fabrik : an autumn/winter giveaway

photos by me / styling by stefanie ingram
A few weeks ago I shot the autumn/winter womenswear collection for Fabrik. I love shooting fashion editorial, especially when the brand shares my passion for organic, natural and stylish. Made in Bali, each piece is created with organic fabric that’s naturally dyed from plants that grow locally; indigo, mahogany, ketapang. Good for you and good for the earth.
To celebrate the launch of this collection, Fabrik are giving away a $100 gift voucher. To enter, just leave a comment explaining what your priorities are when shopping for clothes. The comment that resonates most will win.

Winner will be announced in this post on Thursday 28th March and is open to international readers. Best of luck!Comments closed. The winner of this giveaway is look. see. by naomi fenton – congratulations, lovely. I’ll be in touch x

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  • Lyn Stewart

    Comfort plus a warm colour palette, something that sits in well with winter and cosiness!


    Oh this has to be the best giveaway ever! I have been stalking the Fabrik website for ages now.. Okay, my priorities when shopping are..

    1. Timeless. Too trendy pieces make for very little wear!
    2. Breastfeeding friendly. Having a 10 month old who still breastfeeds (kind of whenever he wants) and my yearning to have more children soon requires breastfeeding friendly items.
    3. Trans-seasonal. Something long sleeved but light always makes for the perfect winter layering as well as a sun shade in summer!

    Good luck everyone! x

  • Stacey

    It's been the longest time since I bought clothes for myself because of this very reason, this would be wonderful to receive.

    My priority list is LONG!!! Here we go :

    1) Sustainable for the earth – natural, organic, fairtrade, second-hand – as many as these things as possible
    2) Comfortable and DURABLE – I have kids pulling at my clothes 24/7 they need to withstand the pressure
    3) Classic – pieces that can be worn again and again in multiple ways.
    4) Me – I need it to be me. I know that sounds daft, but after having kids I really haven't had the chance/money/effort to really concentrate on fashion for me. It's so far down the list, but I'm wearing items that aren't me. I'm grateful I have them, they do the job…but they aren't who I am now.

    Thanks for the chance. Fabrik is gorgeous.

  • Samantha Cabrera

    As a mother of 3 little ones it is rare that I shop for myself, but when I do I have a few key guidelines I stick to, so I'm sure to spend my money wisely. I have very little storage space so I keep a small collection of clothing (which admittedly is looking tired/shabby at the moment). When I shop for something new it is usually only after I have given something away, so that I have made room for any new additions. My rule is, if I haven't worn it in 6 months or longer, then give it away. I look for classic and not trendy pieces, simple clean lines, and soft timeless hues. I mostly wear, white, cream, blue, and black with hints of color now and again. Comfort is also very important to me, I need to be able to play with my children after all! I am also breastfeeding, so loose tops are a favorite right now. Lastly, I want to find pieces that make me feel feminine and beautiful, and when those clothes are not only beautiful for me but also for our earth, I am twice as happy.

  • LaurenBurke BenHissink

    ohhh I love the striped top! I rarely shop for me, but when I do I look for something I love, that I will wear until it can no longer be worn. Clothes with moral and ethical benefits score points! Something that can be worn many ways, dress up or down and Quality over quantity!
    Thanks 🙂

  • Mother Down Under

    I love Fabrik…one of the items in my closet that I find myself reaching for frequently is a jumpsuit from Fabrik.
    I am trying to be more mindful about what I buy and why I am buying it.
    So lately, my main consideration is do I really need it? What role will it play in my life? If I bring this into my closet, which piece will I choose to leave my closet?

  • Emma Steendam

    Love these images Jodi, what a perfect fit you and Fabrik seem to be, and that model is just perfect for this also.
    Nowadays (being 27 weeks pregnant) it's abviously all about whatever fits + comfort. Something that makes me feel still myself even though my body is changing so much. I'm also steering well clear of anything I won't be able to (or find tricky) to feed in. Generally speaking I try and look for pieces that will go with lots of other things, that can be worn different ways or for different occasions and then therefore be great value and become old favourites in no time. The Melbournian in me is all about the layering too.

  • Megan

    When I'm shopping for clothes, I have to picture myself wearing it and know that I'll feel comfortable in it. It has to feel like me. Knowing the difference between what I like and what I actually like to wear is key to a useable wardrobe and avoiding that "I have nothing to wear!" feeling.

