happy new day

I started the day by rousing sleeping children at 5:25am and heading out the door. There were a few grumbles but as we reached the stairs that led down to the beach the promise of a sun rise quelled all complaints. We found a piece of driftwood near the sea grass and sat down – just the five of us, together – watching the sky as it grew lighter and brighter.


Closing the chapter on one year and witnessing the dawn of the next.

The possibility of a New Year is inspiring, isn’t it. The promise of a new beginning – whole and untainted and brimming with opportunity. A brand new diary with 366 blank pages – exciting and perhaps a little overwhelming.

It’s tradition to speak of resolutions and good intentions at this time of year; letting go of the clutter that no longer serves you and embracing new habits to nurture and nourish. I’ve created my own mindful intentions – small, achievable ones that place my health and wellbeing towards the top of the priority list (because last year it really did fall to the very bottom…not unusual for the first year with baby).

Changing habits for the year can be a daunting prospect, can’t it? But changing them for today? Not so much. And therein lies the very essence of mindfulness – that word that is being thrown about with wild passion as plans are made – it’s about today, it’s not about the entire year.

When you’re mindful you look within – you don’t look too far ahead. You practise the art of being here, now, aware of what you’re thinking and what you’re doing in this moment. And what’s truly wonderful about this realisation is that it’s so very achievable.

Because here you are, reading my words, thinking about mindfulness. Being mindful.Make coffee/drink coffee, inhale/exhale, walk outside/feel your feet on the earth, open the book/read the pages, get off the internet/be present in your home…

Happy New Day.

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  • Jane S

    Just about to get off the internet Jodi…thanks for your wise words once again x

  • Jessica

    Beautifully said. Happy New Year!

  • Amy (So There, by Amy)

    Happy New Year!!!

  • Dolly Henry

    I agree, so much can happen in a year and the future is wildly out of our control. 🙂 There are hopes and dreams for a year but each day should be enjoyed for the beauty that it contains. And taking a day at a time is also the best way to get through difficult situations as well as the very best 🙂

  • Rachel Hood

    Happy New Year! There's nothing better than watching the sun rise on the beach x

  • Bee

    Happy New Year, thanks for the inspiration!

  • Tin of tea

    Happy new year to you! You're lucky to start the year with such a blue sky! Here it's only fog, fog and fog…

  • Antonio Casañ Gimenez

    Feliz año nuevo from

    Valencia, Spain.

  • Clara

    HAppy new Year, i wish for you and your beautiful family love, health and kindness. Your blog is such a daily inspiration. Cheers from the North.. the snow finally arrrive!! Yeah!!!!

  • Manon Doran

    Merci; for your wise words (again) and constant inspiration to simplify. Logging off and going to play in the snow with the little ones. Bonne année.

  • Margaret

    Right got it….breathe the fresh sweet air of the garden while doing yoga on the deck, then eat a ripe juicy mango with my cereal….bye

  • Erin

    Happy New Day, Jodi!I Hope it's a great year for you & your family. x

    Erin | beingerin.com

  • Laura Ricardo

    Happy new day to you, too!

  • Amandine Lambert

    What a beautiful post…Thanks for your wise and thoughtful words,more often than not they have helped me a lot and reading you is always a source of joy and comfort.Happy New Year to you and your family.Big hug from France!

  • Nikki Fisher

    Happy New Year Jodi I hope 2016 is a wonderful one for you and your family. Your consistent blogging continues to be an inspiration to me to continue with my own and aim for a more regular rhythm. xo

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