“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”
Che: We had planned an ocean swim to celebrate his first week of school but the sand was covered in seaweed and the water was full of lice. Here he is – tired, disappointed, angry. Fish and chips soothed the pain.
Poet: She will spend the next few years walking past this fence and into the playground…and before we know it it will be her turn. Patience, little one.
Flicking through your portraits this week was like wandering through hundreds of family photo albums, each with their own stories and quirks. It began with newborn Olive in her cotton nightie – welcome darling, you’re going to be spolit by those three big brothers / …and then my heart melted at the sight of precious Elizabeth – oh! / it is so nice to be privy to moments of connection. I love this shot; so very cinematic / sibling love is like no other; riley guides lyla with the utmost care / and mel has five beautiful children who she will photograph once a month, I like her style.

I really loved reading through your comments last week. I’m thrilled that so many of you are turning your camera to manual….you’ll reap the rewards, I promise. To link up for this week just click below.



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  • Mama Smith

    Love that brooding look, annoyed can be very handsome on the right face 🙂

    xox Lilly

  • CP and KW

    very very cute. love this project idea!
    kw ladies in navy

  • AirstreamFamily.com.au

    I love that his face is like an open book.and shows his emotions so purely.

    I've enjoyed following so many of the 52 projects this week and just wish I had more time to peruse them all!

    Here's my post for week 6. Sonia x


  • Alison

    Thanks for hosting such a fab project, I am loving it and hopefully will be back to 'manual' when there is a little more light! Scotland is a bit dull at this time of year and I am not nearly good enough with the camera to get good shots without help 🙂


  • Lauren Knight

    Oh, look at that first portrait! He is gorgeous with the wind blowing through his hair!

  • Lou Archell

    Oh poor Che not getting his swim! Annoying seaweed. (glad all is good with you and school x) Lou x

  • Lil Muse Lily

    that picture of Che… so intense!

  • fritha strickland

    Che knows how to show intense! What a handsome boy he is x

  • Kate

    These photos go so very well together! Love seeing the personalities of your littles, they are both such distinctive souls. Love! x

  • Bec Zacher

    So great you are still escaping to the beach, we definitely don't get there enough. Your pics are always beautiful!

  • The F Girl

    Haha, sometimes the angry shots are the most precious. I love having reminders of those faces too, not just the smiley happy ones 🙂

  • Ruby Hoppen

    Poet is such a sweet little pea, she's off in her own world huh?

  • Brenda @ Mira Narnie

    such sweetness in annoyance in little Che's face! And poet…yes my daughter loves the walk to school and asks constantly about "her turn" – Oh how I don't want that time to come too quickly! Have a wonderful Sunday Jodi xx

  • Nell

    Beautiful children. Their faces and their souls. The picture I've chosen for Phiney's portrait this week is so similar to that of Poet. The curls, the pose. Uncanny. xx

  • Meagan

    Poet's curls and bows are so precious. I also know that brooding look of Che's… almost too well! Thanks for hosting! xx m.

  • Bella Mills

    Poet's bow, so dainty and at home in her perfect curls. Oh how I have enjoyed following her along since your bump days days, her birth story and up until now. As for Che, he grows more handsome by the day.
    Bella @ sea and salt

  • Rebecca Alexis

    perfect grumpiness in the eyes. he must be exhausted from his big week. So hard to have a reward in mind that falls apart. Photos are lovely as usual. xx

  • Steph @ this brown wren

    It is so lovely to think that so many babies are growing up in little worlds where not being able to have a swim is their biggest worry. Innocent childhood at its very best. And why oh why does the second born want to rush the journey?! Slow down little ones. Hope your Sunday is grand 🙂 x

  • Jane Hallisey

    Oh I love the stern frown – he looks so handsome and grown up! That first week of school throws some curve balls!!
    It doesn't day long before they grow and Poet will be there xx

  • mel @ loved handmade

    Poet will certainly be very familiar with the school environment and the routine by the time she goes, it eases the pain for us mummas just a little bit too, just a little bit!
    So many lovely places to visit through the 52 project, I'm really enjoying all these new faces and spaces..x

  • Coal Valley View

    Love the way Poets curls blend in with the carpet of leaves . And wow Jodi, thanks so much for the mention. Made my day 😀 Mel x

  • Pink Ronnie

    Aww… that is such a gorgeous photo of Che. I'm glad fish and chips went down well.
    Ronnie xo

  • Kirsty

    Fish and Chips cure many ills! I feel exactly like that when I want to go to the beach and I can't! I love how painty Poet looks against the texture of the leaves.

  • Catherine

    I'm so glad the fish and chips put a smile back on Che's face. Poet will be ready when it's her turn after making the journey each day with you. xx

  • Holli Roberts

    Beautiful photos again. I think fish and chips put a smile on our face this week also. Poets curls are just adorable.