    I buy most of my clothing secondhand and do swap clothes with my sister and friends as I'm often troubled by directly supporting overseas sweatshops and unsustainable fabric manufacturing practices. Sigh. But, if my budget allows (which it does not at the moment!), I do like investing in made-to-last, beautiful pieces.

  • Pheasant

    what a beautiful selection. My priorities when clothes shopping are simplicity and ethically made. I like to know of the love that has been put into the item and buy only things I truly need so I can put a lot of love back into wearing them.

  • jobungalow

    One of our family values is that of conscious consuming, using our valuable dollar to support those businesses that align with our family ethics. We are fortunate to get a lot of children's clothes handed down, and when I do buy the odd item for myself, my husband and the kids, it is either secondhand (thrifted or fb used clothing groups) or from an ethical supplier. I also like to invest in simple pieces (like fabrik pieces) that are timelessly beautiful and of high quality so that they really last.

  • Sylvie

    Soft, easy to breastfeed in, absorbent, breathable tops are a must. Feminine, modest, simple dresses are necessary. On bottom, something that will stay put; that little hands cannot remove easily. I am always drawn to neutrals and timeless pieces. The wardrobe of a Mum is not updated often, so it must be made to last and of classic style.

  • Angelina B

    When I am shopping for clothes, I make sure that the piece is versatile with the rest of my wardrobe. I tend to wear clothes in neutral colours such as white, navy and black with plenty of denim and a little leather. I like to balance my outfit with a unique accessory. The most important factor for me is the quality of the fabric. My favourites are cottons, linens and silks. The piece has to be comfortable (never ever itchy), flattering, practical and must suit my style! I would describe my style as a mix of edgy and timeless classics. xx

  • Jessica Sliman

    Right now, I'm transitioning between a crazy stocked closet and a more minimalist one. Over the past few years, I've really embraced the idea that less is more, that owning sustainably made pieces that will last me a long time beats a ton of factory produced items that get lost in the mix. It's been a hard shift but a really good one. I've whittled my closet down to mostly the basics and now try to buy high quality, ethically made items. I love me some natural fabrics….cotton just feels like a second skin. They look like beautiful pieces – simple, timeless, and well made (and well photographed), I'd be honored to win.

  • Lucie

    Oh wow, I really love Fabrik's military jumper and the oxfords. I love simple clothing that is understated yet conveys sort of a "statement piece" at the same time. An understated statement piece, I suppose! I love thoughtful pieces, especially pieces from independent designers or local businesses. I also love neutral colors a lot.

  • The adored: journal

    Stunning clothing! My priorities – does it fit well? – will it date? – will i wear it on an everyday basis? – is this an impulse buy?

    It has been a long time since shopping for me, and after having children i have had to change my wardrobe completely. I threw away every top that showed off my stomach, shorts that were too short, and dresses that i cannot even believe i pulled off.. which left me with a pretty empty closet. Lately, i have been picking up a few items here and there, but always keeping those questions in mind. I very rarely buy an item because it is cheap/on sale and i always go home and think about it first. If i can't stop thinking about the lovely top i tried on then i will return and purchase it.

    (sorry for the novel) x

  • one bubble two

    What a gorgeous collection, captured beautifully..

    To be honest, I truly struggle to find clothes I really love among the chain stores… For me, comfort and functionality are key, while at the same time still appearing feminine and classic… Fads are definitely not my thing, so I will always choose quality over quantity – as much as the budget will allow!
    Fabrik's autumn collection fits the bill perfectly, so I'll be firmly crossing my fingers that one of these beauties will soon be mine 🙂

  • Vicky

    Simple, comfortable, beautiful and easy to breast feed in

  • Deborah Lee

    That first shot is beautiful. My priorities are: good quality, multiple-purpose sustainable comfortable beautiful pieces which make me look and feel great. That's an ideal. In reality most of my clothing is op shopped retro pieces. How amazing to be able to look through these Fabrik pieces with the thought of actually buying something!

