bloom where you’re planted

…or the grass is always greener.

Or in this case, a picture is worth a thousand words.

But I won’t just leave it at that.

There have been three house inspections in the last while that have presented three blatant signs (of the “don’t live here variety”) – everything from yelling neighbours to dead rats on footpaths. I know, blatant! So as I recalled this very story to those who would listen on instagram last night, I received beautiful messages of understanding and support. One women got straight to the heart of the matter:

“Remember when you were waiting for Percy to be born? Dare I say it’s a similar kind of ‘in-between’ that you’re existing in. But it will come to end because a new home is needed, just like Percy was born when the time was right.”

Lightbulb moment. The limbo and the not-knowing and the fact that so much is beyond our control is frustrating and anxiety-inducing. It’s also part of life. So while I honour that the upheaval is hard work and that it’s a process of letting go, moving on and embracing the new, it’s something that people do all over the world, every single day. It’s normal stuff. Boring, even. And yet it has to happen so it will happen, in ways that may challenge me but will, ultimately, make me a bit more resilient.

Last night, after Katie suggested I do it, I wrote a list of all the things we want in a house, stood outside under the stars (Percy squawking on my hip and mosquitos biting my ankles) and asked the universe for it. It was a slightly hippy moment but it felt good to put it out there. Che and Poet stood at the backdoor slightly perplexed as I sung my song to the sky but I figure I was making memories, albeit eccentric ones.

Did the universe listen? Perhaps. But that’s a story for another day (when I actually know how it all unfolds).

Till then, we’ll bloom where we’re planted.

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  • Anneke

    My nana always says "bloom where you are planted" and it's something I always carry with me at times of anxiety inducing uncertainty when I'm feeling the weight of not having found (or not being able to afford) our 10 year home- I don't do forever homes….10 years just seems more realistic! I relate to you on so many levels but probably the biggest thing you write about that I can relate to is the fact I am a homebody, a nester, a potterer. My home is my haven and my children are the same often just wanting to stay home and play rather than go out and about.
    We bought a gorgeous little renovator two years ago what we thought was our ten year home…it didn't work out. We compromised on location and after we lovingly renovated her we took the cash and ran and are now back on the rental wagon waiting till our incomes catch up with our location desires. All I can say is it will happen and wether it's now or six months from now, those universe gods will hear your hippy words and send you in the right direction. Just don't compromise and take the house with the bad neighbours……

  • Reply

    I absolutely believe in things happening right when the time is right and I am sure that the right house for you will be there right when the time is right.

  • G

    Just like Mary Poppins! All will work out for you x

  • alice carey

    I was looking for a place after my landlord sold the adorable cottage we were living in and at the very last second- we found a beautiful place! It's actually in an old cemetery but it is beautiful and we have lovely greenhouses in the back.
    I'm a single mom so I was so stressed about finding a place within my budget and shortly after an eviction notice arrived my friend sent me an email about this beautiful house that was available in a cemetery. I have a three year old too with special needs so it's been a challenging time, but God ( or the universe as you say) took care of us. I can't believe how lucky I was to find such a cool and beautiful home. I'm sure you will too. I love your blog, it's been encouraging to me as a mother. Hope you don't mind me sharing our little story but I wanted to share since I was in a similar situation and yet it worked out better than I could have imagined 🙂

  • Patchwork Cactus

    I love those moments where you see yourself through your kids eyes and think – yup this memory is going to be a doozie. I get how you feel, I like to be able to plan, work towards something solid but I also always trust that the universe will deliver. It must be so unsettling for you right now though. Please tell me it was raining and you were wearing linen when this whole moment happened. Cuz that's how I'm picturing it. Good luck babe. xoxo

  • Veggie Mama

    I always feel these upheavals have something to teach us. But when you can't figure out what it is, it seems a lot worse! May you be enlightened soon.

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