“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2012.”
Che: Sensitive, thoughtful and so very engaging. He turns five this week. Sigh.
Poet: …climbs everything. “She’s cute but gosh, she’s hard work.”
Last week on facebook I asked whether many of you were interested in doing your very own 52 next year. There was a resounding “yes” … so it seems that 2013 will be the year for a portrait a week. Will you be joining in?


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  • Laura

    Yes, I would love too.
    The comment about Poet, I so understand. Her picture this weeks make me think she's practicing a yoga pose. x

  • Lottie Storey

    I'm in.

    Yes, I too understand the hard work one – I've got one of those 🙂 Beautiful pics, it's important to caption them as it's hard to remember even just weeks from now.

  • Nell

    When you talk about Poet you could easily be talking about Phiney too. And Che, sigh! So much sweetness xx

  • Lou Archell

    My boy turns 5 this week too. Wednesday, Rufus turns 5. He wants a spiderman costume, and a lego dinosaur. Che? what does he want for his birthday? x

  • ::The Beetle Shack::

    yes siree. I for one have been loving choosing a pic of my children each week and I know it will be awesome to look back on too.

    xo em

    p.s the smell of fresh pizza and bread will be wafting up to your place from mine come next week! exciting!! Summer dinners are a go-go.

  • Steph

    Oh I'm definately in! Che looks like an old soul…like he's been here before. And I know very well the energy and "adrenalin junky" nature of a little girl. And all the nannas at the shops will sigh and say…"you're so lucky you have girl, girls are so much quiter and gentler"….Ha! Love my spirited little lady and wouldn't have it any other way. Have a lovely Sunday 🙂 x

  • piperandpoppies

    Can't wait. Tried to do the 366 this year. Not a success at all. But this is doable and yours is amazing this year. Xx ashley

  • Viki

    Yes I sure will! I think one photo a week is the perfect amount too, frequent enough without being too daunting to take on.

    And as for how quickly they grow, it's scary isn't it. While those birthdays are such special occasions, they are so bitter-sweet too. My wee girl is turning 2 this week, and I just can't get my head around it. She must be like Poet, we are forever saying 'just as well she's cute!' (she keeps us on our toes too! 🙂

  • Mother Down Under

    For sure! I am looking forward to it.

    PS I love that chair that Poet is climbing.

  • elflyn

    I'm thinking I need to commit to a 52 next year. I've been loving yours! They certainly grow so very quickly, my biggest turns 21 at the end of the year the smallest will be there before I even realise it!!!!

  • aluminiumgirl

    Hi there,
    You have gorgeous children and I adore these photos but I'd love to see Che smiling next week…

    • Jodi

      My greatest challenge about this project? Che is a bit sick of having his photo taken. Next year I may just be taking a photo-a-week of Poet…x

    • aluminiumgirl

      awwww fair enough. You'll have to catch him unawares 😉

  • Emily

    Yes, a smiling Che would be great to see at some point this year 😉

    • Jodi

      I assure you he is a smiley one but he most definitely has a serious side too. x

  • Coryann

    I would love to be apart of 52 photos next year. I know it'll definitely be a challenge but, so worth it to look back on for years to come : )

  • Greer

    I'm in! x

  • sascedar

    gorgeous! love che's very thoughtful expression :)sarah

  • Prue

    I'm in too!

  • Bake on Sunday

    I love seeing your portrait a week!!!! 2013 in February I will be able to join in the fun, thanks for the inspiration x

  • freckles

    I'll definitely do the 52 weeks of portraits. Since i'll have a new bubba i imagine i won't want to put the camera down, i know they'll be changing every week. I just have to learn how to take a good photograph with the camera i have.

  • Sharlene

    Oh yes, I am in! I've been joining in with Georgia's Documenting Delight 366 this year and it has been great! I am so glad I did it. But I would love continue it with something a little less intense. I find that I haven't been blogging at all, save for posting my daily pics.

    Miss Poet's topknot is so adorable! And you can tell Che that I have a feeling my little miss totally empathizes with him about the photo taking 😉 I've had to learn to step back and just photograph her doing her thing and being content with whatever I can get, and I find myself becoming quite fond of the candid portraits I've managed to nab over the course of this year 🙂

  • Tessa White

    I will be and I have been for the past couple of months.. don't think I told you x

  • Natalie

    love to join in again…this time for a full year. Its lovely watching them grow just by one simple image each week (despite the millions in folders on the computer that just all blur together)
    What a lovely picture of Che. Oh those little lips.

  • Kitty

    Isn't it amazing how children have their own personalities from the get go. What a treasure she is. You manage so well to capture there personalities in your photos, they look just as you describe.
    I've jumped aboard the 52 boat, three weeks in I am. I'll be sure to join you next year too. It's a beautiful way to measure the weeks and to celebrate your children.
    Have a wonderful week. I hope it all comes together for you without too much stress. Such a busy Mama you are. Always inspiring.
    Kitty x

  • Resting Roost

    I have been following your beautiful blog and many of the sweet pictures of your children for several months now. I love the intentional challenge of taking time to capture their littleness in weekly increments and what a treasure to have at the end of the year. I will definitely be join you and other in 2013! Thank you for the inspiration…

  • Jesi Langdale-Anderson

    It would be wonderful to do a 2013 portrait a week of my son, Elíe. He is 18 months old now and perhaps by then he will stay more still for photos so that he does not become so blurry in them!

  • Emma

    Yes, definitely. And I'll have a new addition by then, so lots of new baby squidginess to add to the mix. Love your blog, BTW.

  • one claire day

    absolutely gorgeous portrait of Che!

    I should really do this – I'm running out of other excuses to post blatant boastful baby photos! x

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