“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”
Che: Everyone told me that kindergarten prompts really significant growth spurts. I just wasn’t expecting him to look like a 15-year-old so soon. He wears hat c/o toto knits and super-soft peace tee c/o paul & paula
Poet: The anticipation of bubbles – pure joy.

Last week was all about the boys so it seemed only fair that I document my favourite portraits of girls and sisters this week. Starting with this filmic capture of Daisy and her bedtime bubbles / I’ve been following the bump each week and now Lucy Elle is here and she is beautiful / I love the perspective of these shots / fine little elina, what a sweet soul / biet with attitude – priceless!Now that Che is at school five days a week I’m finding it difficult to capture as many photos of him, simply because of the lack of time. He also has a tendency to get fed-up quickly so this week he gave me “10 shots” and he counted the shutter every time I took a photo – talk about pressure! I find the best way to take his portrait is to engage him in conversation, ask him questions that can’t be answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I’d love to know what you find most difficult about taking your portraits each week….

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  • Flourish

    What a handsome little man. He looks so grown up. I love her smile. Beautiful photos.

  • Jess

    I have that same situation with my older two. They're gone all day at school and I work most afternoons and evenings, so I rarely get time to hang out and take their photos.

  • Lauren Knight

    Oh, the lighting is so beautiful in these! These might be two of my favorites, Jodi! So beautiful!

  • Edien

    I've the same problem 🙂
    i think as they getting older they have less patience to take pictures. My little one loves pose front of camera but the older one don't.
    The best pictures are when they are playing but not always are the best in quality.
    Kiss from Portugal

  • Meryl & Russell McLendon

    Lovely pics! The look of excitement from the bubbles… great!!

  • toi

    he really looks like a super cute teen :). I love how you edit your pictures, soft hues that makes me feel like in a story 🙂

  • Reply

    I love the thought of him counting down the photos you're allowed to take of him! And Poet's sweet, excited face – lovely!

  • tinyparticlesoflight

    Oh, man – that cracks me up about Che and counting the shutter clicks! My boys are going through a "take a picture of me doing this!" stage but it won't last forever!


  • kelly

    amazing that sudden change in che!
    there is such a clear light in your children's eyes jodi. these photos are beautiful.

    i must admit i am finding it hard to take elsa's portrait lately. her patience dictates the frame. like you i try and chat to her or else take a shot when she doesn't realise but i do want to feel that she engages with the lens sometime…just because i love how she looks at me and want to capture that. perhaps in one of the 52 i will??!
    still loving the project. wow can't believe we are at 8 already! x

  • fritha strickland

    wow you can really see the man Che is going to grow up to be can't you! xx

  • Vanessa

    Do you know one thing I really love about your photos? How deep and rich the greens look! Love that look on Poet's face and Che does look older than his years here. Yes I find Luca more difficult than Kian for picture taking, but if I try and capture Luca when he's concentrating on something I find he doesn't even realise I'm there – plus it tells a much better story for me. What I also find difficult is getting the light etc right for indoor pics. I'm working on it though!

  • Julie

    I love Poet's shirt! Or is it a dress? Either way.. I want one please. My difficulties come from first, switching to manual. Yikes, HELP. And then my boy always wants to be the one behind the camera snapping away. 🙂

  • The Stork and The Beanstalk

    I feel your sstruggle. Because I'm photographing my husband, I struggle with the time thing too. He's at work much of the week and I work occassionally on the weekends. Needless to say, many of my portraits thus far have been of him getting dressed or coming home from a day at the office. You do what ya gotta do. And I too work under the 10 click rule. Turns out there is little difference between a young boy and a grown man, a? Ha! Thank you, by the way, for hosting. Such a great thing to be a part of.

  • Holli Roberts

    Beautiful photos. I find it hard to capture my runaway one year olds. They wriggle too much and every week I am face with trying to pick a photo out of a bunch of blurry stills. x

  • Pink Ronnie

    Love that look of pure joy on Poet…
    Bubbles will do that. 🙂
    Ronnie xo

  • Ruby Hoppen

    I love that shot of Che, he has such a calm beautiful face. I had about four portraits painted this week and really struggled with choosing one because I didn't really like any of them. I decided to choose the most honest portrait. Because I think that what this project is about for me, being immersed in the process and not becoming concerned over the finished product. It is a challenge to keep up now that we are out of the early days, but I think it is important to keep going!

