a simple nappy bag

…which is more of a pouch, come to think of it.

Fact: I ditched the official nappy bag after my first baby. Granted I never use a pump and therefore don’t need to carry bottles so my baby accessories are minimal, to say the least. But honestly, once you enter the world of multiple children you quickly learn that the less you have to carry the easier your journey will be.

This floral pouch, a gift from printebebe, is exactly what I didn’t know I needed. Truth be told, I hadn’t even considered what I would do for a nappy bag when I was pregnant but when this handy little pouch arrived I didn’t need to invest any more thought into it. It fits absolutely everything I need for an outing with Percy and if I want to leave my handbag (this one for those interested) at home, I can easily fit my phone, wallet and keys in there, too.

So what do you need for your nappy pouch?

> 2-3 nappies
> wipes (this handy waterproof clutch and go is perfect – available at IGA, Coles and chemists)
> a change of clothes including a singlet
> nappy change mat (I’m still using the one that came with my nappy bag eight years ago but if you’re after one I suggest going for something simple like these Bambooty designs)
> nappy bags
> mini tub of tui balm (you will not find a more effective nappy balm than this!)
> hand sanitiser (when a tap and soap aren’t handy)

An entire day out of the house will require a little more than the bare essentials so if you are in the market for a practical yet stylish nappy bag you might like this sturdy khaki number, a classic stripe or for those seeking a bit of elegance, the luxury of il tutto.

And if you want to follow my lead? Opt for a strong tote that can be used long after your baby is out of nappies. Barnacle Bags have a few beautiful options as does Moop. I got my leather tote from here but if you’re after an Australian alternative check out Bohemian Traders’ bucket bag.

Regardless of your bag preferences the crux of my argument is this: pack for your lifestyle and for the occasional mishap. Leave the rest at home.

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  • Let me be Free Blog

    I love my nappy bag as it does not look like your typical nappy bag. Can't wait until I don't have to carry it around any more!

  • Jacinta

    I'd also add that as baby gets older and you carry them on your hip, a bag with a long strap is excellent! You can carry baby/toddler and the bag sits below them and doesn't get in the way =)

  • Laura

    My thoughts exactly! Here is our minimalist diaper bag for mama's who cloth diaper. Cheers ! http://thegreenmama.com/blog/the-minimalist-diaper-bag/

  • Amanda K.

    i LOVE this. i honestly wish i had a list of the items i lugged around with my first baby. i had a crammed-full diaper bag AND a purse. what in the world?
    with baby 3 i take a blanket (which i use as a burp cloth, changing mat, nursing cover, etc) two diapers, wipes, and an extra outfit. it all fits in my purse.

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