spider boy

Che returned home from a visit to Bunnings as a tired and very emotional spider boy. When I greeted him in shock he got all teary: “Mum, it’s really just me, it’s Che Che.”

I disregarded those tears at the time but in retrospect they were the first sign that things weren’t quite right. By dinnertime he was bedridden with an awful headache (his first) and continuous vomiting.

And I can’t believe I’m saying it so soon but….so it goes.

Call me a hypercondriac but my thoughts went straight to meningitis. Headache and vomiting – not a good combination. Thankfully the GP shared my concerns and proceeded to rule out the scary virus before declaring that it was just a bug. But nasty bugs and lightweight boys can get a little serious and as per doctors orders we prepared for a trip to the hospital with our dehydrated little one. Daniel was in Sydney so while we waited for him to come home I gave Che teaspoons of water and encouraged him to eat hydrating iceblocks. I packed spare clothes, warm socks, vegemite sandwiches and apples for what could have been a long, tedious wait.

Thankfully he began to keep fluids down and when he started asking for pizza and a banana smoothie I exhaled sweet relief. But there was no way he was getting pizza for dinner. He went to bed a little hungry and slept for eleven hours.

Today he is ravenous and happy and I’m opening the windows and burning eucalyptus oil to rid our home of germs.

Despite his persistent pleas for smoothies I’m being boring and responsible and feeing him toast, apples, noodles in chicken stock and a bit of fresh orange juice. I’m strengthening that little belly because come Thursday, we’ll be eating cake!

winter germs, be gone. please.

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  • kristin

    oh what a sweetie pie. so sorry he got so sick, but it sounds like you rose to the occasion and proved yourself a wonderful mama once again. take good care of your little spiderman!

  • Coryann

    I hope Che returns to a speedily recover just in time for a weekend pizza fix : ]

  • Nell

    Feel better soon little Che. What a brave boy. Sending healthy vibes xxx

  • Posy Quarterman

    Your words are as beautiful as your boy. Ain't nothin' worse than that awful mama-worry. So glad he's on the up and up.

  • Nikki Fisher

    oh Jodi I know it is no laughing matter but I smiled all the way through your post as River had a headache, fever and sore neck a week ago and I immediately thought meningitis. Not so. Phew. I waited for two full days of good health before giving in to pizza request. Two hours after eating it River relapsed and vomited. And I just love the photo of Che with his spider boy face. My non-commercial television, Steiner kinder, wholefoods boy has requested a spiderman birthday cake for his upcoming 6th birthday. Ah little boys I just love them. I hope Che returns to robust health quickly. x

  • dear olive

    Yay for Che! So glad he kicked it. Kellie xx

  • Rhiannon

    I am so glad that he is recovering without a trip to the hospital needed. Good luck keeping the smoothie at bay!

  • raisedbywolffs

    You're not a hypochondriac at all it's so important to be quick with meningitis with that being drilled into us of course it's the first thing you thought of. So glad he's on the mend and it wasn't anything scary.


  • Andrea @ little buckles

    It's a parents worst nightmare. We rushed to the emergency a couple of months ago with Sam. It's better to be safe than sorry. Poor Che. I hope he makes a speedy recovery x p.s. Love the spiderman face. Sam also had exactly the same design the other week 🙂

  • Ellen

    Sorry to hear about the little guy being unwell. Hope they are both well for the party.

  • Leanne

    Gorgeous spiderman face, glad he's feeling better.

  • Rebekka Seale

    Have y'all seen the new Spiderman film? Omg, I LOVED it!!!

  • jody

    Oh the poor little man, glad he is feeling better now. Take care lovely. xx

  • Sarah Humphreys

    Thank you for lending me Daniel for the morning/afternoon/whatever it was – he was wonderful and i think it'll be a lovely little 'making of' film. I hope Che Che gets very well very soon. You are a good mumma. x

  • lou

    oh poor Che… please hug him from me. Yes germs be gone! xx

  • Jo

    Poor little soldier. You're such a great mum, I only hope that one day I can be as good as you, whenever that time will be! It must be so scary when your child is ill but you seem to handle it perfectly, and with such grace.

  • Mariela

    Oh! sorry to read that, you are such an amazing mom, I hope he gets better very soon and eat a lot of cake on Thursday! give him a big hug from me : ) xx

  • rooth

    Wishing him a swift recovery and some relaxation on your side

  • Lilli

    Who would have thought that spider boy could be that cute – or that a whole year passed already. Get well and stay well, Che.
    ((( ))) <– these are supposed to be hugs

  • Briony

    Poor little Che! I am glad he is feeling better!

  • look see

    Love this photo – boo to germs!

  • Reply

    Get well soon Che,

    & what a beautiful Mama nurse you have there 🙂


  • Natalia

    beautiful picture!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear little boy. It is somehow worse than any cold. Their little bodies being so ill. My daughter and I are very susceptible to tummy bugs and she had it 12 times in an 18 month period. I was quite down about it and wished I could put her in a bubble so she wouldn't get ill. But thankfully it's a short lived bug, and nothing too serious.

    Hope he gets well soon and you have time for a break. I'll echo the above – what a lovely Mum you have been!


  • Steph

    Poor little man! Glad to hear that his tummy has settled down. And yay for you Mumma being strict with his tucker. When they don't touch food for days you just want to see them enjoy something…anything! But slowly, slowly is the way to go. Wishing that gorgeous smile to keep beaming for the rest of Winter (no.more.germs!) 🙂

  • tilema

    Beautiful picture. Can I ask what camera do you use? I really, really love your pictures (and subjects, of course;-))

    Lena x

    • Jodi

      Lena, I'm writing a post at the moment about camera, photos etc…keep an eye out in the next fortnight x

  • tilema

    Ohhhh, now I am super excited 🙂

  • one claire day

    You know what this means? A clean bill of health for at least the next 12 months…. surely??

    Glad Che Che is "just me" again x

  • Maxabella

    Poor little fella. Oh this winter has been relentless. Cough, cough, cough the whole way through at our place.

    I hope Che is himself for the rest of the winter!


  • Gypsy Lou

    sorry to hear about Che. your a lovely mummy.

  • Tamara

    So glad to hear he is on the up! xx

  • Benlovesting

    You take so many beautiful photos1 x

  • Ciara

    always best to trust your instincts mama!

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