  • Lil Muse Lily

    he does look so much older!! and Poet is too sweet in that picture. like you, i also try to just engage Lily in conversation and snap away. i feel that i always get the most honest shots from her that way

  • Claire

    Wow! Isn't Che just a mini man now! And aren't bubbles just the best. x

  • Antonia

    Wow, Che is all grown up! What do they do to them at school!! Beautiful shots as always x

  • Mother Down Under

    He does look grown up!
    And Poet looks as sweet as she always does!

  • Kirsty

    Che is looking so wise! My 4 year old boy loves having his photo taken and always comes to check how they turn out. His two year old sister is a little over it. "Enough photos now, Mummy." I love how Che counted the camera clicks!

  • Jane@flightplatformliving

    oh i just adore them again! both your children are stunning xxxx

  • Catherine

    Che looks so very grown up in this photo Jodi. I love the dark colours of the background and his clothes too, it's a really beautiful photo. Oh Poet so very cute waiting for her bubbles, I love it. As my girls are older they have become quite conscious of the camera which makes taking photos a little difficult, it's hard to get relaxed unposed photos of them. And also time, it's hard when they are at school every day to get photos of them, I just need to remember to have the camera sitting out a bit more, maybe.. Have a wonderful Sunday Jodi. xx

  • Iliska Dreams

    I missed looking at everyone's images last week. Can't wait to play catch ups and see what images everyone has taken from last week and this one.


  • Jess Myheartisyourhome

    Your portraits are always so dreamy… beautiful children

  • Jane

    Hi Jodi. love this weeks pics of your darlings. you can really see Che maturing in this photo. Poet looks like.. 'yeah, just done a bit of gardening and now i'm going in to put the kettle on'. enjoy your Sunday! Jane x

  • Brenda @ Mira Narnie

    Che certainly is giving you a snapshot as a 15 year old young man…I find it difficult to get portrait of my son too, with school and extra curricular taking him here there and everywhere. Like you, I wait till he is engrossed or enjoying an activity and try and sneak in a quick few shots…I hope he doesn't give me a ten shot quota!!! Enjoy your weekend and hope Poet enjoys more bubbles!!

  • Steph @ this brown wren

    Oh my he does look very grown up! And Poet's crinkly nose is just so lovely. I've become stealth photographer of late as my biggest babe always wants to see what I've taken the second after I've taken it (rendering all shots blurry!) and the littlest babe wants to grab the camera. Fun times! Hope your Sunday is especially lovely ) x

    • kell

      I have this problem too Steph, Clementine is always wanting to see herself, which in itself is adorable. Beautiful photos as always Jodi, have a lovely w/end xx

  • Sophie Allen

    Lovely photos. My boys are pretty used to having the camera pointed at them, but if they get fed up I just try and take candid ones whilst they go about their business.

  • Kate

    This week for is it was definitely a matter of time, other weeks its a near two-year old that's always on the move or lack of locations that aren't our home… finding it so hard to get out of the house lately! I am in full-on nest mode 🙂 loving your snaps, Jodi! So grown up your little Che! (And Poet, we share that same look of joy waiting for bubbles, too!) x

  • Sara

    Beautiful! I love that shirt too, so wonderful.

  • Cassie Webster

    Oh Jodi, your children are just so, so beautiful xx

  • kate @ livinglovinglaughing

    my portrait challenge is capturing 'authentic' moments (im trying to be more stealth in sneaking up on scenes as they unfold!) and getting portraits of expressions that capture who they really are. I was pretty happy w this week! Love the idea of engaging them more in conversation when taking portrait shots rather than just commanding 'smile!!!!' 🙂 Though it's not perfect I'm pretty happy w my cupid's bow shot this week, it's a little thing I've been wanting to capture for a while!

  • moose and bird

    Poet's face is so full of joy. Your capture is just beautiful. Melinda x

  • AirstreamFamily.com.au

    My motivation is to capture beautiful little moments, which is quite difficult with children who barely stop for air!

