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There are two things that immediately and undoubtedly brighten the home: fresh flowers and a top-to-bottom thorough clean. If I had my way I would always have fresh blooms on the table and a cleaner would visit once a fortnight to tackle all those pesky jobs that I struggle to get to.

As I discussed yesterday, spring cleaning the family home is a challenge at the best of times. Throw in a bit of illness, a heavy workload and a six-month-old who’s just starting to move and I’m lucky if the dishes get done at night. Surely I’m not alone in wishing a cleaner would turn up on my doorstep and wave a magic wand? Mary Poppins would be good, too.

It turns out that finding a cleaner isn’t as hard as I first thought. Enter HomeHello; it’s simple and affordable and basically the Uber of home services. Started by a group of students from the University of New South Wales, HomeHello makes booking a reputable cleaner easy – as long as you’re based in Sydney or Melbourne you can find a local, available cleaner in a few simple steps.

No longer do you need to go through the time consuming rigmarole of finding a cleaner and looking for quotes; HomeHello connects individual cleaning contractors with customers based on their location and availability and the best part of the service is that each contractor is reviewed by past customers. Still unsure? Carol from HomeHello explains that each cleaner must go through a qualification process before they are listed on the site. “All our cleaners are required to have public liability insurance, police checks and at least one year of professional cleaning experience. Our 100 point rigorous recruitment process involves a face-to-face interview where we screen them through a series of behavioural and technical questions. If applicants are successful in the face-to-face interview, they are then sent on a cleaning trial where they will be further assessed on the quality of their clean. Once accepted, they are finally onboard as a HomeHello professional and are ready to deliver an immaculate cleaning service to your doorstep.”

Carol and her professional team hope to expand HomeHello to every Australian capital city and become the country’s number one hub for all home services – from cleaning to plumbing and all handyman services.


If you’re in Sydney or Melbourne you’re more than welcome to enter this giveaway (or if you would like to enter and gift the prize to a Sydney or Melbourne-based friend, go ahead!). The winner will receive a voucher for a 3-hour general house clean which can also be tailored to suit your specific needs. The voucher must be used before the end of the year.
To enter simple tell me why you need a cleaner (and please make sure that I can easily find your email address by either leaving it in the comment or including it in your comment profile name).  The answer that resonates most, wins. Competition closes Thursday 17th September at 9pm and winner will be announced shortly afterward.
Best of luck!
This is a sponsored post. Thanks for supporting the wonderful small businesses and brands that sponsor me and my creative endeavours.  

Comments closed. Congratulations to Apryll….enjoy your clean house! x


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  • apryllannie

    Hi Jodi,

    I'm a long time reader (and lover) of your blog, but this is my first comment. I would really appreciate a good house clean at the moment!

    I am a mature aged student studying full-time to become a midwife, I have an almost two year old toddler, two dogs and I'm also a carer for my disabled younger sister. The housework has been very neglected as of late- it has just been too difficult to find the time and energy! Having a freshly cleaned house sounds like such a luxury.

    Apryll xx


  • Michelle Rose

    Oh yes please! I too have a 5 month old who is starting to move! It is funny- a friend said to me 'after you have a second, you wonder why you thought one child was so consuming.' Well I reckon I am pretty busy with this little girl and I don't want to miss a thing spending time cleaning! X

  • Anna of The Analog House

    Oh how I wish I lived in Australia! A clean house is heaven for me but it amazes me how quickly things get messy again, esp. With 2 kids. I used to have a cleaner in our previous home. Maybe I'll make this a budget goal for next year!

    Analog House

  • urban muser

    I'm not in Australia so I won't enter the giveaway, but please tell me more about those amazing peg dolls in the photo!

  • Brandi

    Definitely wish I was in Australia! But I might take your suggestion and get some fresh flowers. 🙂

  • lucy bain

    Hi Jodi, what a great opportunity! I have been following your journey with great interest, particularly since your post a while ago about whether or not to have the third child… At the same time we were also deliberating and decided that yes! a third baby was for us. I gave birth to my third little girl, Pearl, three months ago so I am not far behind you and have been eagerly following your posts. We now have three girls aged 5, 3 and 3 months. We looked into getting a cleaner when I very defiantly decided I deserved one (!) but having just updated our budget we realised it is very unrealistic at this stage! To get a head start with a good scrub and tidy would mean so much to me right now. Just to get a clean slate! I'm sure you can relate :/ Thanks again Jodi and all the best! Signed from underneath a sleeping baby and a mountain of washing (of the very best kind), Lucinda x

  • Laura Johns

    Dear Jodi – I would like to enter the competition for my dear friend Emma who lives in Sydney. Emma and her husband James welcomed their first child, Ivana Macie into the world in May this year. Emma is an amazing mother – and truly inspiration to me. She’s already back to work, playing netball, and taking family trips. I think Emma is extremely deserving of a 3 hr house clean – every new Mum needs a week off to put their feet up for just a moment and enjoy a cup of tea.

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