Thank you for all your beautiful and honest comments on my last post. It was such a pleasure to read through your stories and learn a little bit more about you and your ‘home’.

Whilst Daniel and I will spend the next few months mulling over our move, I’m mindful of enjoying the present, too. Change is inspiring but there’s also a lot to be said for a merino wool cardigan and a steaming bowl of buckweat noodles in chicken stock. Creature comforts are one of life’s true joys and I’m indulging in the autumnal kind; wrapping myself in layers, slipping into knitted bed socks, warming my hands around a hot tea cup.

This weekend will be low-key for us as we prepare for a busy week ahead. Che returns to school on Wednesday, I’m finalising my preparations for The CreativesΒ on Friday and Daniel and I will spend a night in Sydney, sans children (for the first time in, quite literally, years).

What are you up to this weekend?


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  • Melissa@Julias Bookbag

    Hopefully we'll be doing some planting in our garden ~ it's such an interesting thing with this hemisphere business. so fun to think of you being autumn cozy while we're prepping and waiting for spring and summer!

  • Emily

    I fully intend on being selfish with my time this weekend and letting myself relax. I haven't had an empty weekend in a while and I plan on enjoying it!


  • Preeti Dubey

    This weekend I will be busy in cleaning and making a comfortable room for upcoming trip of my in-laws. Coming month will be more like family fun.

  • Harri Davison

    Gorgeous colour on the cardigan, so up lifting!


  • Lindsey Spinks

    You can't beat creature comforts and the little things in life like bed socks and hot tea πŸ™‚

  • Veronica

    Dear Jody, this weekend we're going to plant with our kids aromatic plants in our garden (basil, rosemary and marjoram) because here it's spring now and I'm going to read because I've got a new good book on my bedside table (reading is something really comforting for me).
    Happy to hear you're going to spend two days without kids: it's healthy and I should too: I haven't left them for ages too…

  • Astred*designcherry

    The best hand warmer while working at your computer on nippy days: endless cups of tea. I completely agree. Functional and delicious.

  • Rebecca Alexis

    so far my weekend will entail: Digging in the dirt a bit. Hiking. Playing tag with the boys. Writing. Editing. Submitting. Posting. Of course this may all change if someone gets sick, or life gets in the way. xo

  • Gaby

    i heart gorman. hope you have a beautifully relaxing weekend. this weekend is my blessingway, yay! x

  • Greer

    Such beautiful images!

  • Jana Miller

    This weekend\ a 50 mile bike ride for my man and some drawing for me=happiness

  • look see (naomi)

    Sounds like you're in for a lovely time! I'm spending some time with my family this weekend – my brother has made a flying visit from Brisbane, so we're having a big family dinner with my cousins tomorrow. I'm hoping to squeeze in a family photo shoot on Sunday as well – and I think that'll do me! πŸ™‚

  • Ladies in Navy
  • Steph @ this brown wren

    We're packing up the car and heading your way lovely! I am like a child in a lolly shop. See you Friday πŸ™‚ xx

    • Jodi

      can't wait, lovely one. Safe travels x

  • Viksterbean

    This weekend will mostly revolve around the garden (even though after a glorious couple of days, weather wise, it is now raining and forecast to continue over the next couple of days!). We are sharing a huge veggie patch with my folks and we're sowing seeds and preparing the ground. It is SO exciting!
    Hope you and everyone here, has a lovely weekend. x

  • marta

    enjoy Sydney Jodi! and enjoy your planning , i lived in Ireland for 6 years and Argentina 2 years, i love and miss that excitement of packing and leaving, savoring the unknown to come! i guess it is different with kids – I live in Madrid now and have been here for the past 3 and a half years , enjoying our nice apartment, building it up slowly and having my own family but we are always ready to move again , this time knowing that we have a place to come back to…or not xx

  • Lil Muse Lily

    we will be entertaining family and friends this weekend and it feels good to have them both around. it is so true about enjoying the present and just let change happen naturally. enjoy your evening sans children. it is most necessary at times.

  • Serendips

    I know that bowl!! I saw one today when we were out shopping and I swooned; then justified the "we don't need any more bowls" speech. Sort of wish I hadn't.

  • Jane George

    beautiful post, we are going on a windy picnic and then 2 kiddy birthday parties…and bowling xxx

  • Smykolandia

    I am trying to be optimistic about the appeal of my son admission to the public school. The regulation in Poland are crazy!

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