almost five

At around this time every year I wander through the days leading up to his birthday, trying my hardest to accept that he is one year older. The universal experience of the mother.

I could write about how difficult it is to comprehend five…..because five is a whole new stage and a much bigger world.

But instead I will just say… I am so very happy that he is five. I am so very sad that he is five.

I snapped this photo of him a few days ago while we were discussing his birthday presents. He hasn’t asked for much and I’m sticking to my golden present rule. On Saturday we will celebrate pirate style with his Montessori friends and on Sunday we will stay home, eat pancakes for breakfast and bask in the sweetness of five-year-old Che.

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  • kelly louise

    I still remember vividly when I first discovered your blog with it's sweet images of a small Che in a starry raincoat, exploring the outdoors. It may have been a size 2? Time is tremendous.

  • Becs

    I love your golden present rule – I've adopted it for all my gift giving and requests. Happy Birthday for the weekend Che! x

  • fliss

    OH! and what a beautiful 5 year old he is going to be!
    I remember when M & O turned 5….it was a handful…. not their attitude but how they held up a whole hand (5 fingers) when someone would ask 'how old are you'. 5 rocks!
    Enjoy, its a lovely time!!!

  • cityhippyfarmgirl

    Sounds like the perfect way to turn 5 Jodi….actually I wouldn't mind a pirate and pancake birthday too.

  • one claire day

    What a smile! I guess the talk of parties and presents will do that to an almost five year old!

    I really see Daniel here.

    (and don't worry. he's still little x)

  • Coryann

    Wow, 5 years old! He's really growing into his own little person. So take heart, you're doing a great job mama : )

  • Vanessa

    What a beautiful picture Jodi. Gorgeous.

  • mel @ loved handmade

    Oh 5 is such a big deal! Our babies go from being, well, babies, to growing boys. It's an exciting time and a little sad too. His birthday plans sound great, enjoy! x

  • Lori ann

    oh dear mama, he's precious, and no matter how old he gets, he'll always be five in your heart (s'true with me, sometimes to my grown childrens chagrin) 🙂

  • dear olive

    Five! Five is a number I can barely comprehend. He's so beautiful, I can see why it's bittersweet. Enjoy it as much as you can. Kellie xx

  • Edwina

    Happy birthday Che. What a gorgeous young man he is too.

  • Amanda

    Jodi, I love your golden rule for gift giving – I will be sure to remember this one for my girls. We're not huge present givers either, tending to opt for simpler gifts. Beautiful photo of your big boy 🙂

  • aluminiumgirl

    Now THAT is a wonderful smiling photo 🙂 – LOVE IT!
    Happy Birthday Che 🙂

  • Rachael

    Gorgeous boy.

  • kristi

    i remember five being hard to comprehend with quinn, it sneaks up on you and seems so much different from the previous four. six will be much easier. x

  • freckles

    One of my earliest memories is of the day i turned 5 & i stood on a little stool in front of the bathroom mirror holding up 5 fingers. I was a whole hand old & i was so excited!
    When we have our bubba we will try to stick to a rule similar to yours. We both agree that less is more when it comes to "stuff" for our child, our house is very small & looks cluttered very easily. It will be difficult to get relatives & friends to stick to this rule. I am often shocked when i visit a friend of mine & i see the amount of toys, mostly cheap, plastic garbage that barely gets touched as her children have too many toys to choose from.

  • Mother Down Under

    I wish I could bottle up a bit of Toddler C and save my lovely sixteen month old forever…his skin and the way he says dog and the way he runs around giggling madly every night before bed.
    I imagine I too will be emotional when he reaches five…I will emotional when he reaches two!

    I hope that Che has the best of birthdays!

  • Sally @ Us+House=Home

    He'll always be your little boy, Jodi. Even now, at 26, I so often just want my Mumma. I don't think that will ever change. Enjoy the birthday celebrations. xx

  • fast times in münchen.

    The odd numbers are always the hardest for me. Not sure why..

    I hope Che has a wonderful 5th birthday! I love your 'golden present rule'. xx

  • Saskia

    A big thing in his life too, he will remember his birthday and first day of school…most people remember their first day. Are you planning anything extra special for Che's first day at school?
    P.s He looks so sweet and cosy here!

  • Rachael @ Pretty Pink Peony

    Reading through your blog just now has given me a sense of calm. You write with such a beautiful vibe Jodi, it's lovely.

    Ps. Grimassing at the thought of my son turning a whole three years old soon! My goodness where does the time go?

  • jo

    gorgeous photo. happy 5!!

  • Reply

    Oh wow – FIVE!
    My firstborn will be 5 in January. And I too have very mixed emotions about it.
    A big cheers to our babies growing up beautifully.
    Ahoy me hearty 🙂

  • posie blogs Jennie McClelland

    Happy birthday. First borns just set the standard of love & milestones. They grow so fast & they are often in such a hurry. Trying to anchor my eldest at 13, while she still loves me!! Love Posie

  • Steph

    His eyes are all innocence and joy! If only we could pop them in a jar like fire flies…just for a day or two. It is so breathtakingly beautiful watching them grow but also so breathtakingly hard. Happy birthday sweet boy : x

  • m.e (Cathie)

    such a bitter sweet moment, on the one hand they are growing up and changing into the beings we want them to and on the other hand they are no longer the little beings we want them to stay as.
    enjoy being 5 Che and enjoy the year's new adventures.

  • Mariela

    He look so happy and beautiful smile! I know what your feeling my only son is 7 and I can't sometimes comprehended how time can go that fast, is bitter sweet.


  • MamaEm

    I just looked back at your posts from when Che turned 2, 3, and 4! Each year seems such a tremendous leap forward – why do these little ones have to become "grown" quite so quickly? My little man is now measuring his legs against mine to see how much he is growing each day – he's not yet 2 and 1/2! I really hope that he doesn't get "bigger all the way to the sky" like he says – I am most happy for his dreams to skyrocket there, though! Happy Birthday, Mr Che 🙂 x

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