    This week I managed easily because they were so involved eating ice creams on a hot day they didn't notice the camera.

    I hope Che' is just going through a phase. I always love your photos of him..

  • Ella

    oh my, Che just got more beautiful if that's possible! Little A was about his age when he decided to limit my photo taking of him too. The 52 project is opening him up a little. He knows that once a week i want a nice photo of him and one of his brother so that by the year's end we can see how much they've each grown. Last week's portrait 'with favorite friends' was his idea and i think he's got some more for weeks to come. fun times. Usually i photograph my kids when they don't know it and for more portrait style i usually guesstimate the focus and shoot without looking through the lens so that i can engage with them and they feel and look more naturally themselves. i take a lot of really bad photos this way and i also get some gems. it's a funny style i know but i like it. still, and more recently again, i aim to have a bit more intention behind my photo taking. it's an ever changing process right?

  • Amber {we stood together}

    He really does look like a hipster teenager in that shot. That is one thing I love (and find a little scary too) about taking so many photographs of my kids, sometime I catch a look that transports them into the future.
    Lovely shots this week, as always.

  • Krystin

    Your sweet littles are just so beautiful. Thank you so much for inspiring me to take part in this awesome project with my own babes. I'm loving the challenge and so look forward to making an album at the end to cherish forever.
    My Linus is in preschool 5 days a week as well and I'm also finding it so hard to capture as many photos of him. We live in Canada and the lack of day light hours doesn't help much, but Spring is just around the corner:)

    Wishing you all the very best.


  • Belinda

    oh my Jodi, Che looks so grown up. To get my babes (the older two) I let them take photos of me.
    Look at Poet, you just want to scoop her up. x

  • Kymmie

    Oh, they do grow up so quickly in this one year. Scary really. Those pictures are just gorgeous. Love the anticipation of Bubbles! So cute! xx

  • Maxabella

    I know what you mean about finding time to take their pictures. We are flat out! x

  • look see

    Goodness – he really does look like a teenager in that shot! 🙂

  • Preeti Dubey

    Lovely pictures, as always. Che really gives that grown-up looks, with an attitude. He is a sweetheart !
    Poet's eyes are so expressive, love the joy on her face.
    My 3 years old son is easy in posing, but with little bit of play and making unusual faces. 🙂

  • tea with lucy

    che has your mouth here {often i see it in poet!}

    rachel xo

  • Capturing Moments

    Wow, Che will be a stunning teenager…and Poet's joy is contagious. I love each Sunday 🙂 x

  • Nat - Muddy Farmwife

    Beautiful as always Jodi. I can totally relate to not getting many photos out of them once they start school 🙁

  • Nell

    How beautiful. Che really does look like a brooding teenager! And Phiney is the same as Poet in her utter joy over bubbles. Love the top on Poet too – it looks fab on her. And I'm kind of wishing I kept it for Josephine 😉

    I often find it hard to choose between very similar portraits. A slightly different expression; a little change in position. Ultimately I go with the one I love most on first sight. Trust my gut instinct. x

  • Bec

    I love the hats! So so cute!

  • Laura

    I love Poets cheeky smile, such a sweet girl.

    I find the hardest thing is a moment of stillness that is long enough to capture, my boy doesn't like to slow down, especially for a camera.
    x Laura

  • krysta

    Jodi I love your photos!

  • Erica

    Oh, your view of light and shadow, really, it gets me. And there's something about your images of Che; his essence just seems to come right through the screen.
    What do I find difficult about capturing my girl? I guess capturing her "in the wild" so to speak. I like natural images that show her engaged in whatever stirs her two-year-old self. But the moment the stutter goes, she's interested in what I'm doing, what image is on the camera screen, and she wants a go at taking pictures. So the moment's gone. I have to be stealthy.
    That, and getting outside in good light. It's rainy season here, and our free-time is limited to afternoons, when the rains come. So I guess we'll just wait a few weeks for the rains to end and the glorious 4:15 light to return.

