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this is a sponsored post / photos by Luisa Brimble
In the past few months I’ve been creating a simple and functional wardrobe; I’m aiming for minimal and beautiful. It’s definitely a time consuming process that requires patience, objectivity and a certain amount of ruthlessness. As I sorted out the last decade of clothes I kept coming back to the idea of purpose and colour and the ability to mix and match. It didn’t take me long to realise that I have a lot of stunning feature pieces and not nearly enough basics. A revelation! Whenever I buy something for myself I’m drawn to beauty, not necessarily practicality; hence my abundance of clothes that can’t be worn together unless I’m going for a look akin to Rainbow Bright.
Enter the neutral colour palette and well-made, well-cut basics. Fabrik has just launched the military pant (comfy enough to wear while lazing about at home, but stylish enough to wear out) and a range of bamboo tees that feature a beautiful round neck and slightly lower hem at the back. The tees are also ideal for tucking into high-waisted skirts as the fabric is soft and light and doesn’t bunch.
Fabrik is offering you 25% off the entire collection till Monday night. Just enter the code practisingsimplicity at checkout.
I’m wearing: military pant in liquorice / shell tee in white / cecile grey linen scarf by fawn and fox / brushed rose watch by the horse / oxford shoe in tan.
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  • Bron Maxabella

    I love it when Luisa and Jodi come together. x

  • Bron Maxabella

    PS – god I love fabrik's stuff. It kills me that they only do up to a 14. Wah!!! x

  • Reply

    I share the very same problem. Lots of pretty pieces and not a lot of basics to tie than together. Hence, I have nothing to wear! And lady, we obviously have a very similar fashion aesthetic because I have that very same scarf. It wouldn't be the first item we both own. Great minds hey?! 😉 xxx

  • mel @ loved handmade

    I've had my eye on those shoes! all lovely and my favourite colour pallete x

  • Simple-Savvy

    I have been trying to do the same thing with my wardrobe. It sounds like it should be easy, but it's so hard! Those pants are to die for and I love that they're actually affordable. I've never heard of this store before now. I just went and looked and omg, I love everything there!

  • Lauren Knight

    I am quite the opposite- I have all the basics and neutrals, not any of the statement or colorful pieces! But I prefer it that way- I've pared down my wardrobe over the past 2 years and only add pieces that are quality and can be mixed and matched with what I already have. I MUST have those oxfords- they look so comfy!

  • hello poppet

    This post made me think about how important it is to be comfortable in your clothes once you've had a child; flexible, warm, cosy clothes and clothes that make nursing babies easy and clothes as well as clothes suitable and durable enough for chasing little ones around on your knees all the time. It also made me realise that I've never quite achieved this (my son is now 2!),unless you count wandering around in my pyjamas all day.

    One area I particularly struggle in is bras post nursing. I just can't seem to find bras that work with my 'new' breasts. A new shape, different size etc all mean I haven't been comfortable since I got pregnant. Do you know of any brands that offer comfortable, well fitting bras? I'd love to stop wearing my nursing bras, a year after my nursing journey ended..

    • Jodi

      You are asking the right girl! I've just discovered the Myer brand "Chloe & Lola" – super comfortable bras (so comfortable!) and the range of basics in white, black and nude are currently on sale for $19.95! Highly recommend (the only bras I've found comfortable post-feeding) x

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