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Confession: when we were looking at rental properties late last year I completely dismissed the house we now live in. My imagination often needs encouragement when it comes to making something old seem new again and this house was no exception. However, after much discussion I could see the potential; we just needed to repaint.

Because salmon pink walls just don’t work, do they? Nor do faux mahogany curtain rods or thick, pink curtains. White was my solution to all manner of cringe worthy decoration choices so I set about creating an entirely new start with fresh paint in the shade of bassinet; an apt name if ever I heard one.

After seven years of dealing with damp and mould in our old house (and the subsequent health issues that were at their worst just before we moved), I wanted a paint that would resist mould and mildew if they ever surfaced (I doubt they will considering the glorious full sun we bask in every day – never again will I underestimate the benefits of a home with a good aspect). The team at Taubmans were generous enough to provide us with Endure Interior in bassinet; a superior paint that is approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia as a sensitive choice for those with asthma and allergies. As a bonus, it also resists stains, handy considering dirty, little hands like to leave fingerprint marks on a regular basis. When it came to ordering quantity, the online paint calculator came in very handy, too.

After taking down all the curtains, filling all the holes and hiring a painter who managed to get all the walls and ceilings done in three days, we were ready to move in. Settling in takes time and making a house a home takes even longer.


The house features a filled-in-wrap-around-verandah and the front room is a large L-shape which we have broken into a dining room, sitting room and entryway (our bedroom is an extension of this room, separated by a panelled wall). Sash windows run along the entire length so it’s light-filled from dawn till dusk. It’s my favourite part of the house (ocean views win every time) and I knew as soon as we moved in that I wanted to maintain the sense of space and light. We also didn’t want to spend much money so we prioritised the painter, new curtains and a footstool for the chair.

As you walk in the front door the entryway (top photo) is on your right and is incredibly practical, so much so that I have no idea how I ever survived without a dedicated space for everyday items. The little desk (as well as our dining table) was found at a deceased estate opposite our old house and it fits perfectly in this space. I have minimised the contents of the drawers so they only contain essential miscellany and writing equipment – candles, a lighter, incense, a few pens, sticky tape, notepad, an external hard drive and my laptop bag. The little terracotta bowl on the desk is for the car keys and the baskets either side contain my camera, reusable shopping bags, sunscreen and shoes.

On the left of the front door is our dining table and in the corner is my sitting chair which I will, no doubt, spend many hours feeding in. For those interested it’s the Ikea Ektorp Armchair + Footstool (that also includes a decent amount of storage) with a linen cover in a “loose country fit” from Swedish company, Bemz. The chair looks onto the short end of this L-shaped space where we have stored most of our books and the children’s toys.


The children share a room so when they are inside they tend to spend most of their time here. There’s significant floor space in front of the bookshelf so no doubt, a playmat will make its way there when baby is a few months old and wants to be in on the action (which is when the lego will, once again, become an issue).

I still have plans for this space but right now, in an attempt to save and not spend, I’m content with what we’ve created. Fresh paint, new curtains and simple decoration has ensured it’s both practical and pleasant; perfect for family life.

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  • look see. by naomi fenton

    Such a lovely, light filled space Jodi! x

  • mel @ loved handmade

    such a tranquil space, I love its light and airiness x

  • Ronnie

    It's beautiful, Jodi.
    I want to live in your entryway.
    Ronnie xo

  • jo

    I love this space. Love the white and the light is gorgeous. Mmmm Lego! Such a problem when it comes to babies and toddlers x

  • Sharolyn Newington

    What a gorgeous, light filled, relaxing space. Inspired by Marie Kondo's book about the art of tidying (which I think I might have seen you mention) we are going through a big purge and feeling the lightness already. SO excited about actually enjoying our space more and finding joy all around us in the simple things.

  • mon_and_mia

    Oh how i love all your white, light filled rooms. I would give anything to be allowed to paint my whole house white but hubby doesn't agree. The compromise will be a white kitchen/dining/laundry. He likes having a dark loungeroom & our bedroom is a pale grey which i can live with. Our daughters room is a calming pale green 'White Clover' from theTaubmans erange. So many different colours in our tiny home & very little light.

  • nuragheandnougat

    I completely understand the value of an entryway after spending the last few years in a house where our front door opens directly from the street into our living room. Ugh. Already plotting a brilliantly organised entryway for the next house…

  • Jo @ Country Life Experiment

    It is amazing what a coat of paint can do for a house. Our house is in desperate need of a paint job, and a renovation to let some light in. I can't wait for the finished results (though the process may be a little painful). I picturing white walls too!

  • SimpleHappy

    What an inviting and cozy place you have! Love the set up, the simplicity and the light.

  • Jenny Parsons

    It looks and sounds beautiful. Such a lovely calming space.
    My hope for 2015 is to de clutter and paint everything white and seeing this gives me so much inspiration.
    Enjoy living in your new home.

  • Hollands Reverie

    I dean of white walls- not sure if our old farmhouse could handle it tough! Looks really lovely, and I'm sure it will be home in no time!

  • Natalie Britton

    Your space looks gorgeous! I'm totally the same, by the way… I like to buy new instead of refurbishing the old. Bad habit. I love the changes you're making and can't wait to see more home photos!

    Circus & Bloom

  • knitbakecultivate

    Absolutely gorgeous! You have done a great job your house looks so timeless and classic. We just moved in to our new house and I am overwhelmed at the moment. I'm not sure what to do first. Your post has given me inspiration. Do you have any 'before' photos? It would be good to see the magnitude of the transformation, although you described it very well.

  • Sarah

    Light, white and warmth with a sprinkle of ocean views is always the best combination. I remember how envious I was when you posted that you had found a house near the ocean and sand outside your front door. I admire your contentment and simplicity, which you have down to a beautiful art.

    Hope things are bright and peaceful in these days before baby arrives. ♥

  • Miss-B

    It looks lovely! I'm so glad you didn't discount it because of its previous salmon walls. I'm sure it's the start of a lovely relationship with your landlord too once they see the love and care you put into the house. I'm in search of some new white curtains, what did you go for? They look lovely! Although I'm not sure whether to go for something heavier to help with heating in winter.

    • Jodi

      They are the lenda curtains from Ikea – $39/pair. However, they needed some serious hemming (they're really long) and we had to add backing to the ones in our bedroom as there was no way they blocked out enough light in the day (and I would like baby to sleep during the day!) x

    • Miss-B

      Thanks Jodi. I will check them out. Ours are fir iyr living room, so not necessarily for darkness, just 'finishing' the room and for warmth in winter. A darkish room for baby is definitely essential!

  • tinajo

    Looks absolutely lovely! 🙂

  • Abeer

    Hi Jodi — I hope you are having a lovely day. I was scouring through your old posts about house move since i just moved into a new rental house too. I was wondering, since you rent too, how have you put entry room rod/rack and those paintings in the living room? since rental agreements generally cover no drilling. Or have you used another method to install these things?
    I would appreciate it if you could reply.


    • Jodi

      Hi Abeer, we just requested to put photos/hooks on the wall and got approval from the real estate agent. Alternatively, if you go to Bunnings there are a range of hooks that simply peel off the wall once you move out and they’re quite strong…a good option if you aren’t allowed to drill into the wall x

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