“A portrait of my youngest children, once a week, every week, in 2015.”
Poet: she’s growing at lightening speed (her specialist told us that would happen after the op) and her quick wit and hilarity is following suit.
Percy: he is so happy by the sea. Inquisitive and mesmerised.
After four years of doing The 52 project – week in, week out – I think it’s time for me to finish up and move onto something else. I have four year’s worth of beautiful portraits; honest captures of the children as they have grown. But I find that artistically, I’d rather be a little more spontaneous in the way I photograph them. My “scenes” posts every Friday often feature photos of the children and I’d prefer to continue with that series – documenting everyday moments that may or may not contain faces.
Of course, I’ll finish up this year and post the link-up till 52/52.
Thank you so much for following along, commenting and joining in. Community really is essential to creativity and blogging.



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  • Joelle Tiffin

    I will miss these posts Jodi but I can totally understand why after 4 years it is time to finish up. Thank you for bringing us such a great initiative (I have only just joined in this year so I think I might go again next year) and I look forward to what your future series hold. Joelle xx

  • Kathy

    Thanks Jodi for hosting this wonderful photography project I have completed 2 years and am looking forward to getting these images into photo books in January. My only regret is that this wasn't around when my kids were tiny however I'm thrilled with finding this little photography project to document each of my kids lives as they grow up and get into different things. Thanks again. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  • Mandy

    It's been fun for the 2 yrs I have done this project… Thanks for hosting. All things evolve in time & now's as good a time as any.

  • Benedicte Lechrist

    I am so very glad I got to join this year as I was starting my little blog. I could not have dreamed of a better way to set myself a creative discipline and get back into photography. It was exactly what I needed and thanks to you I was able to take my photo skills to a new level and capture some of the most precious photos of my boy. I might very well keep on doing it for at least another year as we will be welcoming our #2 in March. This 52 project will certainly be continued by many many moms and moms to be all over the world for many years to come, this itself is amazing and you should hug yourself for bringing a community together.
    Thank you Jodi (my husband says thank you too, he loves having portraits of our boy!)
    (I love love love this one of Percy! the pastel tones are so pretty!)

  • Alexandra Teixeira

    I will miss this post next year but I totally understand that you want to change things. I will start this project in 2016 photographing my two young boys. Thanks for hosting this wonderful project. It will continue in the hands, eyes and cameras of others. Love from Portugal. ❤

  • Julia

    We will miss you Jodi! But thanks for inspiring us all – I have two years of wonderful portraits thanks to you.

  • lili nfolks

    Thanks you a lot dear Jodi, as I was following for the second year, I find this end of the year a bit difficult as I am more busy, to find time to do the portrait each week, and also, with growing children, at the end of the year, only 1 out of three is now OK to be pictured… But this series was definitely a gorgeous project that I was so happy to be involved in… I sure will miss this week-end rendez-vous with your beautiful captures, but as you say, something new is going to be here, and that sounds good!

  • Amanda M.

    This is my third year of doing this project along side you. Sometimes I link up, sometimes I don't. But I always take the pictures! The last 2 years, I have done individual photos, as well as a photo of the two of them together. They are such good friends, and one day they will be thankful for all of these! I will most likely continue taking the weekly pictures….sometimes, it's the only time I pull my camera out. Thank you for the inspiration to document these memories.

  • Jessica G.

    It was because of another blogger linking to the 52 project that I found your blog almost four years ago and I am so glad I did. I instantly became a devoted reader and always enjoy hearing your perspective on parenting and living a more simple life.

  • Jessica Welsh

    I've thoroughly enjoyed participating in the 52 Project this year! I plan to keep it up next year as my second is due any day (whaaaat!) and I know this is something my whole family will enjoy looking back on in the years to come. Like Benedicte above, I too started my own blog this year and having the 52 Project each week provided a great creative discipline. I've also found the series appealing for its deliberate approach to taking photos. Each week I am refining my skills and learning what makes a 'good' shot. As a (very) amateur photographer, the series has been a humble reminder that my best photos may not always be the most accomplished but what counts (to me at least) is the story being told. Thank you, Jodi for inspiring us. I always looked forward to seeing your portraits. It will feel strange to not have this link up as our anchor. I've been enjoying your recent "scenes" posts though and look forward to there being more in 2016.
    Thanks xx

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