a weekend in the city

It had been far too long between getaways!

This past weekend Daniel and I headed to the city – sans kids (not counting the 24-weeker who came along for the ride). Despite our best intentions, getting out to dinner, let alone away for a few nights, is almost unheard of. And I feel like organising a getaway sometimes requires more effort and organisation than I have energy. Alas, we made it happen. My parents generously offered to have the kids for the entire weekend and so by Friday midday I was on the train and off to meet Daniel.

It was the very first time I had left Percy overnight so rather momentous. And, despite my anxiety about him waking constantly in the night and causing all kinds of headaches for my parents, he was absolutely fine (of course he was!).



Ultimately, we wanted a relaxing weekend peppered with good coffee and food so we chose to stay in Potts Point. From our hotel (The Macleay – simple, contemporary, just right) we could walk to cafes, bookshops, restaurants and not have to worry about transport.

We ate at Billy Kwong on Friday night and we’re still talking about the meal. Fresh, fragrant and light, it was, by far, the best Chinese I’ve ever eaten. How Cantonese Fried Rice and Steamed Asian Greens can taste that good is beyond me. And the chicken that had been poached in broth, deep fried and then doused in spring onions, ginger and brown rice vinegar? Oh my word!

By 9am Saturday morning we were perched in a cafe eating breakfast and people watching. And then? A bit of walking, shopping, browsing, napping, lunching and bookshop perusing.


It really had been too long since I’d ventured from my bubble of house-making, school drop-offs and mothering and my gosh was it refreshing to be somewhere else, indulging in superb food and a new-to-me inner-city village. And a weekend to spend with my handsome fellow who completely spoilt me for my birthday? The best!

If you’re venturing to Potts Point sometime soon, I highly recommend Marcelle XO for a delicious brekkie, Coffee, Tea and Me (a hole in the wall with a few seats) for superb coffee and bagels, Pizza Boccone for authentic woodfire pizza served by a family of gorgeous Italians and Potts Point Bookshop for a quaint afternoon of page turning.

In case you’re wondering, my dress is from Fabrik, my bag is from Shopbop and jacket from Witchery

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