the best chocolate cake with strawberries please mum and I have a ridiculously full week ahead of me.

I’m a thinker, a dreamer and a worrier. Often I spend far too much time in my head. When I need clarity I go for a walk and most of the time I take the children with me. Che, like most little ones, is fascinated by the minutiae. When we walk he’s always ten steps behind; following the ants, inspecting the broken fence, collecting fallen blooms. Before long I join him and whilst it isn’t purposeful, I end up crouching to his height, gathering pods and leaves and seeds, and grounding myself. It’s like a beautiful yoga practice, where I settle into my body, connect to the earth, and exhale.

When people discover that I am a yoga teacher the immediate presumption goes something like this: vegetarian, 5am sun salutations, ever-calm-(((((((om))))))))-muma. The reality? I eat meat, I can’t remember the last time I rose with the sun to practice and I om to calm myself when the stress-levels peak. When I birthed Che and tried to navigate that strange first year I came to realise that yoga isn’t my asana (posture) practice at all. My yoga is staying present when the tasks ahead are overwhelming, practicing a few rounds of cat stretching on the kitchen floor while dinner cooks, breathing bhramari (humming bee breath) in the shower to settle my nervous system.

Yoga is an afternoon walk where I mimic the pace of my little yogi. Meditation is arranging our treasure on the table when we return home.

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  • look see

    Sounds like my kind of meditation! Beautiful photo 🙂

  • Reply

    Such beautiful reflection & connections here Jodi.
    And I'm relieved to know that others are experiencing days all meshing together. It's almost October….seriously, where has this year gone?
    Good luck with the cake..and the deadlines.

  • MamaEm

    I find it hard to slow my racing mind when I'm walking with my little one but always relish the results when I slow to his pace (which at the moment means racing to the next letterbox to find a new number and then lingering there before racing to the next – oh my, his love of numbers at the moment!) I'm really curious about the humming bee breath you mention – could you talk me through it, please? I love your table still life!

    • Jodi

      bhramari is used to soothe the nervous system, reduce high blood pressure and generally settle the body and mind. You block your ears (hence blocking out noise and distraction), close your eyes, inhale through the nose and exhale mmmmmmmmmmmmm (lips gently together). After a few rounds you'll notice that your exhalations grow longer, your awareness moves in and down and the vibration helps you to relax. It's a really powerful technique to use in labour – many women say that their awareness moves to the vibration instead of the contraction x

  • Lissa Snapp

    Beautiful! These words warmed my heart. Fall is settling in around here but looks like spring is in full motion with your pretty treasures. Good luck with your busy week ahead Jodi!


  • Jane @ Shady Baker

    Wise and thoughtful words as always Jodi 🙂

  • Kate

    gorgeous post jodi.
    funny the things people assume about an organic farming mama too.

  • Carissa

    Such an interesting and inspiring perception. Thank you for sharing something so close to you, it is food for thought for many of us, I'm sure!

  • Cassandra J

    Although I never like to wish a moment of Oliver's life away, I really do look forward to this. X

  • Jo

    One of the things my acupuncturist is helping me to work through is the head full of as many thoughts as I can collect. She's given me a couple of tinctures to use, a few drops on my tongue throughout the day, to help me find some quiet at those times that I need it. Bach white chestnut is the one that helps with the innumerable thoughts and allows me to be at peace when my mind seems to want me to be at anything but.

    I'm not knowledgeable about the different types of yoga breathing but I feel they would be very soothing in my day to day. The local college has classes and a membership is very affordable. I've only done yoga privately and am looking for some seasoned guidance.

    My best,
    Jo Farmer

  • Indigomumma

    Oh, the best chocolate cake ever has to be a chocolate nemesis cake! YUM! 🙂 Have a beautiful pirate birthday celebration 🙂 xxx

  • Mother Down Under

    I did Hypnobirthing with Toddler C (I also eat meat, try never to rise with the run and haven't omed in about two years) but I know exactly what you mean about taking aspects of something that calms you and applying it to your every day life.
    When I am stressed I still do a few slow breaths to try to settle myself.
    When I can't sleep because my head is too full of thoughts that won't rest, I still listen to the Rainbow Relaxation script…it puts me to sleep every time.
    And the bonus of both is that it reminds me of being pregnant with Toddler C…such lovely memories of preparing for his arrival.

    I love the blooms that Che collected.
    I hope you remain centred and calm during your busy week.

  • georgi

    I remember learning bhramari in the living room of a family home in udaipur, india, being taught by a wise woman with kind eyes. Thank you for the timely reminder. I also love the jasmine blooms – they have been a staple in vases around our house this winter, their sweet scent getting us through to spring; and now the daffodils and kowhai are blooming. such a lovely post. xx

  • Lou Archell

    Ha! Well that's my assumption out of the window. I saw you as an early riser – getting your yoga in before the children rose. If walking and seeing the world through your children's eyes is your yoga.. then I must practice it too. I've always known that a walk in the woods resets me.. allows my worries to leave my head. And before I know it I am collect acorns, photographing light shafts through the leaves and making dens. Yes nature is my yoga. x

  • Cherie @ raising master Max

    I needed to read this tonight.

    Thankyou so much,


  • Reply

    What special little treasures he collected.

    You're so right – Yoga isn't just about the practice… it's a way of living. xx

  • Veronica

    your posts are always so insightful. i love reading them. a beautiful balanced photo too. xo

  • Gypsy Lou

    honest words…


    thanks… i needed that. x

  • jody

    Beautiful insight Jodi. A walk always makes me feel better. For Rileys birthday last week I made a delicious chocolate cake, {with a dinosaur stuck on top, because he had requested a chocolate dinosaur cake!} would you like the recipe? xx

    • Naomi Kasz

      I have to say that I just imagined a cake with a toy dinosaur stuck to it and it made me laugh out loud, how awesome is that, cane I steal this idea?? Oh, and the recipe please!

  • Amelia

    I absolutely love your guts.
    That is all.
    Much love,

  • Mariella

    Thanks as always Jodi, for reminding me to be present. As a parent myself I cannot receive a better advice 🙂

  • Lori ann

    i love the way you wrote this, young mothers have so much to live up to without adding should's or musts, live your life as it works for you. so lovely.

  • Nicole

    Beautiful Jodi. x

    PS. Thank you for the aesop recommendation. I treated myself to some products the other day. They're really lovely. I also brought the damascan rose oil. It's very luxurious!

  • Emma @ The Blooming Times

    Wow your blog looks exactly like the bleubird blog!!

  • Yellow Finch Designs

    beautiful post. i love that you have found your yoga in that afternoon walk, that moment with your children, the time spent with your treasures.

  • Rachael @ Pretty Pink Peony

    Beautiful post and a beautiful photo. My meditation these days is much like yours…simply going with the flow of my (almost 3 year old) son. He has put me back in touch with the more simple things in life. Lovely to have stumbled by your blog just now, Rachael xx

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