bali with kids

I’ve always romanticised traveling with a backpack and no plans.

I tried it, too. In my late teens I ventured to Europe twice with said backpack and a rough itinerary but each trip was cut short. Turns out that roughing it alone isn’t quite the experience I had envisioned.

We’re currently in Bali and we’re holidaying just how I like it; no cooking, no cleaning, not many plans and very comfortable beds. Turns out that a bit of luxury is my holiday preference and there’s no shame in that!

I’ve also discovered that Bali with kids is best done in a villa. But finding appropriate villas for families isn’t easy, despite the abundance of travels websites and reviews online. When we started researching this holiday we were underwhelmed by the options presented after we searched family friendly bali villa. Everything that came up was decidedly not family-friendly. But thanks to social media and a few emails, we’ve ended up experiencing two of Bali’s most kid-friendly villas: Villa Sungai + The Sea Shanty (reviews to come) and as a result I’ve reached a newfound level of relax.

We’re here for another 12 days – days with lots of reading, napping, swimming and being. Just being. Without needing to hop in the car or get the washing in or reply to emails. This is just the rest I needed and I’m so grateful for it.


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  • Kristy

    Definitely on my bucket list. Hope you had an amazing time!

  • Ashley

    We are going to Bali in January with our 8 month old. If you have anything specific to recommend please do share!

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