  • mel @ loved handmade

    They're beautiful images Jodi, I've already entered a giveaway on IG with fabrik store, but for the record I do love their comfort factor, organic material and natural dyes are a definite bonus x

  • ashley

    Nowadays everything I buy needs to be timeless, comfortable and beautiful. Fabrik certainly fits the bill. Fingers crossed. X Ashley

  • Roseann Bath

    I keep a running list of clothing items I want to keep an eye out for, and I revisit this list to see if the items are still relevant every now and then (ie they aren't just a trend that I have lost interest in). My number one criteria for purchasing an item is I have to love it, so much so that I can't imaging walking away and not taking it home with me. If I can walk away, I do. I consider quality materials (cotton, silk, rayon, leather), flattering fit/silhouette that works with my body, and ease of incorporation with the rest of my wardrobe, which is pretty classic. I try not to be swayed by impulsively buying sale items, because if it really is a great piece, I know I will get my money's worth even at full price. But if I know something is going to go on sale, I will typically wait to purchase it until it does, unless I am too scared it will get away. Right now I am particularly drawn to terrific prints and neutrals to wear with them. For example, Liberty prints worn with chambray.

  • Jenny Padgett

    I love clothes that speak to me. Although it would be more practical if I chose clothes that fit perfectly and were the most comfortable, often I buy clothes based on their appeal to my own personal style. I love to think about when I would wear it and how happy I would be. As a mom, I love comfort, but I also find it increasingly important to be myself and one way to show my idenity is through my clothing choice. I need things to be casual(I work at home and I home school the kiddos) yet feel like, without much effort that I thought about what I was wearing and I look put together. The maxi dress in the first image seems to say just that! What a great line of classic, stylish and comfortable clothes. Thanks for sharing!

  • Georgia

    At first It's all shallow and glorious – Do I like it? Does it fit? Does it look good? Does it make me feel like a million bucks?

    …Then I grow a conscience and read the tag – what's it made of? Where was it made? Who made it? What conditions was it made in? Will it last?

    THEN.. Would my mother approve!? (This is a big one! She's got WAY better taste/morals/self control than me)

    Once I've decided if it makes me a good or bad person if I own it, I decide!

    …Unless I'm at an op shop, then it's just 'do you think I'll be able to get the moth ball smell out!?' Or 'Did anybody die in this' 😉

  • growMama

    Preferably clothes made from upcycled and foraged fabric, super duper comfortable, make me feel fab to wear, op shop or second hand clothes or small companies who are aware of the environmental impact of their work, fair trade gets factored in there, and how much I love the piece of clothing. It needs to get worn and worn!

  • aluminiumgirl

    Priorities when shopping for clothes:
    Does it fit? Does it feel nice?
    Does the look add to my personal expression?
    Will it last?

  • Penelope P.

    Gosh, those clothes and the photographs, and the model! Look beautiful. Penny L in Dorset U.K

  • Nell

    Swooning over that dress Jodi – beautiful, simple, effective pictures. Love.

    I think about what I can do in them – can I run after my daughter and feel good about how I look at the same time; can I feel feminine and prepared for anything the day will throw at me. And is there the possibility of wearing it forever and it becoming a piece I pass on to Josephine xx

  • Jude T

    Thanks for introducing another great brand to us!

    I look for buttons down the front, or a scoop neck for breast feeding , enduring style, comfort and shades that complement my colouring (blue, greys and splashes of reds are my current favourites). I like looking for things that I know my sister will enjoy as well, as we tend to share a wardrobe.

  • Viksterbean

    Being on a rather tight budget, I always have to ask myself the following questions:
    Will I be able to wear it for more than one season in a year and can I wear it both during the day and in the evening.
    Aside from that, comfort and the feel of the fabric are important. I also look into the ethics of the company that manufactured the clothing as I wouldn't feel comfortable knowing that either people or the environment suffered in the making of it.
    Of course, there's always buying second hand. That's always a winner!

  • Brenda @ 13 Acres

    Oh what wonderful photos Jodi! You must be so proud of your self to capture such grace, simplicity and feminine beauty in each shot! What do I prioritise when shopping for clothes? Probably, Classic. Elegance and How I feel when I put it on. Lovely giveaway! xx

  • Gemma

    Wow, what beautiful photographs – I love the one with the navy dress. So elegant.

    Firstly I have to 'need' a piece of clothing – there has to be a gap in my wardrobe that the item is specifically going to fill. Then it needs be as sustainable and environmental as I can find it, though that's always a trade-off due to the distance we live from any ''ethical'' shops. Finally I need to really love it, how it feels and how it looks on me. Otherwise it's not coming home with me/being sent back.

