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Never underestimate the beauty of a practical, purposeful, plastic-free gift.

Am I right in presuming that this year there’s been a significant shift towards an eco-friendly, waste-free lifestyle? That’s not say that we’re all perfecting it but we’re taking small steps, right? And what better way to honour this awareness than with practical gifts that celebrate the earth.

This collection of gift ideas include items that I use daily, a few of my most inspiring reads and simple living essentials that also tick the aesthetically pleasing box.

  1. coffee card to your local cafe : imagine if someone gifted you 10 pre-paid coffees at your local? You’d be pretty happy with it, wouldn’t you? Add #15 and you’ve got yourself the best gift an eco-minded caffeine addict could ask for.
  2. rose water mist for a little luxury : a toner that suits all skin types, regardless of the climate – the perfect indulgent gift for someone who rarely treats their self.
  3. jute twine + cutter : for gardeners to string up beans and crafters who have misplaced the scissors.
  4. plantable pencil : made from sustainable wood, this graphite pencil can be planted when it’s too small to write with…thyme, mint, oregano or sweet peas will grow. It’s magic of the waste-free kind.
  5. The Simple Home : the is my very favourite book on embracing simplicity and frugality in the home. It’s no-nonsense and practical, focussed on day-to-day tasks rather than lofty goals.
  6. string bag : the ultimate lightweight hold-all for all your fruit, vegies + necessities. Looks good hanging on a hat rack, too.
  7. Herbal Soap Off-cuts : one of my favourite gifts to give, this hemp bag of herbal soaps is just about the best smelling thing you can add to the bathroom. Full of offcuts from the Dindi soap range (no waste), you can also re-use the bag.
  8. bee house : a place to make a home for native bees…the quirkiest gift for kids and nature lovers. This insect house is sweet, too.
  9. art by Lauren Merrick : add a little Australiana art to your home with Lauren’s beautiful paintings.
  10. beeswax wraps : the ideal replacement to plastic wrap, this beeswax keeps food fresh.
  11. The Art of Frugal Hedonism : a guide to spending less and enjoying everything more – it’s true! And it’s a fabulous read, too.
  12. bolga basket : I use mine for washing, storage and shopping. So many uses and a pretty addition to the home.
  13. ice-block moulds : a summer essential for the plastic-free kitchen.
  14. full circle dish cloths : granted, this may be pushing it in the gift department but I swear by the longevity of these cloths. Pair them with a cookbook or some beautiful hand soap and you’ve got an eco gift for a passionate foodie.
  15. keep cup : they’re everywhere now but there’s still an awful lot of people choosing to use disposable cups. Be the change, gift the change.
  16. produce bags : essential for every plastic-free grocery shop.
  17. beeswax candle + holder : beeswax isn’t cheap but it’s the most earth-friendly candle you can use. And the smell? Nothing quite like it. Burning a beeswax candle in the evening is one of my very favourite rituals.
  18. a box of greens : everything you need to grow your own greens, the perfect gift for the urban dweller.

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  • Amy | More Time Than Money

    These are exactly the type of gifts I’d love to received.
    I also really like the Art of Frugal Hedonism, such a fantastic attitude towards life, infectious.

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