“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Poet: she’s seemed so big of late and just like that I’m reminded; she fits in the laundry basket…she’s still little. 

Shot on a Canon 5D mkiii with a 50mm 1.4 lens – ISO125, f1.6, 1/640

I was taking washing off the line when I looked over and noticed that she had set up camp. As subtly as I could, I dashed inside to get the camera and managed to take this before she noticed me. Lucky.This week I was enamoured with this magical window scene / a little one catching snowflakes on her tongue / these b+w portraits (a theme for the entire year – inspiring).



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  • little sleep

    Such a great shot, and thank you so much for mentioning mine! xx

  • Carie

    Oh she's so sweet – my girls love playing boats with our baskets, I'll be a little sad when they're too big to fit anymore!

  • Katrina@capturingmoments

    It looks like a great spot to lay around and gaze at the sky! My portraits are always better when they don't notice me snapping away.

  • Giselle

    A shot to make you smile.

  • Nell

    An amazing capture x

  • Julie Maloney

    Great photo xo

  • Angela

    That is the essence of childhood. wonderful!

  • Em Hazeldean

    Perfection! x

  • Belinda

    This is my most favourite image of Poet x

  • Belinda Doyle

    Perhaps my favourite portrait xx

  • Penelope P.

    Oh that is such a lovely picture! Penny Lx

  • Bella Mills

    Oh this captures the essence of summer time home life.

    Is that an orange tree I spy amongst the confetti of frangipani flowers?

    Bella x

  • saskiabird

    Beautiful. Jewel-like.

  • Tina @ The Rogue Sparrow

    dreamy… and those fallen frangipani flowers just adds to the whimsical beauty. Love it.x

  • Bron

    Priceless x

  • Sharolyn Newington

    love love love this

  • C A R O P I

    Superbe cliché pris sur le vif…
    J'aime énormément votre blog et vos photos…

  • A.k.a Chymecindy

    Beautiful capture. Love this photo!

  • Emma Cavill

    Sweet. They do seem so big sometimes, and then you catch a glimpse of them all tiny and vulnerable, and remember they are still so small. Lovely capture. And, are those oranges on the bush behind? Wow 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    Love this, the best pictures are always caught with them unaware. Another reason to keep the camera at the door (without a fiddly case).

  • Vicky Charles

    What a fantastic shot. Looks like she's deep in thought!

  • MrsW

    Best! I love it!

  • Natalie Britton

    Oh, I love this! I could get lost in this picture easily 🙂

    Circus & Bloom

  • fromoppositeendsblog

    Gorgeous! Gosh i can't wait for summer over here! And thank you for mentioning my window photo of my little girl, its always a special compliment when others can see the beauty in your pictures as well. x

  • Appleshoe

    Beautiful. You are such a talented artist. My son is a blur in most of his photos. I take hundreds of them just trying to capture that one moment when he is sitting still or the blur actually works well. A nearly impossible feat 😉

  • Hannie Blaise

    Aw, she's beautiful! This photograph is just lovely.

    Hannie at // Chapters Like This //

  • Aby Moore

    Gorgeous photo! Thanks for sharing x

  • hellomistermagpie.com

    This is beautiful, one of my favourite photos of yours ever Jodi! It's lovely to be reminded sometimes how small they really are. Even at six my daughter still has moments when she is just little again! Laura x

  • muenze eins

    what a beautiful picture!! very soothing and calm…

  • Kate

    Such an awesome moment.

  • Polly

    My favourite yet Jodi! This is the perfect example of capturing the everyday magic. What a sweet girl she is and what a talented photographer you are!

  • Ronnie

    Stunning, Jodi.
    Ronnie xo

  • Kylie Purtell

    This is just gorgeous, I love it. I wonder what she was thinking about.

  • Erica

    oh Jodi, thanks for picking my photographs as a favourite this week. what a lovely surprise! i really adore this project, some of my very favourite blogs have been found through this.

  • Mammasaurus

    Jodi, I have been reading your blog for over a year now, one of those mainly silent readers who us bloggers never really know exist until they pop up a comment but I just wanted to say that this is my favourite 52 photo to date. It touches the 39 year old-about-to-turn 40 year old, mother who will now be having any more children. Just lovely.

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