  • Sioned Hill

    Beautiful images Jodi! Your photography is coming into its own!

    For me, it's a question of; can I carry it into every day life. At home I need it to wash well and last (sticky fingers and dog hair) I need it to flatter me and not make me feel horrid when I'm bending down and playing. Finally, can I also make it work at work- I can't afford clothes that don't function for both, I can't afford two wardrobes since I am only working two days a week. What a beautiful brand x

  • Sarah Williams

    Gorgeous Photos. My priorities depend on what I'm shopping for…. sometimes a special event so various things. For the last 8 months its been all about breastfeeding- will it work? Can I wear a maternity bra with it? Will those big ugly straps show? If I leak will it be noticeable? aahhh the joys 🙂

  • Nauli

    Beautiful editiorial shoots, really.
    We go for few, but extraordinary nice, extraordinary classic or extraordinary good.
    Fabrik seems to hit it all. And we love the fact that it's made in Bali. Indonesia is one of our big loves.

  • theslow catwalk

    I love fashion and now I'm in love with these pictures and this brand:) Thanks for letting me know! The fashion I love has to be slow and sustainable because I can't understand how a thing so completely connected with beauty can be sometimes strictly linked with pollution and exploitation. Eco fashion is so full of talents and here you show one of them:)

  • Melanie Yarbrough

    I've yet to master the art of shopping for what pieces will stand the test of time, but every once in a while, I come on something that is so beautiful and well-crafted that I stand so long in the dressing room staring at it on the hanger, on myself in the mirror, until the dressing room attendant knocks to make sure I'm okay. I love these moments, when it becomes so easy to see how a piece of clothing will fit into your daily life or dress up the special moments. So despite my tendency to sometimes buy trendy or short-sighted items, I'm learning to shop for those moments where there is no decision to be made.

  • Terri Wirth

    i like to choose pieces that are not only comfortable and affordable, but also reflect who i am.

  • Fine

    Oh, I love their clothes! When looking for clothes, I search for something that fits me and my style, are compatible for everyday wear, but have a unique touch. That may be a special fabric (like the Bazaar dress), or the cut, or some details like the diagonal zipper of the Essential Hoodie from Fabrik. Simple, yet one-of-a-kind, comfortable and produced ethically – those are the things I aim for.
    I love the pictures, by the way, the light and the colours are beautiful!

  • Becca Waterloo

    My vow I made this new year is quality over quantity. Buying that top with thought that went into it, a nice staple item in my wardrobe. Nothing cheap, and definitely made local. I want to feel comfortable, sexy, and confident in anything I wear. My motto is, 'make them fall in love with you!' Being trendy helps too 😉

  • lilyknits

    I wish could say I only buy quality clothing like this, but truth is it is out of my grasp financially. Right now I am buying very little, just replacing what is worn out. I make a bit of my wardrobe so that helps. This looks like a great company!

  • My Yellow Heart

    For me it's the fabric, if it doesn't feel soft to touch than I don't feel the urge to try the item on, let alone buy it x

  • Melanie

    When purchasing clothes for myself, my criteria has changed since having my babies. Can I scoop up my toddler and carry her arround in the garmet? Can i quickly and easily nurse and comfort my baby? Can I run in the garden for a game of chase? Quickly reach the book on the shelf or sweep up the crumbs under my daughters chair without adjustments? Add a timeless design and quailty and I am one happy (and beautiful) mama!

  • Francisco

    Sometimes I don't always feel beautiful. When I try on certain clothes that ft my body perfectly and excite me then I feel beautiful again. Sometimes the perfect shirt can help me to love myself again.

  • So

    i'm in my early 20s, and for the past two years i have started to change my thoughts about consumption. in short, i try and shift things every day to live a simple and slow life. it started with food, and at some point came to clothing. what i now look for in a piece of clothing is sustainability and longevity: i gravitate towards simple fabrics, colours, patterns and shapes. pieces that will not age stylewise and that i know i will still want to wear as the years go by. i support small and local shops as much as i can, and if not local, i try to buy from people who share those values. less quantity, better quality! it takes less space in my home and in my head. i am thankful for being able to witness, support, and be a part of the search for a simple life 🙂

    cheers from across the world

  • Sarah

    I try and make my clothing work for my life. It shouldn't restrict my ability to work, care for my family and since I'm now trying to make as much of my clothing as possible, I like to be aware of where it came from and who made it. I find that disposable fashion is now something I can't really tolerate. I know how hard each dress and top and pair of jeans is to make, and I can't think of someone being paid pennies to do so.

