“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Poet: She tried to pick those pink blooms but they were just beyond reach.
We walk past this fence most mornings but this week was the first time I noticed the light and the colour (and only because I crouched slightly to take this photo). A pleasant surprise.
Gosh, beautiful portraits this week. Roman in the window – perfect baby, perfect light / Xavier and Eve in possibly the cutest scene I ever did see / I adore the colour and composition (and descriptions!) in Lucy and Anais’ portraits / Rosen and Saxon and their cheeky little expressions / and finally, Sara peeking from the basement window – moody, dark and mysterious.


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  • Simple-Savvy

    she's beautiful as always. she will reach those blossoms before you know it 🙂

  • bestof2sisters.com

    Aah, the light! How beautiful, and maybe even more so, as it surprised you 🙂

  • The Saga

    Thank you for choosing our picture of Sara as one of your favorites this week 🙂
    and moody, dark and mysterious fits the bill perfectly. I'm a lover of black & white.

    And also thank you for the way you inspire us to take photographs, and for the linkups, I have found so many beautiful blogs through it.


  • Cassandra Michelin

    Just stunning, those colours are perfect! xo

  • Janey G

    really lovely xx

  • Steph @ this brown wren

    I adore how they make us look at the world in different ways. Beautiful as always 🙂 xx

  • The adored: journal

    Wow, stunning x

  • mel @ loved handmade

    such a pretty picture x

  • leah.

    this photo is so magical. the colors, and the light, and her sweet expression – so lovely.

  • Lauren- SAHM I am

    That photo is so dreamy and magical- gorgeous!

  • Rachel

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and choosing Xave and Eva as one of your fav's this week! I'm so excited…I may have just texted my sister during church to tell her Jodi picked me as one of her fav's this week! haha. I also love the light in your picture…I love what happens when we get on a new level to take a photo of an everyday thing! Thanks for hosting such an inspiring link up.

  • Erica

    isn't it amazing how a change of position can change your perspective? i just got back from a little three day trip with my two little ones and i feel like i have a totally new, rejuvenated point of view on my everyday. (and, ahem, i'm now done hijacking your image and creating a metaphor that fits my own state of mind!)

  • Reply

    Such a beautiful image. The colour and the light are stunning. I too, got down a bit lower and changed my perspective to get my shots this week. It's not always something that I think to do enough. x

  • Des Haigh

    I am so honored that you chose Lucy and Anaïs' portraits this week, thank you! I am inspired by all the beautiful imagery that everyone has to share, it is something I look forward every week. The amount of talent and camaraderie that is here is truly a gift. Thank you for being the facilitator. x

    And isn't it amazing that one little shift in perspective can give something a whole new meaning and light? Lovely shot!

  • Dena

    Oh what a gorgeous shot of your sweet girl! And, thank you so very much for giving a shout out to my little Roman. I am truly honoured. xx

  • Bron Maxabella

    Your shots of Poet are always so soft. She looks angelic every time, but I suspect her personality is quite the opposite? There's a curiosity within her that always goes hand in hand with a cheeky one. x

  • Jenny Ripatti-Taylor

    This picture is absolutely stunning. I love it. The location, the look on her cute little face. Like she will take on the world one step at a time. Gorgeous. Just joining in the first time with my two little ones. Hope that's ok. #52project

  • Aby Moore

    Beautiful x

  • Lisbeth H

    lovely! Found your blog recently and I am in love. We share the same passions for natural birth etc. I think I have read your entire blog now;o) Thanks for sharing! Hi from Denmark:o)

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