“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2012.”
Che: “Argh me hearties” – bellowed from the bow of the ship.
Poet: A grazed nose and sore gums…but oh, that bonnet.
Che Che is five, hip hip hooray! There’s so much to celebrate, five years to reflect on and the quiet acknowledgment of myΒ birth day.
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  • Kelly Rae

    so adorable. I really adore this photo series. Hopefully when my babe is a bit older I can do the same πŸ™‚

  • Coryann

    Che is such a character. He truly has a lot of personality. And Poet is a doll in that bonnet. Did you find a new one of the one you lost?

    • Jodi

      I never did find a replacement to the one I lost πŸ™ … but, I did find another cute pollyanna-style alternative…x

  • mel @ loved handmade

    Your pirate looks fabulous and that bonnet is divine!

  • Anita

    How completely wonderful! Love that bonnet and who could resist such a handsome little pirate?!

  • fliss

    Gorgeous photos again in this series Jodi.
    Happy Birthday Che….a fantastic pirate you make!!
    and Poet…you look as though you are getting up to lots of mischief!

  • Ingrid Seedsman

    Happy Birthday Che……Little boy's just love dressing up as Pirates! If only we lived closer our boy's could be pirates together.
    And how divine does little Poet look in her bonnet. x

  • A little bit Country

    The little bonnet is just so sweet. Those poor gums, my little man is chewing on his chubby fingers constantly at the moment too.

  • sascedar

    that bonnet is lovely, and che looks to be having a wonderful time. have a wonderful reflective day…:)sarah

  • Steph

    Nothing is quite as cute as a poppet in a bonnet. And it looks like Che is having a marvellous time. What a special day you've created for him. Steph πŸ™‚ x
    P.S. This is such a wonderful idea I couldn't help myself but join in this week x

  • Nicole

    Oh dear, such lovely portraits! Happy birthday to your little one! x

  • anna

    Happy birthday Che! Jodi did you ever write his birth story on here? I loved reading Poet's so much.

  • Natalie

    What a wonderful birthday surprise (I am guessing) …..a ship! and that bonnet, just gorgeous. I made Abbie one early this year for apple picking. So 'little house on the prairie' πŸ™‚

    joining in – http://thelittlegnomeshome.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/3952.html

  • Resting Roost

    I love that pirate grin and that sweet bonnet! Such gorgeous children…

  • Yellow Finch Designs

    oh, i just love both of these photos! yes, that bonnet and happy 5th birthday che. five is good.

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous photo series! Did you make your daughter's bonnet? It's very sweet.

    • Jodi

      no, unfortunately my sewing skills don't cover bonnets (not at all, actually!) – it's a s/s 2011 hat from Olive's Friend Pop x

  • Jesi Langdale-Anderson

    Such beautiful photographs! The bumps and bruises age, such exciting times! Which camera/lens do you use? The bokeh on Poet's photo is gorgeous!

  • one claire day

    These, by far, are my favourite pair of portraits! x

  • betsy

    I just discovered your lovely blog…my eldest boy was born just 5 days before yours…I understand how you feel aboutr having a 5 year old child…Kind regards from France ^_^

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