Today we snuck into the neighbour’s garden and picked the last of the lemons from the tree. Yellow fruit has been replaced with blush pink blooms – and a swarm of bees on the sweet nectar trail.

It is most definitely spring now…Poet wears bloomers without tights, her soft white knees scratched and red from her fast-paced crawl. If I were to write a children’s book right now it would go something like this:

Poet Winter couldn’t walk but by gosh could she climb.

She liked to climb from the chair to the table and pull flowers from the vase. Her Muma would say “Get down from there!” but there she stayed, hiding behind her curly mop of hair. 

Sometimes, when she was hungry, she would push the step stool into the kitchen and climb up to the fruit bowl. She liked to take small bites from oranges and lemons and apples too. And then her Muma would find her and say “Get down from there!”

When Poet Winter wasn’t climbing she was standing. She would stand in the bath and in her highchair and on the bed and her Muma would say “On your bottom!” But Poet Winter didn’t listen. She kept standing and dancing and giggling and smiling. 

After the bath she would crawl away so fast that her Muma couldn’t catch her. Around and around the house they would go and her Muma would say “Poet Winter, come back here now!”

At bedtime, when the night was dark and the lights were dim, Poet Winter lay down for stories and sleep. No more crawling, no more climbing, no more standing. Sleep time. And her Muma would say “Good night Poet Winter. Sleep tight.”

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  • Shelley

    You should write that children's book! So sweet x

  • Jane @ Shady Baker

    You should write a children's book Jodi…your words are always beautiful 🙂

  • Rhiannon

    Oh Jodi, poet is a lucky girl to have muma who can put her words together so beautifully x

  • Maxabella

    Very cute, Jodi! You've gotta love a little girl with scratched knees in bloomers. Just darling.

    I'm absolutely amazed when little people can climb before they walk. There is something in that… x

  • Trudy Florence

    So gorgeous. She is such a lovely little girl, enjoy this exploring time!

  • Steph

    Oh I would adore that book. With illustrations by Anna Walker?! It would be magnificent. And oh those wispy curls…so beautiful. Wishing you a delightful Friday 🙂 x

    • Jodi

      Oh gosh, just imagine if I got to work with Anna?! x

  • Maisy Dee

    Lovely Jodi! Beautiful words and bring on this gorgeous weather xx

  • jody

    Oh my I think you should write a childrens book! xx

  • Elisa {with grace and eve}

    So so beautiful Jodi x

  • Yellow Finch Designs

    jodi, i love your writing. so beautiful. descriptive and visual. just lovely.

  • Lindsey Joy

    You should write a children's book, i would buy one for my Adeline, it sounds perfect!

  • Nikki Fisher

    Consider your first children's book written! Dear sweet Poet your stories of her do
    make me smile. It seems there is something about second born children…busy, adventure bound…spirited…my sweet second child is like this too. x

  • Amanda

    Beautiful words – would be perfect for a book x

  • Mariela

    Why don't you write a book!!, this is fantastic!! you have a great talent!


  • Bianca (ivylovesjack)

    Ivy would love that book Jodi! I can see her giggling about it now. Anything to do with a cheeky baby is always a winner in our house.

  • Jo

    A little children's book for you to write, and Rebekka Seale to illustrate, perhaps? Seems like a smart match. I really like the things she's created for you. An adorable little story, by the way.

    My best,
    Jo Farmer

  • Dilan Dilir

    the photos are so beautiful!

  • Melody

    If you ever really write that book I would buy it in a heartbeat. You have such a lovely tone in your writing.

  • A little bit Country

    Just so lovely xo

  • Veronica

    beautiful. could read more. xo

  • Lover of Vintage

    gorgeous words and beautiful photo's!

  • Anna @ green tea n toast

    Perfect x

  • Coryann

    Your writing has so much magic to it!

  • Lisa

    Beautiful, Jodi. You should definitely turn that into a story, even if you wrote it just for your precious Poet. Lovely. xx

  • Mother Down Under

    So beautiful…perfect words.
    Will Che get a story too? I would love to read more!

    And I love how babies eat fruit just the same way that possums do…little bites of everything!

  • Princesspillar

    Well there's your first children's book. When can i pre-order? The picture of Poet really shows a little girl emerging from babyhood. My boy who is a few days older is the same, I looked at him sleeping yesterday and he looked just like a boy not a baby.

  • Ash n Tim

    That is beautiful. I think Poet should meet Billy and they could go climbing on tables together. If they were to always sit on their bottoms when we told them to, how could we see those bottoms and know how adorable they were?

  • aluminiumgirl

    You should take photos and write that book for Poet, using one of those photo book printers. I made one for my #1 girl that told the story of her bedtime.

  • one claire day

    So sweet! Imagine what she'll be like once she's up and walking!!

    Lalie is now climbing out of the cot and needing to be transferred into a bed. At 20 months! Sigh. x

  • fliss

    Beautifully written Jodi…. write that book!

  • Aggy Black

    Wow, this is our first time visiting your blog and we are in love with the style of your photography. Especially the way you use natural lighting. We'll be sure to keep visiting 🙂

    c & j

  • Mary

    I thought a while back when you said you had an upcoming project 'to tell the world about' that a childrens' book might be what you were talking about!

  • fritha strickland

    you must write that book! x

  • Dania

    ahh a book would be a great idea!

    enter my betsey johnson giveaway!

  • Mariella

    in the picture above Poet looks like she's coming right out of a kids' fairytale, so the little story is more than appropriate!she's beautiful

  • Dee

    seriously, best ever.
    please write it!!!

  • Amanda

    lovely, read it with a smile thinking how similar things are said in my house, a little boy who likes to stand in the bath and high chair also and has realised he can climb onto the coffee table 🙂


    Please do get this published! Lovely.

  • Mehul

    Your girl is such a darling. Love the way she is trying to climb. Looks like she is from a fairytale! xo
    ~ Mehul
    Architectural Stone

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