heading into the wet weekend



the little table in our entranceway is home to keys and candles, two buddhas and a bowl for collected ephemera (our nature table, of sorts) / this is where I’ll be this weekend; my comfy armchair, a blanket to knit and a book to read / Percy has rekindled his love of daytime naps and often I’ll join him

Oh gosh, what a week. It’s been a long, arduous one, that’s for sure.

The late stage of pregnancy is creeping in and I can feel it in my hips and my lower back and my tear ducts. All of a sudden I’m fretting about what isn’t done and frantically writing lists of all the things that need to be seen to.

My primal desire for dependability, order and predictability has reached an all time high and once again I’m shocked at just how powerful pregnancy hormones really are.

Of course, everyone else is going about life with the same mindset as before which on one hand is calming and on the other, absolutely infuriating.

Oh third trimester…you really are something.

But, it’s Friday and it’s set to be a wet weekend with no plans (or not too many) which is very, very promising. Although I’m well aware that long quiet stretches of reading and knitting may be setting the bar a little high.

After a few years of steering clear of the op-shop I’ve started visiting again every few weeks. I dropped in to our local earlier this week and gathered a decent pile of clothes including two school uniforms for Poet and some basic layering items for baby. One of the kind ladies told me to come back on Saturday for the monthly market day because all clothing will be 50% off and then she piled my collection into a bag, wrote my name on it and hid it out the back. Day made!

While I’m yet to rifle through the boxes of newborn clothes, I have been on the hunt for some little woollen socks for my winter baby. I just discovered these which will do just nicely (I like that they extend well up the leg) and am envisioning tiny toes and little feet all snuggled in wool come July. Gosh, it really is so soon (I write as I push a little foot out from under my ribs).


Natalie has just launched her Winter Beauty Box to replenish the skin and soothe the senses (her Eucalyptus Balm is on my bedside table and I apply a little bit to my chest each night to breathe easy).

I’ve been loving Kate’s photo-a-day-in-May challenge and all the colour and goodness that sprouts in her garden.

A really great point about #foodwaste and educating all communities about how to cook and use leftovers.

Bali Moods captures the music of the island perfectly.

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  • Talia

    Oh mumma. Your babe will soon be in your arms. I was panicky just post 35 weeks and at 38ish things seemed to settle for me and i was at ease with how this little life (now sleeping peacefully in my lap at 9 days old) was going to come into the world. I hope you manage to get some of this calm soon too. xx

  • Katrina

    Please let me know if you ever spot a wooden dolls house in your op-shopping adventures… I am on the hunt for one!

    • Jodi

      Will do x

  • Emma

    How lovely of the lady at the Op Shop, so thoughtful of her and Natalie is the best! I ordered a few things yesterday whilst I was having my mid morning cup of tea and came home this morning from dropping the boys at school at 9:30am and my parcel was sitting on my doorstep awaiting my return home. The scent of lavender as I opened it was incredible and her products are the best. I can’t thank you enough for recommending Lhami. The coconut and lime deodorant is the best I have ever found and I adore the calming cleansing milk with rose and chamomile. Thank you and definitely time for you to read and knit, everything else can wait. Emma xx

    • Jodi

      So happy to hear you love Natalie’s products. The deodorant really is the best, isn’t it! x

  • Kate

    Oh, I am so pleased my post resonated. It’s a busy, busy few hours but so worth it to be passing on skills that will then be passed on to their little ones, and so the cycle goes.

  • Zena

    The trick to drop off a bag every time you go to the oppy! I just read that awesome book. Your knitting is coming along nicely.

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