is school over yet?

We are creeping towards the finishing line and we aren’t doing it gracefully. I pulled up to Che’s school gate this morning a good five minutes late, expecting to be the only mum [...]

go to the sea

As soon as we got home this afternoon I announced we were going to the beach. Granted, it would have been easier to stay at home and move through the daily routine of homework, dinner prep and [...]


I’ve been out the door before 7am for the past week – Percy pyjama-clad in his pram, me walking and thinking and sweating. It makes for productive and creative days. We’re in [...]

scenes : in yellow

/ golden yellow and attracting all the bees / early morning peek-a-boo / through the fence / more is more, apparently / my guess is that totally wonderful miss plumberry is a steiner teacher [...]

scenes : in blue

/ oh this baby. He really is so very happy. Sweet tee sent across the seas from the bee and the fox. / the prettiest of blues in the Montessori community garden / that is not the shoe [...]


The swimming season has officially begun – this past weekend was hot enough to dive right in. It’s cooled off now but for four days in a row we launched straight into iceblocks and [...]