van life a go-go

We’re so close to take off and yet these next few weeks are going to be some of our busiest. We’ve got the caravan and the Land Cruiser (tick, tick) and the house is getting emptier [...]

2018 Road Trip

I’m about to do two things I never thought I’d do: Live in a caravan Homeschool the kids Six weeks ago we watched Che’s school performance that was largely inspired by Alison [...]

a weekend in the city

It had been far too long between getaways! This past weekend Daniel and I headed to the city – sans kids (not counting the 24-weeker who came along for the ride). Despite our best [...]

bali street

  I’ve been posting photos from Bali on instagram and when I flicked through them yesterday, I realised that they weren’t telling the whole story. If you’ve never been to [...]

bali with kids

I’ve always romanticised traveling with a backpack and no plans. I tried it, too. In my late teens I ventured to Europe twice with said backpack and a rough itinerary but each trip was cut [...]