Global Sharing Day with TuShare

Consider this a community service announcement:

  • each household throws out an average of 1760kg of waste every single year
  • 30% of our wardrobes will never be worn again
  • 3/4 of all clothes end up as waste (!)
  • for every kilo of plastic there is 71kg in production waste even before consumers get their hands on it
In celebration of Global Sharing Day, TuShare – Australia’s fastest growing sharing platform – is hosting Australia’s first ever Flash Sharing Event. The goal is to have over 5000 items shared over five days from 1st-5th of June.
Since TuShare’s launch in December 2013, 10,000 items have been shared. Basically, it uses technology to connect people who have things they no longer need to those who’d like them for free. The website is simple and easy to use (it looks like a phone app) and there is a courier service built into the system which the receiver pays for (at a special TuShare rate).
It’s an opportunity to declutter your home and share your purged items with someone who actually needs them. Simple yet genius! As you can see above, I’ve sorted out a few things to share during the Flash Sharing Event. They include: letter pressed cookie cutters (kitchen), a single quilt cover + pillow (bedroom), three vintage story books (lounge room), a pair of Petite Bateau unisex overalls – with the tag still attached (kid’s room) and a set of three little terracotta pots (garage).
So, will you join TuShare and share something next week? Imagine if every single one of my Australian readers got on board and shared between 1 -3 items – we’d have that 5000 item goal covered!
Sharing is caring; it’s simplicity in action – might trademark that 😉
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  • Lucy W

    Thank you so much for letting us know about this, I'd never heard of it! Will definitely use this in the future!

  • Pink Ronnie

    That is all.
    Ronnie xo

  • Reply

    I'm going to check this out! What a great idea and fantastic way to de-clutter and share some 'treasure'.

  • Adria P

    This is right up my alley; but I'm in the UK. I'm going to do some searching to see if there's anything similar around here. Thanks!

    • Reply

      Adria -there is!I think it's still called "freecycle" might've just been London-based but am sure it's expanded/expanding…prob.find on a Gumtree search! 🙂
      NZ needs something similar!this is great!

  • Reply

    Looking forward to this!

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