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In an attempt to embrace an enthusiastic approach to the whole house hunting saga, Daniel and I looked at a few rentals earlier this week. We’ve got a good 10 weeks left in this little house so there’s no immediate rush. But then again, I like a plan.

We’re on the cusp of buying but we’d like to wait another year and sign the mortgage line with a bigger deposit. So, rental shopping it is and let’s be honest, it can be a bit of a demoralising experience. Because a room that only just fits a cot cannot be classed as a bedroom, thank you very much. And don’t start me on the overuse of the fish-eye lens in deceiving real estate photography.

That said, there is a promising opportunity that may, just may, come to fruition. And perhaps what’s most difficult in this scenario is refraining from getting emotionally attached. I’m one of those people who can fall in love with a house within minutes and mentally move my furniture into each room by the end of the day. I’ve set up home and started envisioning the kids playing and the dinner routine and waking up in a new bedroom well before I’ve finished filling out the application form. I even time the drive from the front door to school – covering all the bases because, well, it’s necessary, isn’t it.

Dare I say it, I’m getting much more practical with every house move we make. That’s saying a lot considering practicality and commonsense aren’t my strong points. I’ve already packed a few boxes, I’ve started sorting paperwork in preparation for rental applications and I’m removing a garbage bag of decluttered goods every week. The simplifying is a job well done.

The house hunting has only just begun. Wish us luck!


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  • Erin

    Best of luck, Jodi! I hope everything works out for you & the family x

    Erin |

  • Jayview

    I hope you enjoy the rewards of uncluttering often and travelling light – and find a lovely transitional space.

  • Amanda K.

    the fish eye lens is an amazing tool of deception. we're looking at houses and we saw a listing from two different agents. one used iPhone pics, one used a beautiful fish eye lens. the difference is stunning.
    best wishes in your search.

  • Katrina@capturingmoments

    All the best with it, I hope you find something that you can call home for another year or so. I'll never forget how big the real estate made our first house look when we were selling. I didn't think it clever marketing at all really, only set people up for disappointment!!

  • Sam

    Good luck! I hate hunting for rental properties… it makes me want to cry. I also sometimes actually cry. Here's to hunting to BUY in the near future!

  • Fiona from Arbordale Farm

    Good luck I know how nerve racking it can be and I think there is nothing wrong with imagining you living there. At least that way you know it is the right move.

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