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I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that cars, trucks and trains (and their accompanying roads, tracks and garages) are toys that never, ever fail to please. Both Che and Poet have spent hours upon hours with their wooden train set and various automobiles – they are the toys that transcend age, time and gender.

If there’s one thing better than online shopping it’s getting a few things from the same store – with a discount code. I’ve chosen my ten favourite products from Lucas Loves Cars and shop owner, Helle, has kindly given you a 15% off discount – just enter the code: practisingsimplicity at checkout (valid till midnight Monday 3rd November).

1. a portable airport made from eco-friendly birch plywood (also available in a car garage). 2. designed for little hands, this wooden dump truck with water-based finishes is the perfect “first truck” for baby. 3. oh, but then there’s this little wooden ship – beautiful and fun to play with. 4. I love a good, educational puzzle, especially when it comes in a storage box. 5. discover the alphabet with these vintage-inspired cards. 6. the entire click-clack range of automobiles are fabulous – Australian made with eco-friendly products and incredibly affordable, each vehicle comes in a box that transforms into a garage. 7. the ultimate truck for dinnertime…and just when you thought that Taco Tuesday couldn’t get more fun! 8. I swear by this mask set – hours of fun! 9. hours of learning for those fascinated by airports. 10. an interactive guide to how machines work – ideal for the older, inquisitive child.


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  • Nell

    That portable airport would be such a hit with Josephine! Amazing x

    • Jodi

      It's great, isn't it. Anything that comes in a storage box is a winner, in my opinion x

  • Anneliese Mac

    Thank you for this post Jodi – I will certainly be making a few purchases for Christmas gifts and the present cupboard.

    I have been mulling over a potential present for my 2yo niece and am wondering if you can offer your opinion:

    These are so beautiful, but they are a little bit of an investment, so I want to choose carefully.

    • Jodi

      I love those stars…and I have a little insider info for you 😉 – email me at jodiclairewilson @


    • nutshell house

      We have those stars and they are lovely. When they are not being played with they sit in a glass jar (my children are 4 & 7) and look lovely anywhere and can be played with in so many ways.

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