winter clutter

“Clutter is not just physical stuff.
It’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits.
Clutter is anything that does not support your better self.”

Eleanor Brownn

It’s time to shed your winter clutter and get rid of the unnecessary bulk of the season so you can move a little easier and feel a little lighter.

I get sick around this time every year; the last winter cold to force me to slow down and recharge in preparation for the new season. My naturopath calls these final winter colds a “cleanse”…it’s the body getting rid of the bulk of winter, the shedding of layers and unnecessary excess/mucous – letting go of the weight of winter. Right now my sinuses are stinging, my throat is sore and I’m feeling dehydrated so I’m gargling salt water and drinking lots of water, nettle tea and fresh juice. I’m opting for lighter, fresher meals and leaving the indulgent food behind; winter is over and the newborn/breastfeeding metabolism has most definitely slowed.

I’ve noticed that the energy in our home is a little lacklustre, too. I’m making a mental list of clothes that need to be sorted, wardrobes that need a re-fresh and corners that need cleaning. I’m well and truly ready to throw open all the windows and give each room a thorough clean. I’ve started burning eucalyptus and lemon oils again, every night there’s a beeswax candle flickering on the dining table (beeswax is a natural air purifier and helps relieve the house of odours, pollen, dust, mould and mildew) and I’m considering purchasing a white sage set to release and renew.

Yes, I am feeling a little weighed down with sickness and routines. I am so ready for spring. You?

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  • Meeresrauschen

    Although I am quite aware, that there is a different season at the other end of the world, I am still astonished that soon it will be spring in your town while here the season changes to fall. Have a beautiful spring and enjoy the warm air!

  • aluminiumgirl

    I generally love winter but I am well and truly ready for spring. I'm worn down by the on-going illnesses and aches. I am ready to sort through all the girls' too-small clothes and cart a bunch off to charity – then, the big clean up and airing out.

  • Acacia Rachel

    Jodie, if anyone were more ready for spring it would be me (and you). Almost EVERY day I dream of hot weather (winter is my LEAST favourite season by far!) Simply because of winter, we will be able to appreciate the beauty and wonder and warmth of spring. Spring is so so close – I simply CANNOT wait! Praying for your speedy recovery 🙂 xxx

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  • Brandi

    I am so ready for the change of our season too…even though changing to winter for us means more coats and boots and socks (oh the pairing of socks…). I will miss running barefoot and all, but I am longing for something different. Hope you feel renewed quickly!

  • Nanne Kick

    It is so funny – here in Germany autumn is coming and we have nowadays the last really warm summer days… So my feeling is different. Today I enjoyed the sunshine and slowly I'm looking forward for autumn because i like it so much.

  • Zena

    We were all terribly sick for the whole of August! I called this one the winter plague:) Still have the fireplace going but can not wait for new seasonal foods and a good spring cleaning top to bottom. Oh I hope you feel better soon, the hardest is when mothers get sick with babies. So exhausting!

  • Malayka

    Oh yes please, Spring really couldn't come soon enough! I sneak over to the neighbour's almost daily to buy a $2 bunch of their roadside flower bouquets. To me that's always the first signs of Spring and fills the house with a delicious, fresh smell. We're also waiting for the arrival of our sweet baby any day now and after a seemingly endless winter pregnancy that will really mark the beginning of a new season!
    P.s Hope you get over your 'cleanse' soon. X

  • Angela

    Here in the Netherlands the end of the summer is in sight. And you can smell autumn in the air!!! I don't want to think of winter yet but it will come anyway(even though Autumn is one of my favorite seasons) if I want it or not. I can understand you very well if you're longing for Spring. I love the way you cleanse your home with the oils and the beewax candles. I will buy them to!!!
    Do you know any oils I could use to let the autumn in, that will be good for me and my family???
    I hope the spring sun will make you soon feel better again!!!!

  • scattercreek

    White sage actually has an incredibly small growing range and is considered an endangered species at risk of overharvesting in the US. I'm surprised to see it being used for smudging here when there are so many other lovely plants, local to Australia, that can be used as such.

    • Jodi

      Is that right? Interesting! I just stumbled across a Indigenous Australian tradition of using green eucalyptus leaves from a tree close to your house (and we have so very many just opposite us)…it seems a little more authentic, doesn't it. Pia Jane Bijkerk wrote about it here (make sure you read the comment about 'asking' for the leaves:

    • scattercreek

      Oh, that sounds so lovely! I live in the Pacific Northwest region of the US where we have so many lush evergreens, but the idea of eucalyptus bounty… ah we want what we can't have, don't we? In the forests here, before gathering, (especially some of the powerful herbs and roots that have long tradition in the indigenous culture) we definitely 'ask' and leave plenty behind.

  • EmeraldTree

    I just love your blog!! We are heading into Fall and I fill the need to do one last declutter before we are indoors for months of rain! I didn't know about the beeswax candle as a purifier – I will have to try it!

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