  • Little Ella Lu

    I usually look for comfort, practicality, longevity and lovely details.

  • Kristin Fleming

    So pretty. I love the detail. I usually like soft texture and patterns. Everything in my wardrobe has to be able work together, so I can make several outfits out of what I have.

  • Reply

    I had this bad habit of buying only statement pieces for a long time there which I've done a 180 from and have recently stopped myself from buying anything that doesn't match everything else in my closet. I'd like to start shopping for some more sustainable basics that will last a long time. And of course comfort is always a thing, plus being able to actually move and play with my daughter in anything I wear.

  • Isa

    My priority when buying new clothes is to look for something that makes me happy. It means i will actually wear it. And it will benefit me and the people i spend time with. Have you noticed how good it makes you feel to be with somebody who is happy in her clothes? Things become light, joyful, possible.

  • Nathan and Megan Miller

    Wow! Love this collection from Fabrik. My top priority when buying new clothing is everlasting style- something that I can wear for years that will never feel "dated" and always feel like "me". I rarely buy clothes for myself more than once a year for this reason, and I only purchase clothing when I've worn something to a thread. I'd love to add a beautiful Fabrik skirt to my wardrobe! Thanks for the giveaway Jodi. Lovely photos as usual.

  • Gaby

    Love these photos; kind of Amish chic 😉

    I have a long list I go through when shopping for clothes… First of all, is it beautiful? Can I breastfeed in it? Is it a natural fibre? Is it comfortable? Can it go in the washing machine? Where was it made? Can I wear it with the pieces I already own? Can I live without it?

    Then I normally walk away, and if I'm still thinking about it a week later I'll go back. It's a long process but it means my wardrobe is actually functional, so it's worth it x

  • casso

    Keep it simple:

    1.) Ethical
    2.) Comfortable
    3.) Washable

    All the bulls! 🙂 I am frantically trying to acquire clothes for my teaching pracs this year as it is my first year back out in the world after being a SAHM for years. Fabrik definitely fulfill those requirements!

  • cannahanda

    Didn't check my spelling..I meant to write: Stylish and not fussy, kind to the planet and ethically manufactured, stylish and oh so comfortable as well. This brand is now bookmarked!

  • amymacmahon

    Long-wearing items that can transition through the seasons, kind on your body and kind on the planet.

  • Cirque Du Bebe

    Since learning to sew 4 years ago, my priority now is shopping for clothes that I can wear with the clothes I am making. Good well-made basics, like a linen blazer, a pair of black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt. Things that I can't really be assed making, but look great with all the clothes I AM making!

  • rosecolouredlens

    Since becoming a mum a couple of years ago, my criteria for clothes shopping have (almost!) completely changed.

    Practicality is now a major priority – clothes that are playground-friendly, can be thrown in the washing machine and can cope with sticky little hands. Also comfortable, and not too revealing or tight.

    I also look for ethically made clothes and accessories that will stand the test of time, and love to support local makers and designers. I aim to be more conscious about my consumption so that I can set a good example for my little one.

    What hasn't changed is that I'm eternally attracted to pattern and colour (I love a good floral!) and beautiful fabrics. And I will always keep an eye out for a lovely scarf that adds creative flair to an outfit – scarves are both practical and beautiful!

  • joanne

    Affordability – so I shop secondhand a LOT.
    But I look for natural fibers, and always check where the garment was made.
    I have not bought a lot of clothes – and try to wear out what I already have, but I am interested in learning to sew my own, using organic cotton and linens.

  • mia

    When I spot something I`d like to buy for myself or my son, I always take a day to think about it. I often take a picture so I can look and rethink at home. This way I don`t buy something I`m not sure we`ll use. I also do this with cheaper items, not only to save money, but also the environment, and to avoid filling up the closet/house. (I also look for natural and organic options) :)Camilla, Norway

  • Mara Dawn

    I used to be all about whatever was cheap and trendy. Now that I'm in my 30s, I've started to seek out more well-made pieces with longevity. I've also been trying to support more independent designers and makers.

