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A snuggly package of autumn/winter layers from Nature Baby / love walking with her in the mornings
Yesterday the humidity dissipated and cool, fresh air blew in. And just like that – autumn.

My very favourite season of the year for its beauty and significance; a time to retreat and curl up, to slow down and nurture. I need autumn and everything it offers and so I’m welcoming it with open arms. I know it’s here because there are crisp Tassie apples in the fruit bowl (and half-eaten on the table) and vivid orange pumpkin in the fridge (begging to be cooked into soup). We’re reaching for an extra layer (albeit light) come evening, pulling the covers right up to our chins and sleeping in a little later.

I find that around this time every year I start nesting for the cool seasons ahead. And it’s not as if we experience a true winter – we’re lucky if we get one frost – but still, the nesting is instinctive. I declutter to make space in our humble abode, I wash the flannelette and wool in eucalyptus and I stock up on cold weather supplies.

My autumn/winter essentials list:

  • beeswax candles. I light them every evening for ambiance and a little air cleansing. They also help to reduce the electricity bill (no need for all those lights).
  • natural Eucalyptus Balm – this was never far from my reach last year and it saved me on those night when little ones were coughing. I rubbed it on their (and my) chest and back to ease the tightening and onto the soles of the feet before bed (socks on top).
  • socks! We live in a cold winter house and the timber floors are draughty so around this time every year I commence my annual mantra of “put your socks on!” As you can see from above, Poet has some lovely lambswool slippers to keep her toes cosy…but I am yet to find some for myself. Sometimes a really thick pair of wool socks will suffice.
  • layers. Singlets are a must (tucked in!) and cardigans and scarves aren’t ever far from our reach. Last year I took to adding an extra layer before I put the heater on (the gas bill still made me cringe).
  • eucalyptus, lemon and frankincense oils for burning in a diffuser. They help to kill germs and keep the air fresh.
  • clove oil, bi-carb and vinegar – my natural method for killing mould.
  • tea – when you’re cold, make tea, clasp the cup, take regular sips
  • stock. I make sure there’s a constant supply of chicken broth/stock in the freezer. This year I’m going to make beef bone broth, too.
  • fresh ginger, lemons, garlic, honey, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, oranges – my essentials for maintaining good health and warding off colds.
  • hot water bottles – because I don’t think there is anything sweeter that putting on pjs that have been warmed by a hottie.
  • …on the topic of hotties, it’s only fair I add “cuddles” to the essential list and so it comes as no surprise that I say: “hurry home, Daniel!” (we’re on the final stretch, he’ll be home in about four weeks, I can’t think about it too much because the days will drag but my goodness, I am so excited).
I would love to know what’s on your seasonal “essentials” list – for the kitchen, for your home or just for you.
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  • laluuu

    I will add three essentials to your list; 1) yarn – come autumn I knit like a madwoman. 2) Rosemary – a favourite herb and one I rarely use in Summer (when Basil is king) and 3) Winter garden beds! This year for the first time we will have a greenhouse to avoid losing produce to frost (and kangaroos!)

    Happy days that Autumn has arrived. Linda. x

  • Katrina@capturingmoments

    I love everything about this post J. I am very ready for this season and I too feel I need it. I'm ready to hibernate!! I will add to the list 1) firewood – unfortunately we either need to go and find some to chop ourselves, or pay for it. Isn't fun but well worth the roaring fire to combat the chill out here; 2) Manuka honey – I add a spoonful to warm milk of an evening and it sends me off to a sleepy slumber. Only four weeks to go! Good going mama, you've do e amazingly and he'll be home before you know it now. xx

  • A little bit country

    Love this post. For me and my family our winter must have is manuka honey – great for mixing in with lemon and hot water. I also get the Manuka honey lollipops and cough drops too. Hot baths, raging fires, lots of homemade soup and warm bedrooms at night. I will try your mould cleaner as I always like to wipe down window ledges once a week during the colder seasons. I'm big on socks in winter as well. xo

  • jody

    I love this list Jodi, I'm adding a lot of it to my shopping list. Thank you. xx

  • Eb

    where are those slippers from? love this post

    • Jodi

      They're from Nature Baby (link is just under the photos) x

  • Craftysquirrel

    I bought myself a lovely pair of crochet slippers with a non stick sole – fantastic for slippery wooden floors. I bought them on felt.co.nz, a New Zealand hand craft sellers site like etsy – see link below. Mine are red with purple pom-poms – they make me happy ( and warm) every time I wear them!

  • mel @ loved handmade

    I love autumn, I'd almost forgotten just how much, I wrote a little post about the new season too. I do love the extra light layer to keep warm, and the darker mornings, and I love the soups! New slippers are on my list..

