photos taken by Lou on our recent trip to Melbourne

Tomorrow Daniel and I celebrate eight years together. Regardless of our trials we’ve always had a lot of love and respect for each other; it’s good to come back to love and respect when you’re in a challenging place. I hope the kids grow up to witness the truth about relationships; I hope they come to understand that the greatest of love cannot be without some anger, upset and sacrifice.I love this man. I’m incredibly proud of him, too.

This week has been busy but I’m quite pleased to say that I’ve managed to get my work done without succumbing to frantic stress. Writing about writer’s block helped, so too did some inspiring reading and long walks involving lots of flower picking.
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I’m sharing some things – maybe you would like to share or receive, too?Have a beautiful weekend. What are you up to? Hopefully Daniel and I will make it out for dinner (but both children have colds so we’ll see how we go).
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  • snappystreet

    Happy Anniversary, and you're absolutely right about relationships. This year my husband and I will have been together for 10 years, and I know we've had our share of ups and downs as well. At the end of the day, love is what keeps us strong and sounds like your kids will grow up witnessing this as well x

  • Veggie Mama

    Have a wonderful anniversary. You two look very much in love x

  • Reply

    Have a wonderful anniversary x

  • mascaraandmud

    Fingers crossed that the kids make a fast recovery!

  • growMama

    Oh, it's such a journey isn't it?! I think there are so many unrealistic role models out there in media-land about how relationships 'should' be…it's great for kids to embrace the whole of the journey. The ups and the downs, the soaring and the mess! Kinda like life in general really! I am a writer too and it helped me (facing a big deadline with insecurities up) reading about your writers block. Thanks for that!

  • Reply

    Oh isnt Jude's green smoothie debate a great piece of writing. I still havent jumped onto the green smoothie bandwagon. A smoothie, yes, but no greens in mine, just banana, coconut water and blueberries, delish! Im not opposed to blending greens but I must say I prefer to teach my family to eat a salad every day and enjoy green salad leaves just as they are with a dressing. Im not even completely sold on the coconut fad thats doing the rounds, my skin is a complete mess now 🙁 too much of a good thing I believe, because I got caught up in all the hype, I was drinking it every day and using it as a moisturiser etc, I now after 4 months of use, look like a teenager again, my skin is awful, im currently detoxing my system of it all. I think new food fads need to be incorporated slowly into your diet and not take over completely. Lesson learnt 🙂 happy anniversary to you and Daniel, congrats! He looks to be very tall in the pic of the both of you and you are a true natural beauty Jodi, have a beautiful evening together 🙂

    • Jodi

      My skin has gone through a bit of a breakout over the past few months; I'm not sure if it's age or stress or hormones but regardless, I'm doing my best to fix it. Daniel is quite tall – 6ft3 – and very sweet words about me…blush x

  • familyfaithfoodfabric

    A very happy anniversary to you two… The wish you have for your kids is the same we have as well. Good relationships are hard, but rewarding work. I've always believed that the strength of a union does not come from lack of conflict, but from conflict resolution.

    Wishing you many more wonderful years!

    Have a wonderful week-end.


    • Jodi

      That is very sound advice. I'll remember that x

  • Brook

    Your first photo is the most romantic photo that I think I have ever seen. Perfection in my opinion. This is a perfect post to read today as I am feeling the challenges in a 16 year old relationship. We also celebrate 12 years of marriage next week and your words are inspirational for me today. They deeply moved me. Thank you.

  • emma summer

    i really love my BKR water bottle!


  • Angela

    I'm loving your 'in other places'….
    Enjoy your special day with your man.

    • Jodi

      Thank you! I'm liking it too and think I might make it a regular Friday feature x

  • Reply

    How beautiful – Enjoy your day today (and gorgeous photos Lou!). AND I have 2 KK bottles (one for coffee, one for smoothies) and they are really great.

  • Reply

    Happy anniversary – lovely photos! x

  • Jemima Jane

    Congratulations to you both – you look like a lovely, in-love couple, happy anniversary. I hope you've been able to continue celebrating in spite of the colds!


  • ellerampling

    Biggest love for your celebration, whether it be out at dinner or snuggled on the couch. Thank you for always showing us that the most perfect of relationships are never perfect. With great love comes great trials and I am forever grateful for your honesty xxxxx

  • Iliska Dreams

    Happy Anniversary!

  • elizabeth jacob

    happy eight years! it's amazing how all those years can combine into challenges, love, laughter and memories. may they keep growing for you and your lovely family!
    as for water bottles, i have always been a fan of nalgene. i drink tons of water (just daily, in hot yoga, on the trails running and more) and since the college days i have loved nalgene bottles 🙂

  • Eliza Ludwig

    I hope you had a wonderful anniversary.

    I've been meaning to say when my husband goes away, it seems to take half as long as his trip was for us to get back in sync. So perhaps it's all just the dust settling from his trip. For me, I find I've been working so hard at keeping everything together and being the only responsible adult, that I find it hard to just let go and relax when he gets home. I agree, though, it's great for your children to see all facets of a relationship.

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