why oh why is two seeming to come so much faster? My goodness! Love these.

  • Coryann

    Poet is a blossoming little girl. And can we talk about her curls! Where in the family did she get blessed with those locks?

    • Jodi

      My mum has REALLY curly hair. Poet has tight ringlets at the back so perhaps they'll stay (fingers crossed) x

  • Rhiannon

    Umm, I know Che is off to school next year, but has he suddenly ages 10 years! He is starting to look so grown up! Maybe its the hair cut, im not sure! x

  • Steph

    A vintage dress, curls and Mumma's beads equals all kinds of lovely! And Che and those thoughtful eyes….You will look back on these images in many years time and the snippets of memories will come flooding back. Your heart will sing! Hope you have a beautiful day.
    Steph 🙂 x
    (Joining in this week at thisbrownwren.blogspot.com)

  • Clio

    Stunning. I would wear that dress myself!

  • A little bit Country

    I love it when little girls start clip clopping about in mumma's heels. Beautiful photos as always.

  • Iliska Dreams

    Wait until Poet borrows your clothes. I find mine all over my daughter's bedroom floor.


    • G

      haha – this comment made me laugh! Whenever I am home I inevitably end up wearing some of Mum's clothes – I think that she takes it as a compliment though 🙂

  • Mother Down Under

    These are two of my favourite from your series…both so gorgeous.
    Your children have the most beautiful eyes.

  • jody

    Oh I want those boxy beads! Such beautiful babes. xx

  • Jo

    Poet's name suits her. From what I can see from photographs, it seems to suit her so well. She has a piercing, but gentle, way of looking at the camera.

    Little Che is not so little anymore! So happy that he's enjoying school and that it's a place that you and your partner can feel comfortable dropping him off for the day. Before I met Kyle, I had never really pondered the merits of one school to the next, but now I find that it's one of the first things we consider when we look into where to move to after college. Though we're years from having a baby, and a likely decade away from putting the little one in school, we still get so concerned.

    My best,
    Jo Farmer

  • G

    what a sweet dress Poet is wearing! The pictures this week look so much like they are siblings – they are staring into the camera in a very similar way. x


    Honestly Jodi, your photographs just get better and better ….. love these, Poet just floors me with her cuteness !!!

  • mum-abulous.com

    Does it ever it irritating having such gorgeous and photogenic kids?

  • Maisy Dee

    Gorgeous! X

  • Amber {we stood together}

    Simply gorgeous. x

  • mel @ loved handmade

    Its lovely to hear them so excited about school, it certainly makes it easier for the muma's to be excited too, though its always emotional too of course! That beautiful girl of yours is just like a storybook picture from another time, divine..x

  • meine Dinge ♥ Franka

    The images of your children are always so natural and wonderful!!!

    ♥ Franka

  • oscarlucinda

    How would you describe that look that Poet is giving the camera?! I just look that adventurous 'do….Really enjoying joining in on this series – it's a great way to keep picking up the camera & try new things. Hope back of the head shots count as portraits 😉 x

  • Luciérnaga

    Precious! I love seeing how they grow up through your beautiful post and photos (I remember me crying when reading Poet's birth story). They are so beautiful, unique, natural – and blessed!

  • Kayla
  • Jessica

    AH, beautiful photographs.
    Your children are perfect, mini versions of you.

  • look see

    So gorgeous! 🙂

  • Fiona @ Brave New Vintage

    this has been a beautiful series. Sad that it is coming to a close. xx

  • sascedar

    oh that photo of che…what a handsome young man. and poet looks every inch the wild bohemian with her hair a-tumble and her colourful jewels. have a sweet day :)sarah

  • Kylie

    Great photos once again. I'm joining in too. Thanks for the inspiration. http://mealyandi.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/portaits-of-my-children-252.html

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