summer travel in the slow lane

This post was created in collaboration with NRMA Parks and Resorts

When we sold most of our belongings to travel in a caravan, we had no idea how our journey would unfold. Granted, we were (still are!) caravan novices but regardless of our inexperience we knew that taking time to travel with our kids and slow down for a while was of the upmost importance.

We took a big leap into the unknown and spent all our savings but I can safely say that it’s the best decision we’ve ever made. We’re three months in and revelling in the opportunity that tiny-home-nomadic-living has given us. Of course there are days that are challenging and emotionally charged with tantrums a plenty and countless frustrated sighs…but they would exist regardless of where we live.

I think what has been most surprising about our journey so far is the way we travel. You see, a few hours in the car is enough for us so we plan our trips accordingly, slowly hopping up and down the coast and occasionally inland. We prefer to stay in each location for a good week so we can settle in, slow down and truly experience it.

When we started planning our road trip I had no idea how family-orientated holiday parks had become. Granted, my only memories of them were from my childhood; I spent every summer in a cabin by the bay with my family but apart from a single pinball machine and a tennis court there wasn’t much for us to do.

Nowadays they are havens of fun; there’s playgrounds and water parks, jumping pillows and pools – colourful, fun-filled activities for kids who love being outdoors. And we all know that when the kids are excited, engaged and happy it creates time and space for parents to let go of routine, slow down and relax.

And I think that’s why holiday parks are so popular for families; they are the easiest kind of holiday – a real holiday for the parents. They’re affordable, too, which makes the entire experience even more relaxing.

When we arrive at a caravan park, we love nothing more than checking in and staying put for a few days. As soon as the van is set up the kids take a scooter ride around the park and return with a full update on where everything is. We then prepare some food and settle in for a quiet afternoon by the caravan, our only plans being a beach walk or a swim.

If you’re considering booking a summer getaway and want nothing more than a chilled-out break with no plans, NRMA Parks & Resorts have range of specials currently available.  Plus, you can read my top tips for a relaxing summer holiday, here.

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