  • alphabeticals

    When I shop I have two things in mind – beauty and simplicity. I am a farm-momma, but even when I'm mucking out a stall, I want to feel lovely. A whisp of a slip while mucking out the stalls. Wool leggings with ribboned socks while collecting eggs. An embroidered nightgown paired with a cup of strong coffee in the morning. These are the things that make me happy!

  • Bobbi Huffman

    Lovely photography and model! I look for comfortable clothes as well as natural fabrics for myself and my daughter. I tend to go for neutral basics with pops of color. I am loving pink right now since it's Spring here! 🙂

  • Courtney Rose

    My priorities for purchasing clothing is always ethics first. I like to support small business and ethical makers. Once I find a brand to support I look for simple lines and natural fabrics. Versatility is also important since one piece needs to go along way for me.

    This brand is fantastic, thank you!

  • ne-knopka

    My priorities
    1/ Comfortable



  • Candace Groberg

    In no particular order – when looking for clothes I look for pieces that are: flattering on my body type, something I feel beautiful in, something timeless and classic, something of high quality, and something that is produced ethically. Where the workers are in safe conditions and the production doesn't hurt the environment.

  • Saskia

    Comfort, quality, fabric and style.

  • Marie

    Quality, fit and will I still want to wear it in two, three, twenty years time?

  • little bubalishka

    I look for clothing that is timeless – something that I know I will wear until it falls apart or I have to re-make into something new. Natural materials are important too. Texture and a flattering fit rate pretty highly also.

  • Janey G

    clothes that make me feel like me!

    Now that can mean different things at different times in my life. not so long ago it was all about the frills and layers, my hair was rainbow and the crazier the better, But now since the new year I have been eating well and looking after my body. over 2 stone has been lost here and i am in a calmer more peaceful place. My hair is natural and my clothes taste has shifted radically, for to feel like me now I need a calmer and more peaceful look. I need new clothes now for more reasons than I am about 3 sizes smaller, I need clothes that match my new state. life feels good! xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Blythe

    Firstly, something I love for casual wear, or that makes me feel comfortable and stylish for work. Value and price per wear. Flattering. Good quality finish and fabric. As I practise my own simplicity, I am trying to select pieces that will suit me for a long time, not necessarily fashion pieces.

  • Jovana

    I never buy anything that doesn't fit well and is not comfortable at the same time. That being said, recently I have started thinking more and more about not buying any clothes I do not need and then buying pieces that speak to my personality. I have for too long bought way too many piece of clothing which were somehow incredibly boring. So trying to buy almost nothing until I needed it, and then thinking about fit, comfort and uniqueness.

  • Rachel

    My priorities for shopping for clothes can be summed up pretty easily: comfort and ethicalness. I won't wear it if I don't love it and its not comfortable. About 90% of my wardrobe is thrifted or given and I'm slowly as I can afford it, making sure the new items are ethically made. I worked many years in China so I saw first hand, factories and living conditions. Currently, my husband is the assistant manager at the local Salvo's family store and I am a stay at home mum, so funds are limited but I do try to be as ethical as possible! rachel . deutscher @ gmail . com

  • Des Haigh

    As I get older I look for quality, even if it means saving a bit more before going out and buying a piece I know I will love and that will last. Next are style and comfort, I like clothing that is classic and flattering that can be worn alone or in layers. I feel like most days I am the last to get ready so I love having pieces that make me feel effortlessly beautiful and put together.

  • Michael

    I have gone a long time without buying clothes as I have been disheartened with the lack of quality and ethical practices. I am slowly making the shift to quality over quantity and looking for clothing I can feel good about wearing.

  • Jan (a gluttonous wife)

    I'll be honest up front, I've not brought any organic clothing, actually over the past 16 months I've only brough one or two things as we are on a tight budget due to my chronic illness. Where I can we now eat as fresh/organic/homegrown and would love to try and add clothing to my list 🙂 Thanks for the chance! Jan x

  • look see. by naomi fenton

    I mostly buy clothes online these days – living in a small town it's hard otherwise to find much variety. When I shop online or in bricks and mortar stores I look for clothing that is a bit higher quality that will last longer – not only in practical terms but in terms of style as well. I seem to have moved on from the fads of my younger days and now that I'm a woman approaching her mid-30's I want clothes that will stand the test of time and be comfortable. If it costs a little bit more, I'm ok with that – it tends to mean I replace items less often anyway.

