crying in cat stretch

There’s no hiding on a yoga mat; no hiding from yourself.

Last night I managed to get to a class and as soon as I sat down I could feel my tiredness and my worry and my fear rushing to the surface. Everything that was pushed down came flooding out and…I just let it. I was crying in cat stretch and it looked like it had rained on my mat.

Once standing and flowing through warrior sequence I was ok; I got out of my head and into my body and stayed there feeling grounded and strong. It was so good to get to a class as a student (with dirty fingerprints on my shirt and a tear-stained scarf around my neck).

Afterwards, I welcomed ten pregnant women into the studio for a pre-natal practice. One woman, carrying her third baby, has been coming to my classes since she was 12weeks pregnant with her first. Just before I made my way to the front of the class I noticed a Peppa Pig sticker on her back. We laughed, talked about that piggy show and its beautiful values and then settled into stillness and quiet.

Little Peppa made her way into the studio last night; the perfect metaphor for what we take onto the mat. When you do make it to a class, albeit after much organisation and perseverance, you carry everything in with you; your sore, tired body, your emotions (concern, fear, doubt, frustration), your thoughts and every. single. thing. that has happened in your day. As you practice, moving from gentle to dynamic asanas, you’re given the opportunity to let it all go and to breathe it all out. And, if you do, you leave with a little more clarity, courage and gratitude.

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  • Clio

    This is why I love yoga and can’t wait to get back to it after an unintentional summer break.

  • Stella Rutherford

    Feeling quite inspired to take up yoga classes now! Just need to carve out that time…

  • Sophie Isobel

    So beautiful, thanks for sharing Jodi. Yoga, especially during pregnancy has been such an amazing healing experience and beautiful journey for me. Would love to come to your classes one day.
    Sophie xx

  • little beds

    After many years of wanting to start yoga I am fiinally half way through my first block of classes and just as I thought, it is perfect for me. Already I feel as though I walk a little taller after a class. I almost cried in 'pidgeon' last week! Hoho. Holly.x

  • worsthousebeststreet

    This is beautiful. I went through a phase of crying big, messy tears every time I did any sort of hip opener stretch. For me, yoga is all about permission to really let it all out and be open, physically and emotionally.
    Emma xxx

  • Briseidy

    beautiful, now I want to cry! I miss yoga so much… can't wait to go back

  • Gaby

    I've been getting to 2 or 3 yoga classes a week while I've been here and it has been so great. I too missed being a student! X

  • The Wholefood Mama

    Beautiful post Jodi. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability with us and keeping things real. It is tempting in blogland to only portray one aspect of ourselves but the truth is we all have times of self-doubt and overwhelm. I have made it to two yoga classes this year and it is heaven to have that time on the mat. xx

  • Iliska Dreams

    Keep thinking I should try yoga…. this stress bunny needs it

  • Cassie Webster

    Oh I wish I could attend one of your classes Jodi x

  • Felicia Semple

    Great post Jodi – I just got a text from my yoga teacher (and very good friend) about why I hadn't been on the mat. I needed this reminder of why I go. I take everything in and somehow I always come out different. It's a beautiful thing.

  • Elsie and Joan

    Just loved this post, Jodi. Beautiful and honest. I've been thinking about making yoga a regular part of my life for some time now. It is decided. I'll be setting this as my goal as soon as I get back from this trip. Thanks for the inspiration boost. Belinda xx

  • Rebecca Barnes

    Beautifully written πŸ™‚

  • RobbinTheHood Vintage

    Beautiful. Your words are never shy of inspiration πŸ™‚

  • Christina Lowry

    Oh, how much closer our emotions are to the surface once we have children. My emotions seemed so buried and out of touch prior. Your beautiful post is an inspiration. I'm reminded of a time I turned to yoga and it gave me what I needed. It's that much more difficult now, with two children and a small business, but I hope to become a student again soon. Thank you for your beautiful words as always, and this lovely space you have created here. xx

  • Kelly Rae

    I love the idea of releasing what's inside the body like that (especially within yoga or something active). There is beauty in allowing the body to just be as it is, with tears or not.

  • Noelani

    As soon as I recover from my surgery … I definitely plan to give yoga a try. I've never done it before, but it seems so refreshing πŸ™‚

  • Vanessa

    The first time I cried in yoga I felt a bit self-conscious, but it's happened many times since. It feels so good afterwards. Glad you're making it to class as a student. x

  • Jane

    what a lovely post Jodi. You summed up the yoga class perfectly, taking everything in with you. I haven't done Yoga for probably over a year now, yes I miss it. Many times in the past, emotion has swelled in classes, like a letting go, or OMG I am actually here! Jane x

  • Jane George

    i think i need to start yoga!

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