is school over yet?

We are creeping towards the finishing line and we aren’t doing it gracefully. I pulled up to Che’s school gate this morning a good five minutes late, expecting to be the only mum [...]

go to the sea

As soon as we got home this afternoon I announced we were going to the beach. Granted, it would have been easier to stay at home and move through the daily routine of homework, dinner prep and [...]

a catch-up day

Just as I know that winter will bring the cold, I’ve come to expect a seasonal lull around this time each year. Word on the street is that some of us (most of us?) are feeling a little [...]

it’s all wintry here

Che and Poet have just come home from a mini-break with my parents. Once a year they visit a little seaside town a few hours north and stay in the very same holiday park I visited as a kid. It [...]