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On my frugal, eco-minded exploration of all things essential in the home, I’ve come to love Who Gives A Crap because when it comes to toilet paper, they really do give a crap about bums, the environment and the millions of people worldwide who don’t have access to toilets.

Aside from the genius business name, these guys are leading the way in the toilet paper game. Basically, they make forest friendly toilet paper (and tissues and paper towels) and they donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in developing countries. To date they’ve donated over $478,000 to their charity partners WaterAid and Sanergy.

Who Gives A Crap don’t use any inks, dyes or scents in their products and they are tree free (impressive considering over 98% of toilet rolls sold in Australia are made from virgin fibres – non recycled and typically from trees).

By making their toilet paper the way they do, WGAC have saved:

  • 47,968 trees
  • 101,170,933 litres of water (equivalent to over 40 Olympic sized swimming pools)
  • 8060 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions avoided

Every so often, they get a little quirky with their toilet paper wrapping and today they’ve launched Bathroom Poetry – 48 rolls of premium, double-length toilet paper that features bright artwork c/o textile designers Home-Work and a bunch of funny words so you can play a word games in the bathroom.

Aside from the environmental benefits (and the fact that you can buy fabulous toilet paper in bulk and have it delivered to your door!), each roll of toilet paper is extra long so you spend less time changing toilet rolls (or, if you’re a mum, less time getting annoyed by the fact that someone left an empty toilet roll beside the toilet).

Fancy a delivery of quirky word toilet rolls? Head here, buy in bulk, save $10 and know that you’re doing a good deed for the environment and those less fortunate.

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    I learned about this company a few years ago and still have yet to purchase them but LOVE them. I really need to just DO IT.

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