  • Robyn

    A top loose enough to breastfeed; a skirt long enough to hide a toddler; dark colours to cover the food/jammy-hand stains; quality fabric so the clothes last between six-monthly shopping trips; and, above all, stylish enough to get me out of my pyjamas.

  • Trina

    Simple, natural, lovely. The best clothes are the ones you forget your wearing, a second skin. They wear like young children: becoming a part of you and growing with you. It's the thrill of those big pockets for treasures, a pretty pattern, or a popping color. Ideally, they are made of natural fibers and methods, recycled or handmade, connecting us to our origins and the craft of weave and loom, work of our ancient mothers. That art lives on in the handmade, stitched-by-a-dear-friend, a vintage history, thrifted, or the quality of organic, ethically made. These are my loves of our second skins.
    Gorgeous photos, love your blog!

  • meingefangen

    I try to consume most sustainable as possible. That means to buy as much as necessary but less as possible. So my garments need to be timeless and good quality for a long-lasting use. At the same time I prefer to shop locally supporting small businesses and try to get organic fibered cloths.
    So great that all aspects come together at Fabrik!

    Greetings from Berlin (DE) !

  • amanda

    My priority when buying clothing is both fit AND feel – how many times have we all sacrificed one for the other? Feels great but fits funny, or fits perfectly but the quality is poor. So I look for both fit and feel, since if neither pleases me it'll never get worn or will wear out quickly, and on and on…

    But if I can, I'll make something before I buy it… Not always possible (like jeans!) but I do try!

  • foxmakesfour

    style & comfort all the way!

  • manomine

    Whenever possible, I choose natural and simple, well made clothes, timeless style and prefer to support small ethnical companies. I try to buy less and so when I choose to purchase, it has to be worth it on both ends.
    Thank you for the chance and all the best to the Fabric!

  • Sheryl

    Comfy, cosy, simple and goes with most things in my wardrobe. Lovely giveaway Jodi x

  • Danielle Kelly

    If I'm thinking of buying a skirt or dress, I always picture myself wearing it out hiking and camping. If I think it would be too uncomfortable or get ruined easily, I usually look for something else. The perfect clothing piece is pretty, but also practical.

  • Tara

    Comfortable, beautiful, practical! Clothes that I can wear around my children but also out and about. 🙂

  • joan blondina

    Hi Jodi! My absolute priority is, can I live in it? I love items that work for every facet of my life – nursing, traveling, lifting a toddler to my hip, working, spontaneous yoga posing… and these days, now that I'm in my 30's, I'm all about timeless. I want items that I will still be wearing when my children are teenagers, and for photos of me at 31 look a lot like me at 41, but with a few more grey hairs! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  • theycallmesonj

    When shopping for clothes, I am at once both whisked away in a whimsical world of tactile textures and grounded with a critical eye for practicality. I must be enchanted and simultaneously confident that any item I end up buying will not only last a long time, but also be something that's flattering and that I will want to wear over and over, in several different ways. I love shopping, but I try to limit how many pieces I incorporate into my wardrobe, which is mostly made up of really well-made basics. I'm enthralled by subtle and artful details and interesting, flattering cuts. Dressing is something I very much enjoy, it gives me the ability to feel comfortable, like myself, but also to express myself to others. Most often, the well-made but artful pieces I find myself drawn to wearing over and over are made by small designers who care about similar quality and supporting a culture of creativity, simplicity, and practicality.

  • little earth stories

    Classic shots. My priorities when looking for clothes for myself (such a rarity) are natural fabrics, pieces that go together, transcend seasons and that will last. I am also drawn to earthy tones.

  • Chelsea Wipf

    simple. feminine. love.

  • Elisabeth

    Actually, I'm hopeless when it comes to buying clothes. I would so love to choose sustainably produced, relaxed clothes that look good on me, but I ever so often end up impulse buying something that doesn't really fit. I have yet to find my style, I guess, and when I do I have to feel at ease with my choice – both things have yet to happen. So, right now the only thing where I somewhat succeed are shoes: I tend to buy from a tiny Austrian firm that still makes a lot by hand.

  • Sarah

    LOVE these styles. I know I'm late for the contest, but I jsut wanted to comment how much I ove these modest fashions. These are the kind of clothes I'm always looking for but can usually only find at websites like Modli.co.

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