memory keepsakes for your kids

A few nights ago I posted this photo of Percy on instagram and added the following caption:

“He’s 18months old and I don’t know where that time went. But I do know that I have savoured every minute.”

I have savoured the moments…even when there was a long, long list of other things – and people – that required my attention. But I haven’t recorded anything on paper – his baby milestones are in my mind, somewhere, but have yet to be jotted down for safe keeping.

This afternoon – during the calm before the witching hour storm – I found Che (my almost-nine-year-old) sitting on my bedroom floor. He had pulled his memory box off the top shelf and was rifling through its contents; reading and remembering as he looked through school photos and birthday cards from years gone by. He was so happy to have it all and I know, in my heart, that it’s a box he’ll cherish for many years to come.

The difference between the first and third child has been profound in the memory keeping department. So much so that I’m running about six years behind on my memory keeping to-dos. The mere thought of searching through hard drives for photos, arranging them in photo books, gathering memories and collating words and phrases and funny sayings has me all-a-fluster.

But at the end of the day it’s the one thing I wish I could make time for.

I want to do it for them – so they have their childhood documented in a series of books and words that I created. So they can sit on the floor and flick through the bygone.

Right now the photos and the stories are contained in a small black hardrive and my head which is, shall we say, not the safest place for precious memories.

This post should probably be a “how-to memory keeping guide” or a gushy “walk through the photobooks I have already created”. But no, it’s more a promise to myself…a way of keeping myself accountable.

Creating memory keepsakes for the kids is the one thing that niggles at me, begging for attention.

It’s time to print the photos and jot down the words and finally, finally, organise everything into clearly labelled cardboard boxes.

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