“A portrait of my youngest children, once a week, every week, in 2016.”
Poet: teetering on the edge of stir crazy, watching the rain fall (ISO320, f2.8, 1/100)
Percy: his lashes are getting longer and thicker and darker, lucky boy (ISO400, f1.4, 1.640)


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  • Reply

    life looks very cosy for you at the moment! I sympathise with Poet though, incessant rain can drive you crazy!!

  • Kathy

    Love the eye lash one…wishing my kids were babies and I can put them in knitted bonnets..this photo is so lovely…love the B&W of Poet too.

  • Mother Down Under

    The rain seems to have stopped here…now there are incessant, gusty winds. I think I prefer the rain! I hope you are staying dry!

  • Bricoleur

    Hi can you please tell me where you got Percy's sweet hat from? I love your photos. My baby is only 11 weeks and already her photos are so precious x

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