  • Greer

    I hear you, Che. What a week xx

  • Angels have Red Hair

    Such an expressive face…those eyes really tell you the story 🙂

  • Diary of a Flutter.Kat

    My girls get that exact same look. I feel his pain… Being at the beach and not being able to swim, how rude Mother Nature! 😉

  • Iliska Dreams

    The frown on Che is devine! Such expression. You have inspired me to capture Jarvis's many 'faces'.


  • Em

    We had a similar deal at our beach yesterday, only with stingers! 🙁

  • Sarah

    You capture the cutest expressions on your children's faces! I love when you get close ups of them…:)

    I am having such a great time looking at all the photos from the people who have joined in. Thanks for highlighting some of them for us take a look at.

    I think I'll be a late-comer and start this project as well, although my boys are a few years older but it's I figure it's never to late to capture a day in your child's life.
    Have a beautiful weekend ~

  • tea with lucy

    tired and angry. we had a fair bit of that by the end of the first week too. . .

    rachel xo

  • Bungalowgirl

    Expect a few more weeks of this while he adjusts. My boy took a whole term in both prep and grade 1 but grade 2 he is already breezing through. And Poet will know that place like the back of her hand, several of my son's friends siblings started prep this year and they had an instant gang of friends from the two years of school drop offs they had been playing. My girl is only just four but would have happily trotted off to prep with the gang. And also wanted to say how wonderful this project has been, my son who had a phobia of being photographed from the age of 2 to four is now wanting me to take his picture. mel x

  • Cory

    Che always looks like he's deep in thought! I wonder what he thinks about ; )

  • Belinda

    How are you doing Mama? I remember when L started school and N couldn't wait to be apart of it. x

    • Jodi

      I'm exhausted too! Wow, such an emotional week. x

  • Sophie Allen

    This is just my second week participating, I did a bit of a catch up last week. It is such a fantastic idea, I am loving it. It pushes me each week to capture each of the boys. I also enjoy looking through the other portraits, it's inspiring and immerses me for hours!

    Your children are just adorable.

    Thanks for such a great idea and hosting the linkup each week.

    • Jodi

      Pleasure…so glad you decided to catch up and join in x

  • look see

    Oh look at that serious face!!

  • Sarah Raaen

    Such an endearing expression on Che's face. I can understand his pain – if only fish & chips soothed all of life's woe's.
    Sending good vibes and lovely thoughts your way!

    Sar xx

  • Erica

    I love how the colour palates in these two images echo each other.
    Also, I'm sure I've said this before, but it deserves repeating, is Che not the most expressive little boy ever? What a sweetie.

  • Megan.K.

    The little siblings can be in such a hurry, can't they?
    I can relate to Che's tired and angry – it was the same for Melli starting back at school (And for me too. At least the tired part!)

  • Lottie Storey

    My youngest is obsessed with his big brother's school. If I don't keep an eye on him he runs into the classroom or up onto the climbing frame in the playground. Feels like it will be lovely when they're there together, looking out for each other, one spotting the other at play time or in the lunch hall.

    But I'm not quite ready for two school-age children…

  • Anna @ green tea n toast

    You caught his grump perfectly! And as for Poet, she'll be so comfortable with the place when it's her turn won't she. x

  • jody

    Hi lovely,

    Sorry I'm late to link up again!

    Hope you have a happy week.


  • dear molly

    Oh Che, even annoyed you are a handsome boy.

    Poet will be well familiar with school by the time she starts 🙂

    Happy week to you Jodi.

  • Flourish

    They are so beautiful. You have a blessed life.

  • dear olive

    I think I feel like Che looks! (Ok, not quite as cute. But definitely as annoyed!) Kellie xx

  • Renee

    Awesome Link up!! There's some Amazing portraits and some gorgeous families etc out there!! (I hope it's ok that i'm starting a bit late!)

  • flyingjen

    Beautiful pictures of the kiddos. I didn't know about lice in the ocean. I love the links and it's great to check out some awesome pics. Thanks for the great idea.

  • Amanda

    Such a sweet frown on little Che's face and Poet and those girls is pure girlie cuteness! x

  • Justine

    I enjoy these photos every week. You've inspired me to take more portraits of my kids. This is my first time sharing: http://www.lonehomeranger.com/2013/02/on-range-week-6-blizzard-grub.html

  • Kelli

    I need to get a bit more ahead on my portraits to link up with you! Ahh! My "portrait" has somehow turned into "portraits" because I can never just choose one. I have always been terribly indecisive 🙂 Thanks again for the inspiration for this challenge. I am learning to use my camera better in the process! You're little ones are just precious.

  • Vivi Xu

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