knitting a baby blanket

I come from a long line of knitters. My mum’s side of the family are experts and have created the most beautiful beanies, jumpers and cardigans for the kids. I recently started knitting my [...]

the lemon tree

Percy’s beanie is from Nature Baby and his cardigan (which has been in the family for five years!) is from babaa I took Percy to the lemon tree yesterday. It grows in a garden on the street [...]

’round here

The second week of the school holidays is almost done and I’ve been thankful for the downtime. That said, a return to routine will be much appreciated. I’ve done about twenty loads of [...]

sun’s back

After weeks and weeks of heavy cloud and persistent rain, the sun has returned. My washing line is heaving and I’m finding much pleasure in the fact that all those toddler stains are being [...]

a weekend in the city

It had been far too long between getaways! This past weekend Daniel and I headed to the city – sans kids (not counting the 24-weeker who came along for the ride). Despite our best [...]