autumn sorting

Yesterday morning I served The Humidity an official eviction notice which backfired; the heat was stifling and I felt like I was to blame. Today is cooler and while the clouds still threaten and [...]

Monday, tick

Just recently I booked Che in for an 8am Monday swimming lesson. He’s keen to get a little stronger and more confident in the pool and frankly, I couldn’t argue. So, Monday mornings [...]


Two years ago I spent International Women’s Day bringing this little darling into the world. Two whole years that feel like a few months. It took me so long to get my head around the idea [...]

oh dear!

Two-year-olds are interesting characters, aren’t they? A bundle of cute one moment and a raging tyrant the next. Percy has been my toughest toddler to date; he’s a stubborn screamer [...]

time vs money

After only two weeks back at school the kids brought home a cold. Of course, the snuggles and middle-of-the-night soothing meant it was only a matter of time till I started feeling bleh. And here [...]

school ready

Summer holidays are over and we’re preparing for the school run tomorrow morning. I spent a few hours in the kitchen today and whipped up lunchbox treats which I’ve currently hidden [...]