  • Sarah

    Finding time, finding her in a good mood, finding her still. My husband is so much better at capturing her than I am. I suppose it doesn't help that I use my mobile camera a lot. I should really pick up his DSL and give it a go, right? And hopefully we will get a bit of sunshine soon! That will help everything 😀 Your photos inspire me to find the time, to create the good mood, and to try to take her picture in whatever way that I can. Thank you for that.

  • megan

    Thanks for the post shout-out! Funny you ask about portrait challenges… it seems as when they are so little all we find ourselves doing is staring at them, taking photos of them, or staring at the photos we've taken of them. Oh, how I can only imagine this changes when they're running circles round us! 🙂

  • Reply

    beautiful! and i agree, i can't believe he's only in kindergarten! beautiful photos, beautiful children! looking forward to everyone's pics next week!

  • Anna @ green tea n toast

    I think it's time for me too – or catching them at the right time. This week, thanks to work and being here there and everywhere with half term, it's just been so busy I haven't been able to think about photos. Until today! Phew! Che's face says it all in that photo – like he's counting you down! x

  • unfounddoor

    Oh, he really does look so grown up!

    Lovely girls this week.

    For me the hardest thing is twofold – partly just deciding when to take out the camera (ahem phone) and when to just laugh, and primarily how to take a picture of a boy who seems to be in perpetual motion.

    I should really do an outtakes roundup where all you see are Mister G's feet disappearing out of shot…

    • orangemush

      and head blurs!!! Thats all I get of my eldest unless I use the damned flash!

  • Chapter 9

    Ha! That really is a "get on with it mum" expression Che's got going on there 🙂 Beautiful.
    And Poet's sweet little expression is just wonderful!

    Our lives are pretty hectic these days – as a result my photos are more often than not shot on the go, mainly using my iphone, so not the best quality. But at least this series has made me more aware of when I haven't taken enough – when Sunday is rolling around again (which always seems to happen far too quickly these days!) and I need the shots! I've definitely taken more of my 3 these last weeks, so I'm really glad I decided to join Xx

  • jody

    He does look like a 15 year old!! Riley hates having his photo taken at the moment so I really struggle to get a decent portrait of him. xo

  • Amber

    Eva hates having her picture taken too — but occasionally I get her in the mood and capture a great shot 🙂

  • Jessica

    Thank you for the feature! I am enjoying this little project so much.
    Your photographs are gorgeous, as always. I absolutely adore Poet's little dress!

  • celina bailey

    I just wanted to thank you for this great little project. I discovered you through She Had at Hello and I'm really excited to be part of your link "party". I wish I had know about it before this week, but better late then never! This is just the motivation I needed to get to know how to use my camera and such a nice way to "journal" the little moments in our week. Thanks again!

  • Momicas Musings

    LOVE that pic of Che, he looks much older than a kindergartner!

    So excited to work on this project. My husband was amazed to see the changes in our baby girl when I showed him the first blog I posted with all my "catch-up" weeks. I know it will be even more amazing by week 52!

  • Lauren

    they are both so adorable. i'm sure he is having fun in school. and as hard as it is for us mamas, it is really so so good for them. the colors and tones in your photos are always so lovely!

  • Kelli Murray

    I think these might be my favorite captures yet! Such beautiful children!

  • bron @ baby space

    aww, bless. the hardest parts of the portraits for me are: bad lighting in most of our house and that the kiddo is in his yellow school shirt 5 days a week.

  • frommetomum

    Thank you Jodi for this wonderful project and for building this amazing community. My twins are so sick of me taking photos that they turn away when they see me coming, camera in hand! Hence the profile and sleeping photos x

  • Jo

    Oh that Poet, she is such an expressive little one. I love it.

    My best,
    Jo Farmer

  • Lea

    Jodi, you just wait till the end of Kinder. They seem much more wordly, confident too. You see it in their eyes…all apart of growing up I suppose. Beautiful shots as always. Thank you for hosting.

  • orangemush

    Wow. They LOOK so alike in these pics, you can really tell they are siblings.

  • anothermotherblog

    I must just say that your little Che is adorable

  • hennablossom

    Absolutely adore these photos. You're inspiring me to take on the challenge!


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