“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2012.”
Che: Ice-cream in China (he always forgets to say China-town, hence most people think we’ve been to China recently).
Poet: The Tasmanian wind – cool, crisp and, at times, wild.
I was recently interview by Bron for her “Meet the Mama” series. You can read the interview here.
Also, if you visited here yesterday you probably couldn’t find me. It turns out that Che & Fidel was temporarily deleted from the internet. As you can imagine, I freaked out. Magically it returned but I’m still a little suss. It was just the incentive I needed to organise photos and stories and print them in a book. Thanks blogger – but please don’t do it again.

52Che wears shoes c/o Jonah and the Girl

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  • Jane @ Shady Baker

    Beautiful photos! Happy Sunday 🙂

  • freckles

    No Che & Fidel??? I would have freaked out. Glad it's back & all is well.
    Great photos of the little ones.

  • Flickerty

    I freaked out when I went to read your lovely blog yesterday. I can only imagine how it must have freaked you out though.

    Glad too see you are all back up and running.

  • Lauren Knight

    So glad you're back! I love that first picture. Captures the true essence of a boy. And that is good motivation to make the blog into a book… I need to do that with mine as well!

  • eat my shorts

    Blogger must be doing some iffy things – I just had to get them to text me a verification code to log in (when I was already logged in). Hmmm. Might be time to do a backup!

  • Nikole Taylor

    That gummy smile made me smile 🙂

  • Jane

    fabulous pics Jodi. Che is looking like a cool dude. and Poet, well, the beads, love, and the bad hair day!! have a great week ahead.
    Jane x

  • Dee

    yes! i noticed the "no such blog" thing when i went to comment on your last post. thought it was just my ancient computer..!

    i'm dead curious about the 'figurine' hanging above Che's head! haha.


  • Astra

    I went and read your interview – it was beautiful, i wish i could come to your yoga classes when i get pregnant, im searching for more inspiring women in my life, for now these internet connections will be enough. Such a lovely idea, the weekly portraits 🙂

  • Mama Mogantosh

    Great interview Jodi. And I love that last photo of Poet — she's getting big!

  • Smykolandia

    Wow interesting interview. From it comes peace, happines joy and of being a mum and being a family. It's a pity that such distance sepreate us. I'd love to go to your class.

  • helen

    Love the alley shot!

  • Jessica

    These photographs are too great!


  • Lizeylou

    Every post from your travels is making me so envious – think I better get this family on some adventures quick smart!

  • dear olive

    Ha ha, China, I love it! Olive had her first ever ice cream on a stick at a friends wedding on Sat (oh, I said hi to your photographer mate!) and now everytime I ask her if she'd like something to eat it's … "I think I'd like another ice-cream" … Keep on dreaming, little lady! Kellie xx

  • fast times in münchen.

    Whoa, I'm glad you got your blog back! These photos make me smile. xx

  • one claire day

    Urban Che – love it! Gummy Poet – love it!

  • one claire day

    P.S – Got your blog back – love it!

  • Mariella

    they are wonderful I love these portraits and this picture of Poet is just so beautiful

  • Joy

    Perhaps sometime you could share about how you found your rhythm with Che? That's exactly what I'm struggling with. My firstborn is four weeks. I feel desperate for rhythm and can't find it, or when I feel he and I have found it, he changes it again. I have 16 weeks at home before I go back to work, which I already dread but have no choice.

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