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this man of mine is a true gentleman and is making sure my comfort is an absolute priority…all the love
When late pregnancy coincides with the middle of the Australian summer it poses a few obstacles. You see, heat and high humidity aren’t a recipe for productivity – or sleep, for that matter. It was so hot on Saturday night that I had to sleep with my feet resting on an ice-pack; the things you do to get comfortable! Granted, there are a few things that are providing relief on hot days: ocean swims, midday sessions at the movies, iced water with extra ice, a cold facewasher on the back of my neck…

On Sunday evening when the southerly blew in I stood in the middle of the house and basked in the breeze that whisked its way from the front door to the back. Since then its been raining non-stop; ideal weather for late pregnancy list making and to-dos.

Chronic list making is like a rite of passage into late pregnancy, don’t you think? I have a baby name list (it’s looking strong, albeit minimal), a work deadline list, a shopping-before-baby-arrives list and a housework/maintenance to-do list. Whilst writing lists isn’t dependant on the weather forecast, ticking off projects is. So on days like today, days that are grey and wet and cool, I have to prioritise the most important tasks and trust that the rest will get seen to – easier said than done. There’s a part of me that would like to finish all the writing work, sort all the baby clothes, get on top of the washing (laughable, I know) and cook a few meals for the freezer but then there’s the reality of life whilst growing the third baby. Acceptance of slow is essential and so I’m consciously reminding myself to take it one tick at a time.

I distinctly remember carrying folded washing up the stairs when I was 37weeks pregnant with Poet and stopping mid-way to catch my breath. I thought to myself: “You’re going to have to let go of this control over everything being just so…” – I’m currently repeating a similar mantra.

We slip back into routine tomorrow as Che returns to school. His skin smells of sand and sea salt, proof of a full and joyous summer holiday. I’m intent on working to my own lenient routine over the next few weeks so I can find some kind of balance between ticking off to-dos, resting this body of mine and preparing for the imminent arrival of baby.

What are your favourite meals to freeze for the newborn days?

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  • Tina @ The Rogue Sparrow

    Ahh I'm a list maker too – there is something so very satisfying about a newly drawn up to do list. I have four children, the youngest is 17 months, so writing lists has become a necessity for me. My favourite freezer meals for post baby weeks were Dahl (which I would stir through spinach after defrosting) and pasta sauces which I would throw in any veggies from the fridge. Oh and soups, lots of lovely nourishing soups. Enjoy your last weeks of pregnancy Jodi. Xx

    • Jodi

      My MIL makes a fabulous dahl…I may have to request it. And as for soups – so nutritious and easy. My mum has promised a big batch of pea + ham and I think I'll make a some of my favourite pumpkin soup. Great ideas! x

  • Laura at Beehive Rugs

    List are good, I'm a big list maker. Wishing you all the best with the new baby. Hoping for cooler weather for you. Can't wait to hear the name you pick. Sending happy thoughts your way. Love all your pictures.

  • Josephine

    Hi Jodi! Wishing you the best of health (and less oppressive weather) for the remainder of your pregnancy (oof, wasn't Sunday a shocker?).
    I'll admit I've never been much of a list-maker, aside from shopping lists, most of my to-do's exist in my head – this does actually work for me 99% of the time (famous last words)! Food planning, however, is very much my jam. Before the arrival of each of my two sons (both cooler month babies) I stocked the freezer with single serve portions of things like bolognese and sweet potato soup. If I was planning to stock a freezer for a baby now, I'd be making batches of felafel or veggie burgers – these can be cooked ahead and thawed in the oven or microwave as needed for a filling wrap or with salad. I'd also do these burrito wraps For sweet cravings I'd be baking loaf cakes (precut into slices, or muffins).
    When my second son was born, my aunt (a talented home cook) gifted us with five different freezer meals – things like ginger beef, gourmet pizza, chicken stew. I remember very little from those hazy days, but I remember the beautiful flavour of those meals as if I'd just eaten them!
    May the force be with you in the remaining few weeks of preparation!

    • Jodi

      Sunday was intense! I usually make a bolognaise once a week (meat + vegie) so from now on I'll make a double batch and freeze one. I'm very lucky that Poet's pre-school creates a meal roster for families with a new baby so I know there will be lots of help, not to mention the made-with-love meals that will come from the Grandmas x

  • Mother Down Under

    Both last time and this time I froze more snack type things like muffins and banana breads. I get so hungry while breastfeeding and I find I need to eat between meals…and eat with one hand!
    Even though it is summer I have been making a slow cooker "roast" chicken about once a week so we have meat available for sandwiches and salads and bone broth is so excellent for recovery.
    And I just about always have brown rice around too…mix it with a can of beans, some tomatoes, spinach and a bit of cheese and you have the best easy lunch.
    Best of luck!

    • Jodi

      Yes! This is what we did when Poet was a baby but I gave my slow cooker to my brother when he moved to Sydney last year and I haven't bought a new one. It's now on the list! As for stock, I imagine it will be my go-to when I'm feeling a little fragile…I made a big batch last week and will create a few more before EDD x

  • Karin @ Calm to Conniption

    Oh I can't even think about cooking bulk meals. Maybe I have left it to late! I am hoping my Mum comes to the rescue. 😉
    I am so happy to hear you too have been sleeping with an ice pack on your feet and I'm not just a little nutty.
    Good luck on working through all those lists.

    • Jodi

      Mums are good at coming to the rescue. As for the ice pack – you are definitely not alone! x

  • Nell

    Bolognaise or chilli are brilliant because they can be served in lots of ways, making different meals from just one massive batch of cooking! With pasta, jacket potatoes, bread etc. And always delicious x

    • Jodi

      We have been loving jacket potatoes of late and they require so little in the way of preparation x

  • Reannon

    I actually came across all the lists I made with my last baby the other day. It was nice to see so much crossed off even though she was three weeks early.

    Things I like to have in the freezers are muffins, power balls & fruit bread for breast feeding snacks. Pizza dough freezes really well, even now I'm making up whole pizzas, wrapping them in foil & popping them in the freezer. Lasagne, curry, zucchini slice, spinach & ricotta rolls are all good too.
    Stay cool x

  • cestlavietlb

    I made several lovely lasagnes for the freezer. I also made several batches of my favourite hearty muffins (bacon, cheese & spinach, mushroom & feta, blueberry, bran & apple etc.) that could be popped out the freezer into a warm over/microwave and eaten with one hand when the breastfeeding hunger struck. Because we all KNOW what that's like!

    I also chopped up and prepped all the ingredients for various smoothies into 1-person packets. So diced fruit, greens and raw oats. All ready to be tossed in the blender with yoghurt and juice. A refreshing breakfast…

  • Hollands Reverie

    I actually love those days! I don't think I have ever gotten as much accomplished as I do in those last few weeks before baby arrives! Good luck with the meal planning I was always terrible at that:)

  • kelly louise

    Hi Jodi, I have been reading your blog since Che was a wee tot and I was pregnant with my first. He's now 5 (!!?) and I'm expecting a little girl in September. I really just wanted to thank you for the incredible resource that is your blog! In the last few weeks I've found myself revisiting so many of your old posts. We want to get a new camera before the baby arrives, so I've been looking at your posts on photography, as well as baby names, and now ideas for meals to prepare and freeze! I also had a read of the book you recommended called conscious parenting, and found it both confronting and empowering. I'm also a Yoga teacher, and we try to lead a simple life, so I find the content of your blog very relevant to our family. I'm quite sure your second book needs to a guide to pregnancy and babies -for mums who seek simplicity. Okay? Good. Thank you again for all that you share in this space.

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