  • tinajo

    Autumn sounded so upside down to me as we´re heading for spring here in Sweden right now – however; the outfits are cute! 🙂


  • Anne

    I use cypress(cupressus sempervirens) lavender and eucalyptus oils in my oil burner for colds and cleansing the air in my home.
    I also love using Badger aromatic chest rub
    Red thyme(thymus vulgaris) essential oil is great for sore throats I steam inhale only need a few drop its pretty strong stuff but it nips sore throats in the bud for me.
    Wool socks and gum boots are essential up here in the Blue Mountains it's always wet up here in the winter mornings.
    I also love my wood fire oven! 🙂

  • ashley

    I use all of these. My new go to oil I started using last winter in the diffuser is on guard (do terra) It is unreal. Wool socks from mongrel in Tasmania. Love the changing seasons- does make me yearn for Canada. X

    • Jodi

      "on guard" is a miracle oil, isn't it! A friend of mine is about to start selling doterra so it's on my list of things to buy. And thanks for reminding me about mongrel socks….have stumbled upon them before but never purchased x

  • Gemma

    I love autumn/winter as there's nothing better than cuddling up with loved ones (and the dog!) under blankets with tea and hot water bottles. But, we're just heading into Spring here so I'm enjoying the odd flip-flop occasion, being able to walk the dog in anything other than wellies and being able to wear light cardigans instead of enormous jumpers. Lovely x

  • Reannon Hope

    I love my dressing gown! Its thick & cosy & was bought for me the year my second son was born 🙂

  • lizandluke

    What a great list, I'm am also ready for the colder months. What brand of beeswax candles do you buy? And where from? Thanks Liz

    • Jodi

      I always buy Queen B from http://www.queenb.com.au – yes, they are expensive, but they really do last a long time and the health benefits are always welcome x

  • veronica marrocco

    Oh I love these colors! I have a daughter the same age as your <3

  • Becca Waterloo

    I love following your blog, this being one reason. We are JUST experiencing getting out of our winter, and onto spring. I love that you're entering fall, your words make me feel like I'm experiencing it too! Fall is such a beautiful season, and I hope you enjoy it!


  • Sam Stone

    My ugg boots!!

  • Lucy W

    Autumn, my favourite season as well, the season I married my love, the season my second babe arrived early. I'd add throw rugs to the list. It add my colourful vintage crochet rugs to my boys' story chair, mohair or woollen blankets on the end of beds and thick cotton cable knit throws to our sofa that wash and wear oh so well.

  • Roseann Bath

    Beautiful. Love these lists! Spring is in full force in California, and I feel the same way about it as you do about autumn. How wonderful that you can have fall when we have spring.

  • Eliza Ludwig

    For me it's a brand new notebook. I always question my vocation and get active in autumn. I adore it!

  • Lissa Snapp

    I love this! Such a wonderful batch of Autumn tips. We are going into the opposite season around here so I wrote us a few essential Spring items on my blog: http://barnaclebags.com/blog/

    Glad you are enjoying the change of the seasons, we sure our!

    Best, Lissa

  • islandfairy

    The houses on our islands are not built for the cold and nobody has central heating. So on top of my list are portable heaters, our trusted dehumidifier (humidity tends to be high, making the cold a hundred times more intense) and a basket of blankets in our living room.

  • Sylvie

    Such a cozy post! I too love autumn. Here in Midwest USA, we are longing for a hint of spring. (The forecast is finally looking promising- yay!) I wonder what are good oils to diffuse in the spring?

  • Rachel

    Oh dear, you've made me long for Autumn and we're at the beginning of a beautiful Spring here in London, which is my favourite season. I'm curious when you say you wash your wools in eucalyptus, is that in the form of washing powder or do you put the essential oil in with your hand washing? I'm obsessed with eucalyptus come the colder months.

    • Jodi

      I put a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in the wash (once the machine is filled with water – I have a top loader) … I only do it with linens, though…helps to kill all the dustmites x

    • Rachel

      Thanks Jodi, I'll have to give that a try xx

  • Victoria

    My home is the same as yours, last year we took drastic measures cause the electricity bill was a little too high, so socks, jumpers, beanies for some & those snake things for the doors.
    This year we will be doing the same + hopefully eating more soups.

  • Janey G


    for me in the kitchen if i dont have olive oil and sweet potatoes and spinach leaves i get stumped! warm throws on the sofa and piles of books everywhere x

  • Cat from thatbettiething

    Thank you for giving Autumn a good wrap. We live in Tassie and I love summer-winter not so much. Autumn for me has so often signified the loss of summer. I shall think of it differently from now on. Cheers!

  • thegreenbackyard

    This list is awesome. I do most of those things as well.

  • Melanie Lovelock

    Where do you buy your eucalyptus, lemon and frankincense oils from?

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