Uncluttered : a 12 week online course

I feel like I’ve spent the past five years decluttering my home.

The imminent arrival of a baby has always been a motivating factor; nothing quite like nesting urges to have me clearing out cupboards and scrubbing walls and floors.

Moving house has also been a catalyst; it’s only when you have to pack everything into boxes that you realise how much insignificant miscellany you own.

But apart from a seasonal spring and autumn clean, I’ve been so caught up in keeping the house tidy (and often failing!) that decluttering the home hasn’t happened. And if I do start to do it, motivation wears thin.

Not knowing where to start or how to progress seems to be a common problem for those of us who want to declutter the family home. Sure, we can all clean out a kitchen draw or the kids’ wardrobe but the whole house? – it’s overwhelming to say the least.

Granted, I’ll be spending the next eight or so weeks decluttering on a whole new level. We don’t want to pay for storage while we travel so we’ll keep a few pieces of furniture, our big appliances (fridge, washing machine, dryer) and our keepsakes at the Grandparents’ houses. Everything else? We’re selling or donating.

But seeing as though many of you aren’t attempting to squeeze your life into a caravan any time soon, I thought I’d tell you about Uncluttered, a 12 week online course created by Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist.

Perhaps what is most impressive about Uncluttered is that it helps you examine your spending habits as well as guiding you through the stages of decluttering the home. It’s not just for minimalists, either. It’s for anyone and everyone who wants to downsize and declutter, but can’t seem to get there on their own.

The course acts as a guiding roadmap and framework. It consists of videos, interviews, articles, Q&A sessions, weekly challenges, and most importantly, a super involved and active community. It offers everything a book cannot: active feedback, accountability, opportunity to ask questions, and positive support from others.

Uncluttered has been running for over two years and it has encouraged  thousands of people to declutter their homes and change their mindset and habits. A few inspiring testimonials:

“The term life-changing gets thrown around a lot, but this course really is. I went into it with a lot of shame and anxiety. Joshua gently guided us in a way that made lasting change seem possible. My home is much improved, but my mindset is also clearer.”
—Kathryn W., Los Angeles, CA

“The power of this shared experience is hard to explain to people, it is so overwhelmingly positive. It not only provides the incentive to keep going, but reminds you there are good people out there. You find yourself rooting for complete strangers. Together, there is a momentum that drives you through the course. It was completely unexpected and so overwhelmingly helpful.”
—Tanya S., Webster, NY

“I am a better mother, a better wife, a better housekeeper, a better budgeter, a better teacher, a better neighbor and a better friend. I’m still a work in progress, but it feels good to be where I am at.”
—Pam L.

“My credit card statement came today. $1,000.00 under my typical monthly balance! Thank you Uncluttered community. I’ve been at this for years; however, it’s clear I truly needed this group to get to that next level.”
—Cheyanne M., St. Paul, MN

Registration is now open and ends April 29th. The course commences on Tuesday, May 1st. I can’t wait to delve into the first few weeks of info as I simultaneously pack up the house!

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