scenes : in pink and red

And so the week ends, with streams of afternoon sun turning little cheeks all red and rosy. Poet returned to dance classes this week – jazz and ballet this year – and I’m amazed [...]

homedays in autumn

  Last week we had a little autumn teaser but these past few days have confirmed it; the golden season has arrived in all its rust and ochre beauty. It’s been a long time coming but [...]

scenes : in autumn

Thankfully work has slowed down just in time for our house move. We still don’t know where we’re moving to but it seems as if the windy road is leading us towards something promising. [...]

autumn ready

Despite the fact that the house is in a state of flux, I’ve been conscious of keeping my seasonal remedies handy, especially now that autumn is here. Instead of preparing for the descent of [...]

sick days

roses that grow along the fence…necessary pretty on dreary sick days You know you’re alive when you spend the night to-ing and fro-ing between breastfeeding the baby and tending to [...]

welcoming autumn

I realise that by the calendar we are only weeks away from winter but as far as the temperature goes, autumn has only just tickled our toes. Said tootsies are now snug in slippers; lambskin [...]

taking time to walk

It has been unseasonably warm this week; I’ve been wearing summer dresses and sandals and lifting my face to the sun. Despite a busy work schedule and four days of solo parenting I’ve [...]

scenes : in autumn

A floral frenzy! Anyone would think it was spring with all the colour and blooms bursting from gardens in our street. / these lilac flowers grow from tall stems and fall almost as soon as they [...]

autumn beach jaunts

seaside daisies / she does cranky well as she pulls on my new dress / I thought he’d be a bit tired of the camera – he isn’t  When the tourists have gone home and it’s [...]

hello, autumn

  A snuggly package of autumn/winter layers from Nature Baby / love walking with her in the mornings Yesterday the humidity dissipated and cool, fresh air blew in. And just like that – [...]

autumn mornings

The sky really is that blue and it beckons us from the house, even when we’re in the midst of a late, buttery breakfast. The trees are shedding to bare winter branches; they drop star [...]

autumn : the ordinary

Outside it’s still summer but come inside and you’ll notice; the autumn mood has fallen. Our days have been punctuated with sniffles, fevers, weariness and foul moods (mine). Yes, the [...]