“A portrait of my youngest children, once a week, every week, in 2015.”
Poet: I always want to remember her pigtail buns, denim dungarees and her excessive use of pink hair clips.
Percy: tummy time, almond eyes, the softest down on his sweet smelling head.
A day late but hey-ho.
It has rained almost non-stop for the past week and while I’m impatient for the sun, it’s been quite relaxing to potter about the house and extend the newborn phase for just that bit longer. Percy is 8 weeks old today (no, I don’t know where that time went) and relishing in right now has been priority over anything internet related. It’s definitely refreshing for me to step back and accept that everything won’t get done in one day…and that’s perfectly ok.



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    I love how when little bubs have tummy time they look like turtles emerging from a shell. xx

  • Kirsty

    Percy's eyes are amazing – and o I remember the beautiful smell of a small baby's head. So lovely to savour the time.

  • Carie

    Aww I remember the newborn phase as if it were yesterday and it's 8 months not 8 weeks for me! They're both absolutely gorgeous!

  • Abigail Bryony

    Your pictures are so beautiful. x

  • abigailemily

    Look how much he's grown already! It's going to be so exciting watching him change and his personality emerge!

  • Brianna Blacklock

    That fuzz! x

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