wash the windows

I’ve procrastinated about washing the windows for about six months. In that time flying ants and summer bugs have been caught in window webs and the salt air, while good for the lungs, has left a chalky residue on each pane.

You would think that these glorious old windows, that we look out of each day, deserve the very best treatment. But, no. Because in the family home the cleanliness of the windows isn’t exactly a priority. In fact, the only reason I cleaned them is because the front room of my home is turning into a photography studio for the next two days and dirty windows don’t make for pretty backdrops.

It was hot today and as I washed and scrubbed and sweated and fought with the flyscreens (a different shape and size for every window because…..old house) I realised that a dedicated window cleaning session doesn’t really take that long. Soapy water, a sponge, an old towel and some newspaper and you’ve got yourself some mighty clean glass.

Is there anything more pleasing than clean, sparkling windows? I’m not sure there is. And perhaps what is most satisfying about the result is that it can’t be undone as quickly as the walls or the floors or the bedrooms. Because Percy is nowhere near reaching the windows and Che and Poet wholeheartedly understand the importance of looking and not touching (for the next two days, at least).

I’m going to go as far as saying that the entire house looks cleaner because of the windows. And they aren’t even rose-coloured!

So, wash your windows. Or better yet, get your kids in on the act! It’s the perfect summertime chore.

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  • Sharolyn Newington

    thank you for the prompt. i look at dirty windows in the kitchen especially, each morning. i'm pleased the results have been so rewarding for you. i will try and get all and sundry involved in helping this saturday morning.

  • Jessica Large

    Clean windows really make all the difference!

  • Reply

    Our windows could do with a wash too. They aren't normally a priority in our home either. Hope the photos go well. xo

  • katiecrackernuts

    Windows always look wonderful clean. Bright and cheery.

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