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Sometimes the busyness of life completely stuns me. Take for example the fact that Percy is nearing six months old. Where did six entire months go to? I remember so many of those days as a whole experience; feeding and cuddling and loving upon him whilst adjusting to being a mum of three and all that it entails. But my goodness it’s been busy. And the fact that it’s been so fleeting leaves me feeling a little sad, to tell you the truth.

Just this week we’ve noticed a distinct change; the air is warmer and the trees are beginning to blossom; spring is here. I’m officially back to work and getting used to the work-from-home palaver that is never predictable or particularly easy. I don’t strive for balance but I do accept the fact that it’s a constant juggle. I write this while Percy lays on his playmat, squawking at the teeth that are attempting to push through. But next week? He’ll be rolling off the playmat and well, then life reaches a new level of busy.

There are numerous lists in my head at the moment, so many tabs that are open and begging for my attention. Yesterday afternoon as we neared the witching hour I found myself stressing about this and that and all the things. And then Daniel piped up: “Write a list.” So I did and yes, it worked. It always does.

So I’m working from home with a school child, a pre-schooler and a soon-to-be-moving baby – just call me the listmaker. And while I know that this level of busy isn’t going to go away, I do know that there will be days, sometimes weeks, of reprieve. But today? We’ll it’s up to me to create those precious hours of rest, to put aside the emails and the phone and the never-ending chatter of social media and focus on the child beside me, the child at my feet and the baby in my arms. Because I don’t want to get to the end of 2015 and regret not spending enough time with them – just with them.

Spring means warmth which means bare feet which means summer. Before we know it there will be end-of-year performances, mangoes at the fruit shop and beach towels on the line.

Just a little reminder.

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  • Jacqui

    Haha Percy looks a little stunned there 😀 Time flies when you're having fun

    Jacqui | Halcyon Jar

  • Kirsty

    Lists are brilliant. The baby time goes o so quickly. As my little one toddles I'm trying so so hard not to get clucky. The gorgeous photo of Percy is not helping!

  • Ronnie

    "Because I don't want to get to the end of 2015 an regret not spending enough time with them – just with them." Thank you for that reminder, Jodi. I needed that.
    Ronnie xo

  • Ariana Lyriotakis-Macdonald

    Beautiful shot of Percy –he looks so inquisitive! I'm right there with you on this post. I work from home too with my 4, and since the youngest (now 13 months and seriously the biggest billy goat of a baby I've ever encountered) started walking several months ago, it has gotten seriously crazy. I literally only work either before the kids are up, or after they go to bed, which has made for bleary eyes, but ensures that I give them 100% of what they need –and let's face it, I need them just as much. We spent our summer vacation with my sister's family which meant 7 children running around at all times…good, tiring fun to say the least. We're just now catching up on life (with school beginning next week) but our hearts are so, so full. Keep those 3 babes close. xo

  • Smykolandia

    The list is the best solution how not to forget. I do it on my holiday for time after my home returing. I try not to forget about urgent metters.

  • Sara - litetarkiv.blogg.se

    And I thought I was busy. Haha, I only have one kid. Embarrassing. I also have to start working soon and find it quite sad that I have to swop cuddling with my son for paperwork in the office. 🙁

  • Bron Maxabella

    I do worry about what you are going to do when that sweet little bundle of yum starts moving… those are tricky times indeed. Happy springtime, lovely! x

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